Apr 21, 2024

79 mins

265 pics

Hailing from Tempe, AZ this long legged beautiful blonde has a great figure and is excited to show you all. It was a cold day so we started off with a little photoshoot session inside the house. Lola was already naked and bundled up under a blanket on the couch so we started with her slowly taking the blanket off to reveal everything she had underneath. We saw her perky breasts and her pretty vagina, as she spread her lips so we could see even more. Lola then showed us how she pleasures herself with her rose toy, which she said is her favorite toy. She said, "It makes me cum every time I use it." From there, we went to the bed and she masturbated some more for us with an insertion toy. It started to get warmer so, Lola got dressed and we went off to our first public location. There, Lola was a little nervous because there were golfers on the course behind her and she'd be never been naked in public before. She did a great job though and flashed her perky tits and pussy there before walking around one of the hedges there and even masturbating in public...until she got scared and covered up because she saw someone walking. We started to leave that location but she wanted to do a bit more so she climbed into the back of the car and masturbated while we drove around, which was also a first for her. When we interviewed Lola, she said that was something that she'd definitely want to do again. After that, Lola got dressed in a different outfit and we went to another location. At this one, Lola strips down completely and walks around fully nude before masturbating with another toy. She was getting cold again though, so we got her dressed and went off to a 3rd location. At the third location though, there were a lot of people walking around, and Lola didn't want to do anymore public play so we left back to the shoot house. Once at the house, Lola played with the magic wand, modeled for us a little bit, danced a little bit and then tried taking the biggest dildo we have. It was a little big for her though, so she switched to the big 10 toy and that one was a little easier for her. By this time, Lola was feeling pretty exhausted and wanted to be done so we wrapped it up for the day and saw her on her way. You will love this beautiful, nerdy, slightly awkward and socially introverted blonde... and she had many wet orgasms with visible vaginal contractions, she definitely does love to masturbate :)


Apr 15, 2024

187 mins

502 pics

Melody is one of those super-healthy, enthusiastic supercute girls who ends up charming everyone at FTV. She brings positive energy to the shoot with smiles, laugher and the desire to sexually express herself. A dance major and ballerina, she is experiencing this as her very first shoot in the adult business. We spot her at a upscale fashion mall, wearing a very tight white dress & heels, showing off that super toned athletic figure. She flashes for us, giving us upskirt peeks, and after a while goes all out in public nudity, right out there in the open! Taking her clothes off, we notice how beautiful her figure is, and how flexible she is with those high kicks! She ends up masturbating with her fingers, and has a nice natural orgasm with visible vaginal contractions. Then she teases us some more as she joins up with a yoga group, showing off how fun she can be. Back home she masturbates with the Eroscillator toy, and has a very strong orgasm that makes her vagina move like crazy! Out at the gym, she's not shy about flashing her breasts & butt, and gets serious about showing off her pilates workout. Later that night, we go see a movie, and she teases us some more while people watch... On the 2nd day, we see her in a beautiful white seethrough dress at a resort, walking barefoot. It turns into a foot fetish scene as she washes her pretty feet in the water fountain. Finding a large cucumber she stuffs it as deep as it can go, and rides it... then she shows off her grace and dance poses at a beautiful archway while naked. On a dare, we have her run naked on the street, watching that firm body move! Time for some anal play, as she takes a beaded toy and pushes it as deep as it can go, and viewing up close how she moves it in and out of her butt. As a real ballerina, she brought her ballet shoes, and stretches/dances for us to ballet music. Such form and beauty in the nude! Warming herself up with the Vibraking, she then give us extreme closeups of her wet vagina (with labia stretching) and then rides the FTV monster toy, deep! She even does the splits on it. Pounding herself hard and fast, we see that she's actually enjoying the rough sex with this huge dildo! On the 3rd day, we watch her stretch bedside, then give herself a breast & butt massage, with some anal fingering and more closeups of her pretty private parts. She finger masturbates to another nice natural orgasm in the bathroom. Out in her favorite bikini, she toys with her labia, then uses her supercute pink heels like a toy, masturbating and penetrating herself with the shoe heel (then showing off the flexibility by sucking on her toes). Putting on a classy black dress & heels, she teases us with peeks as she plays chess (she knows how!). For the big finale, she masturbates with the Vibraking to two squirting orgasms and then rides the FTV Monster toy deeper and harder to a hard pounding session. This girl is truly an amazing gem for FTV, and enjoy this adventure shoot of all her very first time adult experiences on camera!


