Dec 17, 2016

100 mins

357 pics

Saraya is a sexy, petite middle-eastern girl who is getting her Masters in University, and wanted to try FTV for fun -- and she discovered a lot about herself on this shoot! We first see her in a cute black flower dress, and she's brought a cute friend with her too! She shows off the clothes she brought with her, and we get a few undercover teases as she takes her bra and panties off. She then visits a popular resort, where there is a large medical conference going on -- and she gets super daring flashing her big breasts and doing spreads right in front of all the attendants! Without any underwear or bra, her outfit is super revealing... She then visits the other side of the resort to show us how she masturbates with her fingers. Visiting a construction area, she then takes everything off, and does naked cartwheels in front of the construction workers! She even starts playing with herself in front of them. Back home, she is introduced to a vibrator for the first time, and it ends up making her have a squirting orgasm! She's never squirted in her life, and it shocks her for a moment. She then tries out another toy, this time the Magic Wand, and it brings her to a stronger orgasm, with visible vaginal contractions and another mini-squirt. Its all a new experience for her! We then get extreme closeups of her petite vagina, and wow, its beyond tiny! She can barely get two fingers in her, and the small glass toy takes a lot of effort to push inside! It literally locks inside her. She has an unnaturally small hole... Out at a lakeside park, we watch her run around and do acrobatics and cartwheels... topless of course! She was a gymnast once, and her petite body can definitely move. Its a pretty risky topless and butt cheek spread scene (and she climbs a tree!) as cars drive by... then she does a striptease to some middle eastern pop music. Wearing a cute yellow dress, we see her at a store flashing her breasts and doing some upskirt views, before visiting a street to flash some more. In the patio of the back yard, she uses the magic wand again, and has another strong orgasm, squirt, and satifying vaginal contractions. At the pool, she jumps up and down on the diving board, then gives us butt views... and penetrates her butt for the first time with her fingers! Her friend comes over to help spread those full cheeks. Her friend Chloe also has more cute clothes for her, specifially a cute white seethrough dress to wear... which turns into another sexy dance. In the same outfit, we then watch her play tennis, all in the while getting peeks down her blouse and up her skirt. She then gives her breasts and butt a hard massage, including sucking/biting her nipples. To finish the day, she masturbates one last time, ending up squirting again and getting her butt wet with her own juices, then playing around in the pool. As first timer as you can get, you'll this tattoo-free middle-eastern girl only here, on FTV.

Roxanna II

Dec 12, 2016

110 mins

314 pics

The tall, leggy and gorgeous Roxanna's adventure continues, with even more confidence on camera! This first timer is seen in a sexy mini-skirt and heels, parading around on a street, twirling around and giving us upskirt views. Her long legs and toned body move with such grace, and her super fun and charismatic personality brings a smile to our faces. She visits a golfside resort, and takes her panties off to finger herself deep... and notice how milky and juicy wet she is every time! She then takes a bathroom break, and decides to run around the golf course teasing golfers as she flashes them! On one of the walkways of the course, she then does a sexy dance to music, slowly stripping down... notice how sexy she moves her figure! As some golfers interrupt her dance, she shows off her perky nipples and plays with them. Back at the resort, she finds a comfy couch, fingers herself, then uses her rabbit toy to a strong orgasm with visible vaginal contractions. She wants more... so she goes down an office hallway, strips naked, then uses the Magic Wand to a massive squirting orgasm that gets the bench and her butt all wet! Watch her parade around with that wet, juicy butt. This girl is meant to be seen with as little clothes as possible! We also get some cute outtake videos of her in the morning, seeing more of her personal charm. Going to a very busy street corner, we see her in another workout outfit and pigtails, doing a hula hoop dance. She shows off her skills, and loves expressing herself out there in front of everyone. She then visits a train station, and takes her bottoms off to finger herself right there! She also does some topless hula hooping. Back home, she masturbates with the Vibraking Toy, and ends up with another squirting orgasm! She shows off her butt, wet with her own squirt, and lets us see her pretty feet some more. Back out on a construction area, we see her in a pretty red summer dress, climbing construction equipment, then fingering herself on the seat! Its also a great place for us to enjoy her perfect butt, as she lets us watch her from behind. Visiting another construction site, she finds herself a long dildo and pounds herself with it... but she almost gets caught! Even then, she ends up undressing and showing off her sexy body again. She then uses her favorite vibrator again, the Magic Wand -- getting milky wet at first, then squirting hard, and then having some incredibly strong orgasms and with very strong vaginal contractions! When she fingers herself afterwards, you can hear how juicy she is inside... Looking like a victoria's secret model, in just bra, panties and heels, she parades around a street, then does a long dance and striptease to music right out there! She starts fingering herself again... As she says her goodbyes, we realize what an amazing adventure shoot she had, with three days of public nudity, masturbation, squirting all over town! A charismatic beauty, with such enthusiasm about her first time shoot that we will have to have her back again :)


