Nov 13, 2015

81 mins

342 pics

New to adult, but wanting to go all out into porn, she's a petite but extremely busty girl that isn't shy about public nudity, but a little nervous when it comes to kinky play. Call it her 'training' for future adult work, this first timer warms up by visiting a sassy mall... She's wearing a very pretty summer dress and pink wedges, and ends up not only flashing her big breasts and giving us upskirt views, but going further by fingering herself both vaginally and anally right out in the open! Before getting into trouble, she visits a more private area of a resort, where she strips naked, then fingers herself some more, and gives us extreme closeups of her private parts. She also has long labia, which she likes to stretch and pull on. Then she takes two smaller cucumbers, and double penetrates herself! She keeps the one in the butt for some doggy style... Back home, she masturbates with the Magic Wand Toy, and has two orgasms with visibly strong vaginal contractions! Notice how juicy she got when she spreads herself. We then see her naked, playing with her breasts, massaging them with whipped cream (she loves tugging and stretching her nipples too). She ends up using the whipped cream on her vagina, pushing some inside her, then masturbating with the Vibraking Toy, for a super strong orgasm, and somehow the whipped cream only accentuates the strong vaginal contractions. Then she uses a wine bottle as a penetration toy! Later in the day, we see her in a cute sporty outfit, jogging down a mountain trail. Those big breasts bounce everywhere, and when the top comes off, we get to enjoy them further -- and so do the hikers going by! She then uses a small glass toy to penetrate herself, and then 'hide' it in her vagina as she leaves. Back home, she dances to some music, wearing red stockings and lingerie, showing off her 'twerking' skills. Then she's back out at another mall again, in a cute little romper that has her nipples poking out, but gets caught by an angry person who calls the police. So she visits a more private resort area, and gives us more teases of her sexy private parts. Sitting down on a bench, she then uses a long cucumber to penetrate herself, and ends up riding it too. As the day goes to an end, we see her in a sexy red dress and heels with more teasers, then going to the bed to try out a thick dildo. It ends with another Vibraking session up close and personal, which shows off how nice and strong her orgasms are.


Nov 6, 2015

96 mins

405 pics

Mya is a cute, petite and superfit green-eyed girl that starts out very shy (she's never even done a nude shoot before) but ends up enjoying masturbation, public nudity, and going extreme on video! We first meet her at a fancy mall, while she's modeling in a tight, sexy dress and black heels. With no undies, we get upskirt views and butt cheek spreads, then fingering while people run into her getting dirty! She eventually gets completely naked at the mall, and does some nude walking... Back home, she masturbates with the Magic Wand toy, ending up with a strong orgasm and visible vaginal contractions. Her pretty privates are seen up close, and she does some extreme gaping of her vagina with six fingers! Then trying anal for the first time, she gets two fingers in deep, then manages to get the head in on a glass toy. Next its fetishy fun with panties -- stuffing them deep inside her and then pushing them out with her strong vaginal muscles. Taking it further, she takes the Big Glass Ball toy, and uses it to push the panties deep, then fuck herself with it while the panties are in her. She can go surprisingly deep with the toy, taking most of it in her! We then get to enjoy a dancing scene, where she strips down to some music, and shows off her very fit and sexy dancing skills. Continuing with her fitness theme, she visits a golf course in a sporty outfit, and ends up getting naked for the golfers, running around them and having a naked chat... Taking the Big Glass Ball toy and pushing it into her vagina until she disappears, she ends up on another part of the course, and fucks herself with the toy while people play golf nearby! The pressure from the toy makes her pee in the grass... Later in the day, she puts on a cute blue, semi transparent summer dress, and you can see between her legs through the skirt! She ends up on a bench at an office area, and fingers and gapes herself some more. Back home, she deepthroats a large dildo, then rides it deep, taking it all the way to the base! A sexy hard ride, and then its time for the Vibraking toy, and it brings her to an orgasm quickly! We go back outside, and enjoy her firm breasts for a hard massage, as well as nipple play. Going both kinky and extreme, she takes her hair straightener as a penetration toy -- she takes it really deep! It also makes for a great 'stretching' tool as she pulls it out, gaping her wide. Then for a challenge, she manages not only to fist herself, but go really deep. She ends up in doggy style making her whole hand disappear to the wrist! To finish, she cools off at the pool in a sexy bikini. She was a great fun girl, and she definitely got a lot of members' fetishes covered :)