Apr 6, 2024

48 mins

601 pics

This amazing girl is from Philadelphia. She's a hottie with a rocking body and knows it, but not in a stuck-up way. She's a sweetheart and just loves putting on a good show. We started off when we picked her up from the airport where she'd ran into some trouble with a guy at the airport who wouldn't leave her alone. We rescued her from that first but didn't film it because she wasn't comfortable yet. Once we got into the car she got a little more comfortable and met the other model with us, Britney, and we all went back to the shoot house. The next morning, Kylie started off with a sexy show as she got ready for the day, showing off her beautiful, big, natural breasts as she prepared for the day. From there, we shot a little morning routine as she drank her coffee in her pajamas where she proceeded to flash and then get fully nude for us, showing off every sexy curve, and very bouncy the way, she lactates on command, and she doesn't have any kids. From there, she got dressed for our first public shoot and we headed out. She made a meal of showing off for us at every possible opportunity. She's great with her posing and loves her body. She sometimes will record herself and then masturbate to herself; very big on self-love. It was a rainy, cloudy day so we had to make sure we got enough light and had to move around a bit, but we made it work and when we had the camera rolling, Kylie REALLY made it work. She slowly, seducitvely, showeed off every ince of her body again and again before masturbating and cumming over and over. She is a very specific toy girl, meaning, she has one toy she likes to play with over any others and even though we tried to get a few more toys with her, she knows what makes her cum and wanted to keep cumming so we just set up and watched her enjoy herself all day. After our first location, strip tease and masturbation scene, we headed to another location, but first, we had to stop at the store and buy an umbrella to match her outfit, and yes, she flashed in the store too. From there we went to another location, and she posed, modeled, styled...oh, and flashed everything and even walked around with herself completely exposed. We went to another location and this one was a bit different, because we got caught. She modeled and masaturbated at our third location, but when we were getting rteady to leave a guy came out and flagged the car down, and when we had to turn around to leave out of the only exit from the location, he stopped us and proeeded to chat with us for a bit so we couldn't leave and lost some time there, but when we got back to the shoot house, Kylie put on another show and even tried taking the big ten toy, before swapping back to her favorite and cumming for us. You will absolutely love this model as she does all the naughty things and puts on a helluva a show for you.


Apr 1, 2024

113 mins

439 pics

Mali is having her very first experience in adult with FTV -- then moving to LA to do more adult work. So we see her in her 'fresh', untainted natural way, and bring out the wonderful personality she brings with her. She's super cute, younger looking than her age with a gifted toned and sexy figure thanks to her gymnastics experience when she was younger. After an interview, she does her very first strip tease shoot (from what she was wearing as she arrived from the airport). Then in a sexy short dress & heels, she teases us with upskirt views and breast play. She has nipple piercings, so she pulls on them, licks them and takes them out for the camera. Finding the Eroscillator toy, she masturbates to a very strong orgasm, with very strong and visible vaginal contractions. She tastes her wetness for the very first time... A full nude shoot, and she then experiments with some anal fingering. Wearing a cute white skirt, panties and top, she visits a 'teen room' and gives us some extreme closeups of her private parts, and her super cute clit. She also learns how to gape... Watch her massage her full breasts, and make them jiggle and bounce for us. Then using a string of beads, she stuffs them inside her vagina, then even tries it anally. We get to see the penetration and pull-outs up close. At a lunch break, she goes topless, then on a busy street shows off her acrobatics and cartwheels while having her breasts out! Stripping down at home, she teases herself with fingers, then does us a very sexy dance in the nude. Back to masturbating, she has another very strong orgasm with a vibrator on the bed, and with it the orgasmic contracion views. Now that she's wet inside, she uses 4 fingers to penetrate herself, then goes anal, and then double penetrates herself with multiple fingers! Keeping with the kinky theme, she then double penetrates herself with vibrators, and learns more about herself sexually. Enjoy this Total First Time girl, she's a supercute one who is destined to be very popular on the internet!