Dec 8, 2016

94 mins

274 pics

We visit a mall, and spot this gorgeous, tall and leggy girl wearing a pretty pink dress, parading around... then she takes her panties off in this public place! We get upskirt views of her private parts, then see her finger herself in a seating area near a restaurant! Daring from the start, this Total First Timer has the confidence and charisma to make her a very fun and erotic girl to watch. She loves to parade around and dance everywhere, doing twirls that only show more of her perfect butt underneath that skirt... and that patch of pubic hair. Going to a more secluded area at a park, she gets completely naked, then uses her rabbit toy to have a strong orgasm (notice the strong vaginal contractions) and she gets dripping wet with milky juices! She tastes herself, then spreads for us to see her tight private parts up close. She then parades around naked in the park getting into various sexual positions, shows off her acrobatic skills, and pees hard on a bench. We then do a lunch interview to get to know her better, and tease a little more in public. Back home, she is introduced to the Magic Wand toy, which ends up not only giving her more orgasms, but some heavy squirting as well! Wow does she get wet. She then gives us more extreme closeups, plays with her pubic hair, and spreads her butt. Later in the day, we see her in sporty wear at a golf course, and carrying a hula hoop! She has some incredible talent dancing with it, spinning it about and moving around with it in such a graceful manner. Notice how superfit this girl is when she jogs around, and how firm that juicy butt is from all that training. Right there on the course, she hoop dances to some music, and goes topless, then bottomless! She ends up doing cartwheels naked... Poolside, she does nude yoga, showing off her perfect form in various contorted positions, and then uses the Magic Wand toy again for a very strong orgasm with strong vaginal contractions! Lots of outtake videos too, just to see her naked again, and enjoy that open, natural, confident personality of hers. But this is only the first part, the second part brings in even more FTV style adventure :)


Dec 2, 2016

83 mins

252 pics

She's a natural beauty, with a fit, firm figure with all the perfect assets; but she is a shy, inexperienced girl both for adult and in her personal sexual life. Would you believe she hasn't had sex in 2 years? We first see her at a popular park in a cute summer dress and sandals, interview her, and get cute peeks up her skirt (no panties!). She gets more daring in this public place by showing off her perfect butt, then exposing her full C cup breasts, and doing the splits! Going back home, she reads some erotic stories, then masturbates with the Eroscillator Vibrator. She's never used a vibrator before, and this orgasm of hers (make that two) was the strongest she's ever had in her life! (notice how incredibly strong some of those orgasmic contractions are). It takes some time for her to recover from it, but it is an incredible scene to watch. Then we get to enjoy her very pretty and untouched private parts up close, with her light wispy blonde pubic hair topping it off. She shows off her clit, pulls on her labia, and fingers her wet insides. Notice a little bit of her hymen is still in place, which she plays with as well. After an intimate lunch interview, takes her clothes off in the back yard, runs around letting her big breasts bounce, and does cartwheels and backbends. Then she switches to her cosplay theme; a comic book character she likes -- and does one of the sexiest dances you've ever seen! She really knows how to move, and her fit athletic form gets shown off by the way she moves her hips so well. It turns into a stocking fetish scene that leads to foot fetish. Notice how pretty her feet are, and how cutely manicured they are. Now completely in the nude, she dances for us again, to a fast beat and showing off all her super sexy assets. She then gives us a hard breast massage scene, nipple play, and butt massage. Every part of her body is shaped the way we like it... She then goes back to the Eroscillator for another super strong orgasm and some very strong visible vaginal contractions! