FTV -- First Time Videos -- FTVGirls.com was inspired after years of research and design as to 'what makes a great site'. Tired of poor generic photography, poor quality images, infrequent updates, fake airbrushed images, boring action, and lackluster website design? We were. So this site was developed to push quality to the max and produce content that meets our demanding criteria.

Real personality, videos with 'adventure', and intimate 'you are there' feel in which the model is genuinely enjoying her experience, and so will you. We shoot all original content, and do not buy content from other sites and poor quality 'feeds' to beef up our members section.

Notice most if not all sites airbrush the Models' faces in their photos till they look plastic? Its become a common trend that is sickening. We dont feel it is erotic to look at a faked image. So 95% of our images are not airbrushed in any way. In this time where everyone has access to webpages and digital cameras, a new site needs to cater to a specific niche, or stand on quality to survive.

This site has not been made to make a 'quick buck', but to stand on itself and become a major force in this over saturated internet adult industry. Since its public opening in September 2002, FTV has already gained far more popularity amongst members than anticipated, and respect from its models. Since its opening, over 900,000 different individuals have signed up... Making it the worlds' largest softcore site in membership.

Models tend to use FTV as their 'first step' into the adult industry -- so we see them in their natural state, with real personalities not 'tainted' by porn experience.

Click on the image to download a 4000x4000 pixel poster-sized version (6Mb photo!)

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Please submit your application using FTVModeling.com

We are always looking for fresh faces. Most of our models come from referrals from other models. We keep professional during all our shoots and our rates are very good. Added incentive: Models can get copies of all photos taken by the professional photographer, and can use the images for their personal use or portfolios. Shoots usually occur in Phoenix, Arizona, or in specific locations in Hawaii.

For more questions or details contact [email protected], but please submit a few non-nude shots of yourself as well!

What will I find in the Members' Section?

Hundereds of thousands of high resolution photos taken by the professional photographer, terabytes of high quality video of the models, Also available in Zip format for easier batch downloading. Models' personal notes, behind the scenes, and more. Exact details on each model can be found on the Meet the Models' section.

Do you update regularly?

Yes, at least 5 times a month, and these updates are not tiny like most sites, they average 8000+ megabytes of photo and video in every update. Update list can be found in the Updates section. Instead of tricking members with a shoot that gets split up into multi 'updates', you get everything shot of that girl, whether it is a one-day visit or a long weekend adventure. That is why the updates are so huge.

How do I cancel recurring billing?

The quickest path to cancelling your recurring biling is to go direct to our billers, you likely joined using either CCBill Billing Support or Epoch Billing Support. If you're unable to find your billing provider, just Contact Us directly and we will either give you the information you need to cancel or process your request within 72 hours.

Are the videos downloadable? What about Zip files for Photosets?

Yes. In the members section we recommend you saving the videos to your hard drive so you can view them anytime you wish without having to be online. All the models' photosets are available for download in zip form as well.

Do you add music to your videos?

No way. Its cheezy and lame. You only hear the model and the background. We are not sure why others keep editing music in their members' videos, but we don't do it here.

Are all the Models Really 'First Time' Models?

Most have their first adult experience here, and about 30% of them you will never see anywhere else and are exclusive to FTV. First Time Videos means that they are doing masturbation & unique video scenes for the first time. Where else will you see a cute FTV girl do all the crazy exotic video FTV style? And for many models, even though they have been on other sites, their orgasms were faked, and their very first real orgasms appear on FTV.

What will show on my credit card statement if I sign up?

To protect your privacy, any charges will discreetly appear as CCBILL.com on your credit card statement.

Can I post any of these photos or videos?

Yes, with permission. As long as the copyright labels & hyperlinks are kept on images and videos.

Do you airbrush or modify your photos?

The beauty of the Photographers' skill is how his pictures do not need modification. Along with attractive models, 95% of the photos are posted without any airbrushing or color changes. The images are as they were directly from the negatives.

What are some of the equipment used for the photo/video?

Photos are taken with 35 mm Nikon camera pre-2004, 2004-2005 with the Nikon D100, 2006-2007 with the Nikon D2x, and 2008-2012 with the Nikon D3, 2013+ with the Nikon D4. For Video, the original camera used was the Canon GL2, then moving to the older HD footage, it was shot on the Canon XH-A1. Newer HD content is shot on the XF300.

There was a crazy tour sampler once on your old tour, 3 themed videos where are they now?

For 'Most Beautiful Women' click here. For 'Most Sexual Women' click here. For 'Most Extreme Women' click here.

I noticed you don't have pop-up banners and other irritating things?

Yep, they suck. Our quality site stands on its own. If a browser doesn't like what they see, popups will not keep them from coming back.

Is the entire archive of videos & models available, or do you rotate them?

Everything is available to the members, and new content is added every day. Nothing is recycled -- every day is a new addition to FTV, expanding the archive. So everything since the site started, stays on the site -- nothing is taken off.

Is there a daily download limit to your site?

Nope, download, or stream and enjoy as much as you want.

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