Mar 25, 2024

70 mins

313 pics

This long-legged beauty is from right here in Tempe, AZ. She's an ASU student pursuing a degree in psychology a background playing volleyball and standing in at 5'10" she's the whole package. She has beautiful, blonde hair, brilliant blue eyes that pop with her outfits, a nice ass and breasts that she can't wait to show you. The day started off with a location shoot where she bares it all, slowly, seducitvely, showing off everything she has to offer. There was someone at the office who we kept dodging, but that didn't stop her from showing off for the camera. We started at the bottom floor and she posed for some pretty girl shots, showing off her outfit and beautiful eyes and, of course, her flashing and teasing. We then went upstairs and she proceeded to seducitvely undress for the camera until she was fully nude in public, with office buildings and workers we were avoiding. She then proceeded to masturbate on the second story, even though a worker walked past the location where we were. When she started msaturbating, she begins with slow, sensual touching of herself as she undresses and shows off her assets. Her masturbation scenes begin with slow touching of her body, enjoying herself before she moves to her vagina and proceeds with insertion. She came in public with a nice, full orgasm & visible vaginal contractions before she got dressed and we headed to the next location. We paused for a brief second to let her flash all the traffic and passerbys at another public location before she got changed and we headed to another location. The second location was a little more difficult to work with because there were people and children everywhere so we had to cut it short and move on. We headed back to the house and Britney started masturbating with every toy she could get her hands on, she even squirted with the magic wand. Later we tried another location but the cloudy day and later time had alot of people out in public and we had to jump around a bit so as not to get caught. Britney did an amazing job though, and you'll love her soft feminine energy, her girl-next-door vibes, every inch of her body and every second of her performance. She also answered a lot of interview questions while we drove so you'll get to know this beauty even more!


Mar 17, 2024

126 mins

471 pics

Her very first experience in adult (and she just lost her virginity 2 months before the shoot!) we meet up with her in her casual clothes, and her cute glasses on. A little interview, and she strips on camera for the first time, showing off that firm, cute body of hers! Putting on a sexy dress & heels, we watch her walk through a resort area, getting downblouse and upskirt views. Eventually she's completely naked, and walking on the street fully nude while cars drive by! Changing outfits to another sexy combo, she masturbates for us, then shows off her dancing skills for us. After she does her 'Wonder Woman' special shoot for Halloween last year, she proves to us that she is confident in her figure, and has no problem flashing in public! In a summer dress and heels, we get more upskirt views, teases and fingering, and her returning home to masturbate to a toe curling orgasm with the Eroscillator toy. Putting her hair in pigtails, she goes out again, takes off her cute pink dress, shows of some country dancing, and her skills doing handstands. Back home, she rides a large dildo deep (notice the very sexy hip movements) and masturbates again with the Eroscillator toy. Some foot fetish (very cute feet) and foot washing assisted by Alice, then extreme closeups of her very pretty private parts as she spreads and pulls on her labia. Experimenting with anal penetration for the first time, she fingers herself anally, as we see it up close. Then she surprises us with a little bit of lactation as she massages her breasts! She tastes it, and Alice licks up a few drops too. The surprises take it to a whole new level when she ends up fisting herself, slowly at first, but then harder and deeper as she goes. Even Alice pushes her hand inside her!! To finish things off, she masturbates with the Vibraking toy, and ends up having an orgasm that nearly makes her faint. So enjoy this Total First Time video girl, all her firsts happen here, and she's truly an ideal girl for the site.


Mar 13, 2024

66 mins

167 pics

Stunning Fae walks into the room in her cute pink dress and sits on the couch to introduce herself, and we immediately note her charming smile and beautiful sparkling eyes...not to mention her slender sexy body! Laying back topless on the couch she pulls her panties aside, sliding her fingertips over her pussy and giving us a nice closeup look as we hear the wet sounds from within. Slipping off the panties she reaches for the vintage Vibraking toy, holding it against her clit and masturbating to a nice strong squirting orgasm! We next see her in a loose flowy red dress - with no panties on underneath - up on the kitchen counter, sliding her hands down her long smooth legs and then climbing up on top of a large suction cup toy for deep penetration following by more squirting masturbation. Heading out to the backyard she takes off her little swimsuit, standing in the nude and then hovering for a little relaxing peeing and squirting session right into the swimmming pool! A little breast play is next as she gives herself a hard massage, and we see her kinky lactation action as some milk squeezes out! Spreading her legs afterwards she begins fingering herself deeper and deeper until she's able to fit her entire hand inside for some fisting fun...and gets the Vibraking in the mix for one last masturbation scene before saying her goodbyes. Fae is a stunning beautiful, extremely sexual young woman with that tight fit slender body we all love to see here on FTV!