Oct 30, 2015

90 mins

378 pics

Beautiful, leggy, and sexy 18 year old Blake is an Arizona native, with a very sexual side to her -- trying her very first adult shoot with FTV! We see her at a lakeside golf course, walking through the park, shyly pulling down her shirt and exposing a perfect pair of C cup breasts, while golfers drive by! She is definitely timid about public nudity, but works up to getting naked and fingering herself! She has some long labia, and stretches it in the nude while still wearing her cute white sandals. After a near incident with police, she returns home to masturbate with the Magic Wand Toy. She ends up having a nice, strong orgasm, with visible vaginal contractions, and likes it so much, that she does it again, and has another strong orgasm! A second camera angle gets her intimate side and how her vagina pulsates with the orgasms. We then get extreme closeups of her private parts, as she shows off her clit, spreads and gapes, then stretches and pulls on her long labia (as well as tying her labia into a knot). She even experiments with anal, by fingering herself in the butt... Back outdoors, we see her wearing a sexy red outfit with wedges, walking through a neighborhood, flashing her breasts and butt -- that is until a woman nearby visibly upset, tells her to leave. So she visits a resort to continue the upskirt and breast teases, until she finds herself a glass toy to play with. Penetrating herself deep, she gets nearly the entire toy inside her! After a lunch break, she continues with public nudity, stripping naked and walking in the nude as cars drive by, then visiting another golf course to present her naked form to some more golfers (after losing that shyness she had earlier). More masturbation ensues, with very visible contractions of her vagina... We then see her dance to some music in the nude (we love seeing this perfect slender form move) and then goes out for more play in outdoor public places. This time in heels and nothing else, she pounds herself with a long dildo (and notice how tight she can hold any toy inside her). After playing in a water fountain to cool herself off, she goes home to masturbate again, and ends up having another strong orgasm with more vaginal contractions. Giving a blowjob to a banana, she ends up fucking it hard, and really enjoys it! Notice how deep she can take it, making most of it disappear in her vagina. To finish herself off, she attempts to do the extreme -- fist herself! Working four, then five, then her whole hand... she ends up getting most of her hand inside her! A sexy, adventurous update, this beautiful blonde teen first timer surprises us with all the fun and kinky things she is capable of... and with some amazing orgasms.


Oct 23, 2015

84 mins

277 pics

On the next morning, we see this gorgeous girl wake up, enjoying those big breasts heaving as she rolls around in bed, then watch her take a shower and lather that firm pair and her firm butt. Putting her hair into a ponytail and putting workout clothes on, we then see her jog around at a nearby trail. Those full breasts bounce around in the sports bra, which then comes off -- and she ends up doing several exercises that make those breasts bounce everywhere! She then finds a banana, which she gives a blowjob to, and penetrates herself with it right on the trail! It eventually gets squashed by her tight vagina, and she eats what's left over. She then flashes some more at breakfast while people order behind her, and then goes home to masturbate with her fingers. Notice how juicy wet she is as she fingers herself to more orgasms. Wearing her cutest summer dress and super sexy heels, we see her walk through a resort, teasing those amazing breasts, fingering herself, then taking a zucchini and fucking herself with it in several different positions. She tries to push it in as deep as it can go... Back home, she tries anal play, fingering herself in the butt, then pushing her limits with a glass ball toy. We then have some foot fetish fun as she talks about her very pretty feet, and sucks on her toes. We then get to enjoy her wonderous breasts some more, as she massages them with baby oil, and squeezes them against glass. Then she's back out on a golf course, flashing her breasts, going toplless, running about... then going for a nude walk on the street. She ends up going home to masturbate with the Magic Wand for 4 orgasms... After taking a shower, she puts on some cute pink lingerie, and masturbates one last time -- with the Magic Wand Toy (again!) -- and doesn't want to stop! Enjoy this amazingly gorgeous First Timer, a new fresh teen sweetheart for FTV :)


Oct 16, 2015

83 mins

367 pics

She's a super gorgeous teen blessed with a super sexy figure -- and she's as fun and fresh on video, even though its her first time doing anything adult. Visiting from the East Coast, this Total First Timer wants to get her feet wet with FTV before she tries more adult work. We first meet up with her at a car show, and realize how sexy she is: Nina wearing a short skirt and sexy red ribbon wedges, a white top with her full cleavage showing. With the occasional upskirt and downblouse teases, the breasts eventually come out and wow, are they full, and super firm big C cups! She then goes to an office area with a nice water fountain, and ends up going fully nude to spash around! Going back home, she strips down in the house, then goes to the bed to masturbate with her fingers, coming to a nice, natural orgasm. We get extreme closeups of her pretty & petite private parts, while she talks about how she lost her virginity. Then wearing a cute white miniskirt and bra, she shows off a large eggplant, which she plans to stuff as deep as it can go inside her! Pushing her limits, she ends up fucking herself with it, taking it surprisingly deep, and wide end first! Back outdoors, we see her in a supercute, low cleavage white dress and sexy wedges, where her top nearly has her nipples show at the restaurant! Walking around a resort entryway, we get more breast and butt teases, until she takes everything off and walks around naked! Watch those full breasts bounce about. At home on the couch, she discovers the Magic Wand Vibrator, which brings her to several orgasms, gets her all wet inside... then she tries stuffing as many fingers as she can in her, getting up to four fingers. Pushing her limits, she takes on a large, thick dildo, and penetrates herself with it, then leaves it stuck deep inside her while she uses the Magic Wand again for another orgasm! Its a rainy evening, and she decides to get herself wet poolside, then go out for dinner with more breast teases and public nudity. She returns with a cute blonde high school friend and hangs out at the pool for the rest of the evening. On the next day...


Oct 9, 2015

93 mins

240 pics

She's the girl next door type who recently turned 18, visiting from Ohio -- with zero adult experience. So she tries out her first shoot with FTV, and learns to have her first orgasm on camera, as well as her first time squirting ever! We see her in a cute black dress walking through a resort area, timidly flashing for the first time, then getting naked at a pool. Indoors, she experiments with a glass toy, silver plug and a dildo, learning how to use them since she's never played with toys before. She then uses a long blue dildo to masturbate, and penetrates herself as deep as she can. Its her first time using a vibrator, starting with an egg shaped type, which she uses to stimulate her clit, then push into her little vagina. It takes some effort to push it in... She wants something even stronger, so out comes the Vibraking Toy, which ends up bringing her to a very strong orgasm with strong vaginal contractions... and a little squirt! Then she wants to do it again, and ends up with a second strong orgasm with an even bigger squirt. She's never squirted in her life, so it comes as a shock to her! She then goes back out poolside, to give us some foot fetish as she massages her feet, breasts and butt -- and does some major gaping spreads of her pretty private parts. On the next day, we see her in a cute button up shirt and short shorts, flashing at a restaurant and giving us panty-free peeks between her legs. Eventually she gets naked in a more private area, then decides to blow bubbles and use the container like a toy. Back home, she is introduced to the Magic Wand toy, which brings her to another very strong orgasm rather quickly -- with very strong vaginal contractions. She's then back out for more public nudity, this time with her real life best friend, flashing their breasts at a car show, then Molly going nude in a water fountain at a resort. Putting on her sexiest form-fitting dress and heels, super leggy Molly parades around another resort, flashing her sexy butt, then getting playful with her friend and flashing together. Its her friend's first time gettting naked on camera too! She then finds a remote area at an office building to masturbate with her heels on, and goes penetrating herself with the egg shaped vibrator for a while. Visiting a beach parking lot, she ends up using a glass toy, pushing it as deep as it can go, then playing with the egg vibrator again to one last orgasm. This natural teen learns a lot about her sexuality on this shoot, another total first timer for FTV :)

Stacey II

Sep 28, 2015

72 mins

423 pics

Our tiniest sweetheart is back, and she is even cuter and more sexual than before! From far away, she may look fourteen, but she's sexually mature and has flowered into a rather sensual woman. We meet her at a popular tourist area, and are reminded how petite she is walking amongst the tourist crowd. After a welcome back interview, she goes right into public nudity, flashing those full, firm breasts, her butt and her vagina! Then in another black dress, she flashes near a restaurant where there is a party going on, fingers herself deep, then walks completely naked on a street while bikers ride by! Remember how flexible she is? She does naked backbends right in front of some bicycle riders. After being nearly caught a few times, she goes home to tan naked by the pool. She gets horny; and ends up using her vibrator to an orgasm with visible contractions. Spreading her pretty, petite private parts, we get to see her clit up close, and her fingering her warm insides. Then she gets kinky with a bottle, pushing it as deep as it can go, then riding it... and then gets fucked hard by the bottle in doggy style! As tiny as she is, she takes a big challenge, taking the FTV Goliath Toy and attempting to ride it. Its as big as her leg, and she still manages to get more than the head in! Later in the day, amongst a field of flowers in a neighborhood, we see her in a cute summer dress, teasing us with upskirt, then taking her panties off and flashing that perfect, round firm butt. Back home, she spreads and fingers herself, then uses a long cucumber as a sex toy, then gets pounded hard missionary style as deep as it can go! On the bathroom counter, she masturbates with her vibrator one more time to orgasm. Notice the juicy wetness inside... Then she does her first time anal, fingering herself in the butt, going two fingers... and deep! Then taking a chain of four anal beads, she stuffs all of them inside her butt, then pulls them out -- notice how tight her butthole is as it tries to hold them inside! Wearing a sexy professional dress & heels, she then acts like a real estate agent, giving us a tour of a house, and flashing us whenever she can. Once again, she starts fingering herself, then gets wet enough to get kinky with makeup brushes, stuffing five of them deep inside her all at once! Its two years since her first visit, and the way shes maturing sexually we might have to bring her back again... since you'll only see her here, on FTV!