Mar 5, 2024

108 mins

325 pics

This sexy girl is from right here in Chandler, AZ. She is tall, has beautiful blonde hair and a figure that is nice and toned. Her curves are perfect with nice, full, natural breasts and a nice roud ass. She loves her some Dutch Bros and we start off the morning with a strip down and then a masturbation scene since it's so cold outside. She starts with a nice, slow massage of her body, her nice breasts and her vagina before she startsplaying with a blue vibrating dildo. After she cums (with visible vaginal contractions), we decided to try some outdoors scenes since it had warmed up a little bit. We took her to a public location next to a golf course where she introduced herself and then proceeded to flash her perfect tits and ass in front of the golfers. She got a little scared when a female was in one of the golf carts, but she powered through after they left and showed us some more flashing and teasing before we moved on. We went to a shopping area and she flashed us again. This time it was a bit more risky and people kept staring at her even though she was just modeling her fashion at first, so we had t sneak in the sexy bits here and there when they weren't watching. We went up some random stairs we found at the shopping center and she was JUST about to pull down her pants and show off her ass when a side door opened and 3 ladies walked out. We waited until they left and once she was comfortable, the pants came down and we saw her ass out in public. From there we needed to go check on her dog, Molly, so she could keep shooting with us. We lost quite a bit of time with the 40 minute drive one way, but she interviewed a lot and answered a lot of questions while we were driving and would flash while we were driving too; there was a moment when we needed to get gas and she helped out at the pump, where she also flashed her tits with people right next to us. She also masturbated in the car as we were driving. Once we got to her apartment, we saw her with her dog, Molly and she played with the puppy for a little bit before we got back in the car and headed back to Phoenix. We stopped at another location and bought her some shoes, and while we were in the store, she flashed her breasts again; even though one of the store employees kept circling us. From there, we took her new shoes and her black dress and went to one other location, but the sun was getting low since we'd lost a lot of time on the driving, we grabbed what we could but with it getting so dark we decided to head back to the shoot location and film as much as we could there. She played with 7 different toys, masturbating, showing off her beautiful body, her smile and her personality. She's a fun girl with a great body, a great smile and a fun puppy.


Mar 1, 2024

72 mins

162 pics

We meet cute shy newcomer Vanessa as she introduces herself in a lacy bra and thong panties, and we quickly note her fun-loving personality as well as her sexy soft curves! Taking the bra off she begins massaging her breasts, then heads to the bedroom where she lays down naked to pleasure herself with her fingertips as well as a large magic wand vibrator and rabbit toy. Hopping up on a kitchen countertop in strappy wedge shoes she demonstrates her deepthroat oral technique on a toy, then turns on the power and begins fucking herself with it as well to enjoy a nice orgasm! After a sensual session on the couch we watch her sitting on the dining room table, taking the fuck machine toy inside her hole as it moves faster and faster...a fun first time experience for this girl. Afterwards she heads outside on the street in a short skirt, walking around and flashing the camera on a public overpass as tons of cars drive past! Vanessa is a cute, fun, and quite horny girl ready to share some of her sexual exploration with us right here on FTV.


Feb 24, 2024

103 mins

264 pics

Nicole was the first ftvgirl I've worked with who was not flown into Arizona. She drove here from LA on the weekend of her shoot, where she'll be staying until she ends up in Florida. She showed up with two cats, Simba and Bella, who are awesome and also made some debuts during Nicole's shoots. Nicole has a nice, wet surprise she'll be showcasing throughout this update, so you'll want to keep an eye out for that. When we got started the morning of, it was another cold day so we started off with masturbating in the home base, because masturbating is always a good idea when you're waiting. Nicole had dressed up for an outing until we saw the cold weather, but once we decided to stay put, the clothes came off and she got to work using her hands to warm herself up and then the magic wand. And, yes, this is where the surprise comes in. Nicole is a squirter. She squirts and squirts alot and showed us how much in that first 10 minutes of filming. Nicole is also blessed with some huge, beautiful, natural breasts and, fun fact, she can also suck her own nipples which she does for us repeatedly throughout the day. After the magic wand, Nicole swapped to a blue penetrating, vibrating dildo and got to work, making herself squirt all over the bed once more. She wasted no time and hopped on over to the Big Ten Toy and started fucking herself in different positions getting those nice, squirting orgasms. After the dildo ride was done, Nicole was ready to go out into public. She got dressed and we headed over to a resort to show off and get herself all nice and worked up again in public this time. It was a Monday, so, the resort which may have been a great option intially, by the time we got there was crowded with business conferences going on and everyone watching so we had to keep bouncing around from spot to spot in the first location. But Nicole is a champ and, though she was very nervous about getting caught, was good at flashing and teasing the camera, as you'll see in this update. At one point though, it was just too busy and we didn't want to spend any more time in a location that wouldn't work, so we headed back to the car and Nicole hopped in the back, stripped down and ended up fucking herself in the back of the car while we drove to the next location. Talk about a wet ride, the backseat was soaked when she was done back there. We moved to location number 2 and Nicole showed off her big, busty naturals while in public, pulling her nice breasts out and playing with them, pinching the nipples and sucking them. She was turned on by it, and also nervous with it but she did a great job. We then move to another location and Nicole has changed again. This time, there was a bit more foot traffic, so Nicole did her best to show us what she could and masturbate in public, but we eventually had to move off. We ended up going back to the home base where Nicole showed off one of her other many hidden talents: She played the guitar, wrote a song and sang for us. She has a great voice and you'll love that special little piece of her. She then modelled for us in a couple different sets of lingerie before calling it a day. This one is full of big, busty, curvy, sexy singing and squirting and you'll especially love the song she wrote herself as an added bonus to every little thing this sexy girl does. Think any one of us wouldn't mind her playing the guitar naked for us. Enjoy!


Feb 17, 2024

96 mins

405 pics

Never even modeled before, she's as new as you can get. Gorgeous, just a little shy, we meet her and interview her, then let her slowly strip down on camera for the first time. Walking her through playing with her breasts, spreading her very pretty and petite vagina, we discover that she's never masturbated to orgasm before, let alone on camera! Fingers don't work for her to orgasm, but the vibrator does! Putting the camera on tripod and leaving her to masturbate alone, she comes to a very strong orgasm with visible vaginal (and very strong) contractions... and she gets very wet! Trying on several sexy dresses & heels for us, she picks her favorite white flower dress & wedges and visits a jogging park. Flashing away, upskirt and more teasing/fingering, she experiences first time public nudity as people run by! Back indoors, she masturbates again, with another strong orgasm and leaves a wet spot on the bed. Little did she know she could squirt this way! A lot of new experiences for her, including trying a large dildo which she rides in such a sexy manner, as deep as it can go. Then in a bikini, she gives her breasts a nice hard massage (notice how perfect and firm these naturals are!) with some butt massaging as well. What's next? The Vibraking! Using it nervously, it makes her vagina quiver and expand, and makes her squirt so many times... with one last megasquirt that literally pours all over the counter and makes everything wet! It shocks her, and she doesn't know what happened to her, but it makes for an incredible finish. A little final sunset tease goodbye in a pink dress, and we wish we had her for a little more fun. One of those supercute girls you will fall in love with, enjoy her truly Total First Time experience :)


Feb 8, 2024

102 mins

439 pics

This sexy Latina was born and raised right here in Tucson, AZ. When it comes to models that give off "girlfriend"/"girl-next-door"/"playful"/"wifey" vibes, this girl has it all. She's so sexy and cute and fun to work with and she shows you right from the get go. She loves shaking her tits which she does often throughout the day. She showed up with her favorite color to wear, which was black and we wanted to spruce it up a little bit so we took her out shopping which you'll see a bit of. Let's break it down for you: She squirts...alot. She squirts in the master bedroom, in the side room, in the car, in the fitting room at the mall, and she squirts in public on a chair. She is a never ending fountain of squirt and even at the end, she had squirted so much that if she coughed or sneezed she would squirt a little bit. Definitely one of our best so far since October of 2023. We start off like usual with a strip show and then a masturbation scene with the blue vibrating dildo. She then thought we'd try outside and she stepped in the backyard and it was too cold so we came back in and decided to go shopping instead. We went to the mall, and she had so much fun showing us her playful fun side and shopping with us. She eventually found a dress and shoes that she liked and then to show us how much she appreciated it she went into the fitting room at the store and squirted, alot, all over the chair and floor. From there we went to a public location and the sunlight hit her just right for some great pics before we went upstairs and she masturbated and squirted everywhere. Next she changed into her schoolgirl outfit, right there in public, and we drove around looking for a new place to shoot. We found a couple places, but people were watching so we had to leave and went to the waterfront in Scottsdale on the way back home where she flashed some more. Then we went back home and she proceeded to squirt and fuck a lot of toys and just put on a helluva show for us. Really think you'll love this girl and all of her sexy energy.