Sep 25, 2015

131 mins

532 pics

Ashley is an established pornstar who had heard from some of her modeling friends how much fun it was shooting for FTV so she decided to give it a try herself...when we meet up with Ashley you can see she is a very open and natural and fun girl and the fact that she also has a perfect pair of large natural 36D breasts definitely doesn't hurt! She started off with some public flashing, pulling up her top to reveal those amazing breasts as well as pulling her panties aside to play with herself before using a vibrating toy, bringing herself to orgasm with her legs wide open. She continued her guided tour of her body as she walked around in her little denim shorts, playing with her boobs before heading to the golf course. Ashley decided to join a group of men who were playing a round of golf, taking some swings with no top on...the guys certainly didn't look like they minded! After that she headed to the grocery store, picking out some fruits and veggies for later play and flashing in the aisles. All the teasing was getting her pretty turned on so she stuck a suction-cup dildo on an office building and penetrated herself with it, right out in public for any passersby to see! Changing into a long flowing dress and heels she masturbated on an outdoor chair, spreading her legs wide while she used a vibrating toy on herself before using a large long eggplant to fuck herself. Back at the house we see her playing with a glass bead toy, penetrating herself vaginally and then using a long blue glass toy to experiment anally as well...this got her warmed up for the Vibraking, which brought her to a nice very strong orgasm, after which she used a rather large banana (purchased earlier at the grocery store) to fuck herself, then more veggie stuffing fun with a handful of carrots! Things got kinky after that, with a speculum toy that allowed her to pour water inside and fill herself up before squirting it all back out again...and then it was time for the magic wand toy. Ashley perched on a bench and had a nice long masturbation session with that big toy, orgasming hard once again before going back outside, stretching topless and then going for a run on the hiking trail. Some people may have seen her running topless but at that point she no longer seemed to mind...enjoy this beautiful girl with a sexy voluptuous body having lots of fun in public and in private - in the FTV style!


Sep 18, 2015

110 mins

383 pics

Recently turned 18, she's a supercute, innocent looking teen who has a very kinky side to her. With a beautiful face, perfect, full natural breasts and long legs, she's an ideal first timer for FTV. We first see her on a jogging trail, and soon enough she's running topless, exposing those perfect breasts! A little shy, but not shy enough to end up getting completely naked on the trail, and do some cheerleading poses with her vagina out! Back home, she discovers the Magic Wand vibrator, and masturbates with it with considerable pleasure... and two camera angles to show off her reaction to the toy. We then watch her spread her pretty and very pink private parts, showing off the clit, then stretching her long labia up close. She also learns how to gape her vagina... Back out at a park, we see her in a cute summer dress and pretty white sandals, giving us upskirt views and showing off those superfirm naturals. Finding two yellow summer squash veggies, she proceeds to penetrate herself with them... and manages to get both inside her vagina, double penetrating herself! Watch how she literally makes them both disappear inside her vagina -- and that is when we learn how deep she is! After a lunch break, she visits a grocery store and buys some more veggies, and talks about how she would experiment with bananas and such when she was younger. She also ends up flashing at the grocery store... Back home, she starts fucking herself hard with a banana, bringing back memories for her younger days. The FTV assistant then takes the banana and ends up doing her doggy! Then comes the corn, which she pushes inside her till it completely goes inside her deep vagina, to the base! The assistant helps push it in deeper, and uses it like a toy on Kinsley. Then comes the very large, long TV remote -- which she pushes inside her so deep, its almost shocking! It also pushes her vagina to its limits... We then get to enjoy Kinsley's breasts and butt, as she gets massaged very hard with baby oil. Later in the day, we see her with tall wedges and short tight butt shorts at a beautiful, fancy resort, and enjoy her long legs as she walks about. The loose top gives us great downblouse views of her perfectly round breasts. Pulling her shorts aside, she pulls on her long labia, stretching them over her shorts, then starts fingering and masturbating. Getting kinky, this time anally, she starts fingering herself in the butt with two fingers, then takes another summer squash and stuffs it in her butt! Watch her do herself anally while at this open resort, then double penetrate with fingers in the vagina, then gape at the same time! With a sexy black dress & heels on, she decides to see how extreme she can go -- and tries four, then five fingers, and attempts to fist herself. She ends up near-fisting, but her hands are too big. Hot to watch nonetheless! To finish off, she tries the Eroscillator Toy -- and she tells us she's found her new favorite toy! Enjoy this natural beauty, still 18, who had never done any adult work until this shoot -- and what a fun, kinky adventure shoot it was!