Feb 3, 2024

51 mins

92 pics

When Evie introduces herself we immediately see how charismatic, sexy, and energetic she is! Evie shakes her booty in a ruffly black skirt to show she has no panties on underneath, spanking her very shapely butt and then spreading her legs against a wall to touch her pink privates with her fingers. A purple vibrator is her first toy of the day and she slides it in and out of her hole and breathing harder as she brings herself to the first orgasm of the day. She wants some more fun, though, so she leans against the wall and fucks herself standing up, doggystyle to show off that booty again. Heading indoors in black high heels and a short black dress, she undresses and lays back on the couch, touching her privates and then using the magic wand toy for vibration pleasure...while riding on top of a dildo for penetration as well for more orgasms! Another fun toy is next as she grabs a 'fuck machine' in the shower, which slides in and out of her hole hands-free while she stands and buzzes her clit with the powerful Vibraking toy...and then she uses the Vibraking alone for one more orgasm with visible vaginal contractions! Evie's a super sexy and sultry blonde with a great body, and it's clear she's a HUGE fan of sexual expression so it's a pleasure seeing her expore herself right here on FTV!


Jan 28, 2024

98 mins

203 pics

First thing we saw at the airport was the tall European beauty waiting for us at the baggage claim. She's 5'7" of Serbian and Croation descent with long legs and curves that are natural and sexy. We brought her to the shoot location and prepped her for everything she would need for the following shoot day including having her try on some clothes for the shoot. The next morning we got up to go shoot bright and early, but it was raining and cold so we opted to do the full masturbatory scenes right from the beginning of the day. How about that? Wake up and masturbate. Sofi started the show off for us by using her hands and enjoying herself as she warmed up to masturbate with the magic wand where she got a nice, full orgasm before moving to a penetrating pink toy which she used to start to slowly open herself up for bigger toys. We see Sofi as she shows us how she enjoys masturbating and orgasming over and over, how she likes to be touched and how she likes her body to be played with. It was still cold and rainy outside so we moved to the living room and Sofi used our biggest glass toy to really spread her beautiful vagina open as wide as she could. It wasn't easy for her at first, but she got there and eventually had the toy thrusting in and out of herself as she enjoyed the sensations pulsing through her body. The sun had started to come out and warm everything up for us so Sofi got dressed and we went to Dutch Bros for a drink. While in the car, we interviewed Sofi about who she is, where she's from, what she likes to do and what her future plans are and she was so sweet and nice in all of her answers with that beautiful accent coming through nice and strong. After that it was public play time. We went to a first location, but it was a Friday and people were everywhere so we weren't able to get as much footage as we wanted; however, don't worry, we found a good little hiding spot there and Sofi got busy showing us her sexy body in public, completely exposing herself and even fingering herself as much as she could while trying not to get caught. That lasted for a little while, but just when it was getting good we got spotted and had to get out of there, so we went back to the shoot location and Sofi modeled for us on the couch in the same pretty outfit she had at the first location. Sofi changed into her second outfit and we headed back out again; this time to a park that links up with a golf course. Sofi was starting to feel more brave but still struggled a bit with so many people passing by on the weekday. That being said though, she still did a great job showing off her curves and playing with her breasts and vagina in public. She even stripped and masturbated with a toy on the adjacent golf course before she was spotted twice and decided she was too nervous and wanted to move on to another location. As we were leaving, Sofi flashed her beautiful breasts for us once more. At the third location, Sofi had changed into a more sporty look and opened it up to show us everything underneath; she'd even brought a toy with her and proceeded to fuck herself for us again until she heard some close noises from another party headed our way and she quickly covered up so we could move to location number 4. Our 4th location was in a walkway that joined two shopping centers together. Sofi showed us everything there and had some fun with the signs that were conveniently telling us not to be where we were in case of flooding. After some more flashing, nudity, naughty play and laughing, it was time to head home since Sofi had sufficiently warmed up throughout the day to use the Big Ten Toy. We got to home base and Sofi wasted no time getting ready but first, she wanted to show us something else. She started using another glass dildo on her vagina and was enjoying herself when she reached for another glass toy, but this one she put into her ass. Slowly, she worked her way in, until both holes were filled and she let go to show us her double penetrating herself. She was so happy and worked up, she pulled those toys out and made right for the Big Ten Toy. It was a tight fit, but Sofi did it, she's a trooper. She worked that toy in different positions, fucking herself hard to get as many orgams as she could before finally ending the day by modeling some lingerie for us. She's a great show and you'll love this update.