Melissa & Jenna

Sep 8, 2015

101 mins

394 pics

Melissa is back, with the very popular Jenna, who loves to try kinky new sexual things... so she was the perfect match for Melissa! Notice how massive Melissa's breasts have become, because they are loaded with milk! In cute bras and panties, the girls are seen making out with each other, then playind and sucking on each other's breasts. Full attention is given to Melissa's huge naturals, and she's happy to squirt milk all over Jenna's face, and let her taste it. Jenna loves the taste so much, she squeezes them, and sucks on them to drink as much milk as possible. Jenna then goes in doggy style, while Melissa squirts all over her butthole, then uses the milk like lube to finger Jenna in the butt! On the couch, Melissa gets banged hard with a double ended dildo, then they both share it together as Jenna rides on top of her. Pushing Melissa's limits, she stuffs two double ended dildos inside her, then gets fisted hard and deep by Jenna! Jenna pushes it further, by deep fisting and forcing four fingers from her other hand inside! Jenna spreads and gapes Melissa's vagina, then salivates all inside her. Its Jenna's turn, and she gets fucked by a large dildo, in several different positions, while Melissa squirts milk on her vagina to act as a lubricant! The girls go out for a lunch, and soon enough, they're getting frisky again by playing with each other's breasts and making out. Wearing sexy dresses & heels, the girls continue to play with themselves... then its time for Jenna to get fisted! It really does push her limits, but she ends up enjoying it (especially getting fisted doggy style) that she ends up having an orgasm that way. We then see the girls get intimate on the bed, doing sensual oral sex on each other. Jenna cannot get enough of Melissa's breasts, and revels in them in every way she can... After sucking more milk, Jenna then brings a bottle for Melissa to squirt into, and accumulates enough milk to drink (right off the bottle). Then she ends up using the bottle on Melissa! The kinky play continues as Jenna ends up with a speculum, and Melissa shines a light so you can see all the way to her cervix! Then it gets as unique as you've ever seen it on the internet, as Melissa squirts inside Jenna's vagina, filling her vagina with milk! Just or a little more fun play, she then fingers Jenna both in the butt and vagina at the same time. As the day comes to an end, Jenna wants another orgasm, and uses the Magic Wand toy to get there -- but with the help of Melissa fingering her in the g-spot, leading to a mini-squirt. Sexy, sensual, fun, kinky, and extreme, this girl-girl will get a lot of your fetishes satisfied :)

Larysa II

Sep 4, 2015

100 mins

294 pics

If you've been a member of the site for quite awhile or have gone through some of our archived content you might remember Larysa here from way back in 2007...she was a very popular model on the site at the time and it's easy to see why with her beautiful face and that still-youthful body! On a gray cold rainy day she made her return here to FTV, and it was as if the intervening years had never even happened, she just got right back into the swing of things. Right away in the house she pulled off her panties and started masturbating, playing with her vagina and using the glass toy to penetrate herself and get her vagina wet and sensitive before using the Vibraking, which brought her fairly quickly to a nice strong orgasm. She tried experimenting with some kinky fun, attempting some ball stuffing before inserting a turkey baster full of cold water into her vagina and then squirting it back out. She goes to a home improvement store, inserting her toy right out in the open while the workers pretended not to watch. Towards the end of the first day she went out on the boat where she flashes her breasts and masturbates some more, and puts on a little impromptu singalong as well. The following day there was plenty of public nudity, starting out flashing random people while driving around and then masturbating on a stairway next to the sidewalk, then heading to the park for some nude cartwheels and play! The grocery store was next, where Larysa picked out some veggies and flashed in the aisles, before going for a topless (and sometimes bottomless) jog on a public hiking trail. After her run she headed back towards the house to use the veggies and fruit she bought at the store, fucking herself with all kinds of produce before bidding us goodbye! Enjoy the return of this kinky, very sexual woman from FTV history, who is even more sexual now that she has years of experience under her belt.


Aug 28, 2015

73 mins

305 pics

Visiting from Texas, she's a total first timer who has never done anything adult, let alone nudes. Not just a cute innocent teen with a nice smile -- she has some amazing triple D cup natural breasts!!! No matter where she goes, they're the first thing you notice. Early in the morning, we spot her walking down a street, and have her introduce herself to us. Then she teases us with downblouse shots, and shots up her short skirt. Walking further up the road, she takes off her shirt, to reveal the DDD cup bra, and as her breasts come out, wow do they look firm and even bigger with nothing on! By the end, she's walking completely naked, then running -- watch those big breasts bounce! She needed to tinkle just a little, so she does it right there... Back home, she masturbates with her fingers, to a nice natural orgasm. She then spreads her vagina and gives us views up close, pushing three fingers in. We then introduce her to her first vibrator (she's never masturbated with a vibrator before) and ends up having an even stronger orgasm, with strong vaginal contractions. Out poolside, she's wearing a cute pink bikini, and we watch like voyeurs, noticing her sexy figure, and getting teases of her nipples as her breasts fall out. She's very flexible, and ends up doing the splits in front of us -- and rubbing her clitoris all over again! Back inside, she finds the Long Dildo, and proceeds to have sex with it, penetrating herself as deep as it can go. Then she ends up having sex with a suction cup dildo, riding it to its base, grinding away until she's too sore to continue. We then get to enjoy her full breasts again, while she massages them with baby oil, then squishes them against a glass table. We especially love it when she makes those big breasts bounce and jiggle! Putting her hair up in a ponytail and wearing a very revealing white top and schoolgirl skirt, we watch her walking through a pretty resort, giving us more upskirt and downblouse teases. The shirt comes off, revealing those massive breasts, and she finds herself on a hammock masturbating again. She wants to use the vibrator again, so she ends up home with it for another orgasm. Putting on some heels and some tight fitting jean shorts, she then shows off her full butt, pulls them down, spreads her butt, then fingers herself anally! Going two fingers, she pushes her limits anally. She then attempts to ride a larger dildo, but its too big for her -- so to finish herself off, she tries the Magic Wand toy -- which brings her to an amazing sexual release. One of the bustiest girls of the year, this First Timer will be a welcome addition for all you big breast lovers :)


Aug 17, 2015

86 mins

350 pics

This gorgeous natural blue-eyed blonde teen is starting her career in softcore adult, and lucky for us, her first shoot is here, on FTV! Visiting from North Carolina, she has that very personable, friendly attitude, and not too shy about posing naked on camera, even in public places! We meet her at a popular open mall, watching her in a cute summer dress, wearing white wedges -- and no panties underneath! We get upskirt views as people walk by, and watch her dance to some music at the mall, flashing her full, cute butt. She then visits a park, and starts fingering herself, notice how juicy wet she sounds inside! Taking off all her clothes, she runs about chasing after geese as we enjoy her naked body in the sunny outdoors. Back home, she masturbates with the Magic Wand toy, and ends up with an orgasm rather quickly, and a strong one with visible vaginal contractions. She had never used one before! We then get extreme closeups of her very pretty private parts, with details on her clit and some gaping while she talks about how she lost her virginity. She ends up masturbating again, with another strong orgasm with some very visible vaginal contractions up close... After a lunch break, she goes and buys a rather large banana & cucumber, flashes at the parking lot, then goes home to try them out. Though they are the biggest things she's ever had, she takes them both as deep as they can go, and enjoys them... Its so sexy to watch her ride the long cucumber, and get penetrated doggy... We then discover that she's done some anal experimenting with fingers before, so we enjoy her butt some more, with nice views of her using two fingers in her butt. We then challenge her to something bigger, a glass ball toy, which pushes her limits anally, but she gets it in her! Notice how it stretches her butt out. She has some really cute, nicely pedicured petite feet, so we do a comprehensive foot fetish scene as well as her sucking on her toes. Back outdoors, she's wearing another cute summery outfit, taking selfies at a mall's sitting area. Once again she gets daring with teases, then has to pee really badly, so she pees in the grass right next to the mall! All shyness gone, she takes off all her clothes, and walks down a street naked for us to enjoy that perfect natural form. Notice her full firm breasts as well -- fun to watch her squeeze them. Back home, she attempts something she never thought possible: Fisting! She works her fingers in slowly, then her whole hand, and ends up fist-fucking herself and actually enjoying it! Pretty shocking to see such a cute natural girl this extreme. She then gapes herself to show how it stretched her out. Putting on a cute white bra & panties, she decides to push her limits even further, by trying the FTV Monster Toy! Doing herself missionary, she takes it halfway down, completely filling her up! Who would have thought... to finish off the day with another orgasm, she does the Magic Wand again, and has her very happy ending. Beautiful, natural, and so much fun, she's definitely the kind of girl that we want to see come back again on FTV :)


Aug 14, 2015

89 mins

239 pics

She's a cute curvy girl who has been doing webcam masturbation for some time now but is a first timer when it comes to adult modeling, and decided FTV would be the place to go to test the waters, so to speak. She has a nice voluptuous body with full hips and that 'badonkadonk' butt that some of you guys enjoy, a little different of a body type than we usually have at FTV...we met up with Jenna on a day when you could feel a storm brewing in the air - it was nearly 100 degrees outside with thunder rolling from time to time - which lent a dramatic mood to the shoot in some parts. We first meet Jenna outdoors at a park, flashing her panties with some upskirt glances while traffic drove by...she seemed a bit nervous about public nudity at first but warmed up quickly. At the fountain she slipped her panties off to wet them and then stuff them inside her -- she has never tried panty stuffing before -- which got her warmed up for some masturbation in a chair near the front of the park. Then, back at the house, she played with her own personal vibrator which brought her to orgasm...this girl definitely loves clitoral stimulation with a vibrating toy, even penetrating herself with the head of the toy to experience both penetration and vibration at the same time! Jenna dances to her own music, shaking her nice round full butt for us to enjoy. The next day she was back in public at another resort, finding a comfortable place to use her suction cup dildo which she simulated oral sex with and then stuck to the wall to penetrate herself with, then moving back to the house to try it doggystyle so she could watch her own reflection as she played with it. Next she was back outside down by a lake in her cute summer dress, playing with her breasts and having fun running around topless before masturbating in a little more private area and bringing herself to orgasm again. She also tried some anal fetish fun, fingering herself and then using a glass buttplug, and then finishing things off with a nice session with the Vibraking toy near a swimming pool, bringing herself to yet another very strong orgasm! Jenna is a quiet girl but definitely gets into the fun of the shoot, so enjoy this seductive, sensual first timer with her soft womanly 'full-figured' body as she explores her own sexuality in the FTV style.