Jan 23, 2024

53 mins

160 pics

Stunning sensual slender brunette newcomer Ivy starts things off topless with fishnet stockings on, introducing herself and talking about some of her sexual preferences (and the fact that she's brand new to the adult industry). She goes through the FTV 'toy chest' to see which ones catches her eye, then admires her reflection in the mirror and shows off her very shapely butt - twerking and shaking that booty as she does! We see her strip down naked in the shower, sitting on the bench to try out a new toy - the clit plumper, which quickly gets her clitoris standing at attention. The FTV Titan toy is up next and it's far bigger than anything she's ever used, and is a little too big to insert so she sizes down to the Big Pink toy for some penetration play - and we hear how wet she is inside from the dildo as she fucks herself to climax. Reaching for the powerful vintage Vibraking toy, she buzzes her clit - still swollen from the suction toy - which quickly does its work bringing her to orgasm! Heading outside in a very short dress to show off her sexy legs, she drops the top and spreads her legs for some naughty peeks as traffic drives nearby...and then it's time for kinky penetration with a glass bottle! Next we see her in the backyard by the swimming pool in sexy strappy lingerie with garter belt and thigh high nylon stockings, and as she moves her panties aside we see she has a little anal surprise with a buttplug already inserted! Laying back on an outdoor couch she begins touching herself with her fingertips, rubbing her sensitive privates and fingering herself before involving a vibrator for one last climax. Ivy is a super sexy, super cute newcomer to the industry who's excited to get started and she's already looking amazing in front of the camera here on FTV!

Jeri II

Jan 15, 2024

75 mins

492 pics

Our very popular extreme girl Jeri returns, and she's trying to top what she's done last time! We meet her in a sporty theme similar to last time, but this time she's got the feel for Baseball! Going to a department store, she picks out a baseball bat, flashes and fingers herself there, then goes out to a park to penetrate herself with it! She ends up fucking the bat, hard and deep, going surprisingly far! That is, until a security guard sends her home. On the comfortable couch, she plays with her favorite Vibraking Toy, having a strong orgasm and visible vaginal contractions. This leads to her getting wet, and fisting herself hard and deep! Then getting kinky, she takes the very large magic wand toy, and pushes it inside her, going past the big head deep to the switch! Never seen that before... We then see extreme closeups of her swollen clitoris, and her stretching and gaping her vagina with six fingers! Out at a restaurant, she flashes some more, and fingers herself under the table. Then off to an arts complex, we see her in a sexy orange dress and thick platform heels. She models for us, then gives us upskirt views -- taking her heel off, she penetrates that superthick big heel all the way deep inside, having sex with it! What a kinky girl. She gets even more kinky at a resort, risking more public nudity while wearing a cute blue dress and no undies -- then fisting herself again right on the resort furniture! Hard and deep fisting is followed by some kinky stuffing, pushing three limes inside her vagina, filling herself up. Watch her push them out with her strong vaginal muscles... Then in a sexy red dress & wedges, we see her flash & finger some more at a side street, then go home and ride the Glass FTV Toy. She goes as deep as she can, but its almost too big for her! Then for her most kinky and extreme finale, she tries out two long double-ended dildos, pushing both of them in her vagina double-penetrating herself. She ends up pounding herself with them, going as deep as her vagina can handle! Pushing them out, she then takes one of these long double ended toys, pushes it front end first, and manages to take the whole thing inside her, making the entire 14 inches of the toy go missing! Incredible... and watch her then push it out, stretching that vagina so far... Enjoy Jeri's super extreme return, she made a lot of members' requests come true :)


Jan 10, 2024

71 mins

158 pics

This sexy Latina hails from the east coast, Georgia. She's got dark, curly, flowing hair and beautiful brown eyes. She's got a nice natural round ass that she can't wait to show you and a surprise skill that shows up on the first location. Her brown eyes and beautiful smile are always showing as she is so happy to be showing off her assets and her skillsets. We start with a morning tea scene before she gets dressed to go on location. Selena loves her morning tea and tries her very best to eat healthy. We go to the first location and she starts off by walking around, showing off her ass, teasing the camera with her smile, her breasts and her vagina. There were some people around so she kept a wary eye out, but that didn't stop her from showing off her skill: squirting...a lot of squirting. She's a squirt machine and in her own words, "The fountain almost never runs dry." She squirted on the first location in two different places before changing in the parking lot and heading to the next location. She ran around bottomless in nature with cars and bikers driving by, and then she squirted again. She changed in the parking lot for the 3rd location, dressing up in an elegant black dress and pumps where she walked around, taking sexy fashion poses before taking off all her clothes and walking around in public, fully nude. She didn't stop there, she masturbated again, and yes, she squirted everywhere and even splashed the camera a little bit. She changed one more time in the car and we headed to a 4th location. The 4th location was really busy with people so she had to be sneaky with her flashing and teasing, but we found a quiet spot and she squirted again. We broke for lunch and then headed back to the home base where she got down to business with more toys, masturbating until she reached nice, real orgasms, and yes, she squirted all over the place. Oh, one more thing: she did some anal play too and had two different toys in her at once. The beds were absolutely soaked when she left. She finished off by modeling some lingerie for us at the end of the day and then remembered that we sometimes do driving shoots where she could masturbate in the back as we drove around in public. She asked if we could do that, and even though it was a little late and dark outside, she wanted to do it so we went. She squirted in the back of the car and also got a real orgasm from the bumps in the road helping her as she masturbated before heading back to home base and calling it a day. You will love this video and these pictures. She is a fountain of happiness, smiles, beauty and also a fountain of squirting and orgasms.