Dolly II

Aug 7, 2015

61 mins

366 pics

This girl is so cute, fun, and kinky, we had to shoot her some more, to get all you members' fetishes in play... So on the next day, we see her at a hotel, running around flashing down the hallways, showing off her nice breasts, and giving us panty views. She finds the lobby area, takes the panties off and fingers herself right there! Unfortunately security shows up and we have to leave... Going back home, she plays with a chain of beads, first in the vagina, pushing them in and out of her, spreading so you can see the balls inside her, then doing the same in her butt! At one point there are beads in both holes! Then pushing her limits once again, she tries a large summer squash, getting it deep in her vagina, watch how wide it stretches her out... then she rides it, fucking hard. Going as big as she can, then she tries the large eggplant, and manages to get most of it inside her!! Wow does this tiny girl surprise us with what she is capable of. We then get some foot fetish of her tiny, size 5 feet, and watch her suck on her toes. She is presented the Vibraking Toy, which ends up becoming an incredible tool for her to have one of the strongest orgasms of her life... Ending up with a strong orgasm and squirting for the first time in her life! Wearing a formal schoolgirl outfit at an office, reading a book, she discovers the FTV Monster toy -- and is shocked by the size -- but we know she will be able to handle it! Starting with a blowjob, she wets it with her mouth, then slowly brings herself down on the massive toy. Riding it surprisingly deep, she takes most of it down in her! Then sitting in the chair, she pounds herself hard and deep, nearly reaching climax. She's so stretched out now that when she gapes, you can see so much detail... For one last kinky experience, she then takes three golf balls, and pushes them deep inside her, making them disappear! Streching herself open, you can see the pink golf balls being held inside... then she pushes them out while gaping from above. Its an amazing ending, and this tiny teen definitely surprises us with some amazingly kinky, extreme and fun things she was able to do, all on her first shoot ever here on FTV!


Aug 7, 2015

70 mins

328 pics

She's only 18, but she's so tiny and young looking she could pass for a lot younger... Long red hair and a beautiful smile, Dolly is full of energy, spontaneity, and is willing to try anything for FTV! We see her at a playground, wearing a schoolgirl outfit (which she tends to wear everyday anyway...) and watch her get chased by a dog, then ride a swing. Panty and butt views as she plays on the swing, and then she fingers herself near the monkey bars with no fear of being caught! Running around butt naked, she loves flashing her cute body, and notice that she has some nice full naturals under her shirt! Going home, she pulls out her vibrator from her backpack, and masturbates to two strong orgasms with visible vaginal contractions. We then get extreme closeups of her very pretty private parts, and watch her stretch her long labia and play with them. She's a natural gaper, and she pushes several fingers inside her, to open herself up so you can see soo deep inside her! She then pushes her limits with something she's never done before: Fisting! She starts slowly, but goes harder and faster and discovers a new kind of pleasure! She's then able to stretch her vagina with six fingers... Another new thing for her -- Anal -- she has never had any anal experiences, until today. Starting with one finger, she goes deep in the butt, then does two fingers, and finger fucks herself and then spreads tries to gape her vagina and butt at the same time! This 18 year old is so kinky... She was a petite ballerina back in her early teen years, and she puts on a cute ballet outfit, stretches dances to music while we get cute upskirt panty shots. Eventually the panties come off, and she dances butt naked, then fingers herself and tastes her vaginal juices. Finding the Big Glass Ball Toy, she works it in her, slowly stretching herself further, until she's pushing it in and out of her easily! Gaping wide, watch that ball spread her open while she works it in and out of her... Later that evening, as the sun sets, we watch her dance in a cute little red polkadot bikini, shaking her booty to classic rock. Then we discover something hidden under her bottoms -- a soft drink can! She's stuffed it deep inside her, keeping her cool on this hot day, and nearly the entire can is deep to the back of her vagina. She uses her vaginal muscles to push it in and out of her, then pops the lid open to drink it up. As the day ends, she teases us some more poolside, and says her goodbyes. Its not over yet though, she become even more kinky and extreme on the next day...

Madi II

Jul 31, 2015

47 mins

243 pics

Our beautiful, busty Madi comes back for a second day of shooting, now more experienced -- no longer a first timer, but more sophisticated and confident! We meet up with her at an office area, where she's wearing a very sexy dress & heels, making her that much taller; hair up, looking sultry but still with that innocent, fresh teen look. She shows off her new clothes, then goes topless and walks around a parking lot with her breasts out. She finds a long dildo, and ends up fucking herslef with it. She ends up in the same parking lot, pounding herself on the ground, and enjoying every minute of it as she pushes it as deep sa it can go! Going out for a lunch at a busy restaurant, she lets her top down and eats with her breasts out, and gets spotted doing it, fortunately without incident. Wearing a black top, black heels and nothing else, she poses in a fancy supercar, and walks into a fancy house. Using the Vibra King toy, she ends up having an orgasm rather quickly -- it surprises her how strong the toy is! Spreading herself wide open, we get more extreme closeups of her wet vagina, as well as gaping spreads. She then shows off her long sexy legs, and her feet, for a little bit of foot fetish play. Then she rides a large, thick dildo on the table, taking it deep near the base! Watch those breasts bounce as she rides it up and down. She loves the penetration... Out poolside in a pink bikini & heels, we get voyeuristic views of her sexy cleavage, then watch her as she takes her bottoms off and stuffs her bikini inside her! Then she turns the water hose on, and fucks herself with it, squirting water everywhere! Notice how deep she takes the hose inside her. As the day comes to an end, we see her in a short white dress and heels, walking in an open, public park, then finding a bench to masturbate on. In her picnic basket she pulls out some bananas, and penetrates herself with them, taking the banana deep until its too soft to use. So she fingers herself instead, making juicy wet noises until interrupted by law enforcement. Fortunately there was no trouble, and she ends up saying her goodbyes in the nude. Another supercute teen for FTV, she's one of those girls we'd love to see more of in the future :)


Jul 24, 2015

124 mins

343 pics

Originally from Indiana, she now lives in California -- she's that cute girl next door with the beautiful smile. No tattoos or piercings, she's the girl you would want to introduce to mom, but know that she has a kinky side to her. We meet up with her at a restaurant area, where she's wearing a classic college girl outfit, and no underwear. Teasing us, she flashes her breasts, and gives us peeks between her legs. She ends up masturbating and fingering herself in a construction area, drawing attention to the construction workers! At a park, she shows off her ex-cheerleader skills, then masturbates and fingers herself some more. With so many people around, she needs to find somewhere more private... Back home, she finds the Vibraking vibrator, and ends up having an orgasm rather quickly! We then see her jogging around the neighborhood, flashing some more on a trail, and getting naked for photos. Putting on a sexy blue dress & wedges, she visits an office area and teases some more. Then she plays with a funky glass toy that she pushes as deep as it can go, and rides a small traffic cone! Notice how it spreads her open, and it allows her to finger herself with 3-4 fingers. Then its time for some anal play, as she fingers herself anally with three fingers, then uses a steel butt plug, and finally takes a large glass ball dildo deep inside her butt. Pushing that even further, she masturbates with a vibrator while the butt toy is deep inside her, for another orgasm! Her clit gets swollen really quickly, and its rather large -- so we get extreme closeups of her clit. She goes even kinkier with a speculum, and uses a steel dildo to contact her 'back vagina wall' while gaping open! Back outdoors, she visits another office area, and ends up riding a lightsaber toy! The day ends with a mini-golf scene as she says her goodbyes. This fun, natural girl brings another fresh face for FTV :)


Jul 17, 2015

42 mins

180 pics

This gorgeous, naturally busty girl just turned 18, and did her very first adult shoot experience with FTV. A bit shy on camera at the beginning, she rapidly works up the confidence to show off that sensual figure. We first see her at a resort area -- she's wearing cute, casual, girl next door type stuff but no bra (she says she never wears a bra) and we can see why -- those breasts are super firm naturals! As soon as those breasts come out, she squeezes them hard, and runs about doing cartwheels in the grass. She then gets completely naked and walks about, finding a vibrator to masturbate with. Her nervousness in masturbating on a bench outside at the park makes it difficult for her to orgasm, but she ends up stuffing the vibrator inside her vagina instead. Back home, she uses the Magic Wand toy to a very strong orgasm with visible vaginal contractions. Also note the milky juices that come out. She then spreads and gapes her pretty private parts, and talks about how she lost her virginity while fingering herself. Back out in a random neighborhood, she goes topless and walks about, then visits a golf course where she runs around topless, flashes the golfers, and does topless cartwheels in front of them. Finding a golf club, she ends up using it like a fuck toy, riding the handle hard and deep. She seems to enjoy it all, especially when she sits down in the grass and uses it like a dildo! Now that this First Timer has had a day to experience FTV-style adult, on day two she gets more sophisticated and kinky...


Jul 17, 2015

164 mins

235 pics

One of those rare shoots where the model is not a first timer, this pornstar is also known as Cassidy Klein. She's a fun, enthusiastic and flexible woman who had her entire shoot done in a 2 day series in California. We see her start in a cute mini skirt and long socks, giving us upskirt views around a mall, then get naked at a beach and masturbate. Notice her strong orgasm and vaginal contractions -- and how milky wet she gets, dripping down her leg! At home, she gives us extreme closeups of her private parts, then tries to stuff as many fingers as she can in her vagina. With the Vibraking toy, she masturbates some more, and gets so juicy wet inside -- notice how her sticky juices get all over her fingers. Finding a suction cup dildo, she deepthroats it, then rides it on the tile floor. A little play trying to penetrate herself with golf balls (but ends up not getting them all the way in) and decides to use a glass toy instead. The glass dildo is pushed in deep, as far as it can go -- and she does go pretty deep! Then she plays anally with a mini-butt plug, and goes back outside for some naked jogging in the sunset. On the next day, we see her wake up, stretch, then use a cucumber in several different sexual positions and doing her best to push it all the way to the back of her vagina. Then its time for more masturbation, with the Magic Wand toy, and she has some amazing orgasms, with very visible vaginal contractions. Again, she gets very juicy wet inside... We then get some foot fetish and toe sucking, which leads to more extreme closeups, and a panty stuffing scene. She unsuccessfully tries to fist, and ends up with 5 finger penetration. Listening to musice she shows off her flexibility and dancing skills, notice how sexy and firm her muscular butt is! To finish the day, we watch her in a dress and heels, with a little more upskirt & tease, saying her goodbyes.


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