Jan 2, 2024

72 mins

306 pics

Stunning blonde Aria walks through the door in her lacy blue bra and panties and we immediately note how charismatic she is, and what sexual energy she has around her! She reveals her pair with pierced nipples and starts rubbing and massaging her breasts...and even brings out an ice cube to rub on her rock hard nipple as well. Laying nude on the floor she spreads her legs, using her fingertips to rub her very pretty pussy, then she fingers herself...and continues inside until she's fisting herself for surprisingly extreme fun from such a petite girl! Heading outside she enjoys a quick peeing session into the swimming pool, then heads back in with a couple of large suction cup dildos in hand to try out. She rides on top of the lighter colored one at first, then grabs the other as well for big double penetration taking both deep inside - and uses the magic wand as well for a nice milky orgasm! As it turns out there was an emergency so the shoot was delayed, but we get to see Aria's return here as well! She's in a cute little pink dress outdoors when we see her next, giving some upskirt peeks - with no panties on - and flashing her boobies as well before spreading her legs for a masturbation session to climax with a vibrator. Back indoors she puts on a futuristic cosplay outfit, complete with headphones, and strips down nude to sit on the floor to play with her kinky tentacle dildo! Changing into tight workout gear she chats with the photographer, then strips down to spread for one last fisting and masturbation session before saying her goodbyes...Aria is a super cute and petite girl with an amazing body, surprisingly extreme and undeniably super sexy showing off for us on FTV!


Dec 27, 2023

65 mins

72 pics

Slender lithe cutie Harmony walks up to the camera to introduce herself in a pale purple skirt which she lifts up, revealing she's got no panties on underneath. Her top comes up as well for full exposure as she walks around in a public courtyard, flashing her cute butt and posing by a pond for all to see! After a little fun showing off she heads to a nearby cafe, letting her top down as she eats lunch to give a sneaky peek at her pert boobies...and then she scampers to the forest for a quick outdoor peeing session to relieve herself. Next we see her driving around with the photographer, masturbating in the back of the vehicle as they drive past other cars and pedestrians galore! Heading indoors she gets completely nude and spreads on a chair, fingering her pussy and then reaching for a magic wand vibrator to bring herself to squirting orgasm! More public fun is up next as she undresses near an office building and starts rubbing herself with her fingers out in the open...and we note the wet sounds as she has a mini squirting orgasm. A little anal pleasure is next as she plays with her butthole back indoors, and then penetrates herself with a toy. Some more outdoor fun finishes off her shoot as she flashes at the resort, then sits in the stairwell to fuck herself with a dildo one last time...she's a slender leggy girl with bedroom eyes and a super cute body, showing it all off here today on FTV!


Dec 22, 2023

67 mins

70 pics

Lovely tall slender Latina girl Eva introduces herself outdoors in a cute dress, heading to a public area and giving some upskirt peeks at her panties as well as pulling down the top of her dress to reveal perky petite boobies. Spreading her legs on an outdoor couch she pulls her panties aside, rubbing her privates with her fingertips and then reaching for a pink vibrating toy to fuck herself. Back indoors with another toy in hand we see her slipping off all her clothes, spreading nude on a chair and penetrating her wet hole until she enjoys her first orgasm of the day with her asshole 'winking' with the pleasure! Next we see her in lacy white panties and a blue top which she pulls up to get access to her pert nipples, tweaking and pinching herself and then laying back to fuck her hole with a glass wand. Grabbing the big ten toy she rubs it slowly up and down against her hole, then slides it inside taking it deep! Afterwards she goes into the bathroom and turns on the shower, spraying herself down and giving a nice view at her tall lean form...and wow, those legs are amazing. Eva is a shy but fun newcomer with a super sexy slender form and a natural charisma that will only develop and grow thanks to her time here on FTV!


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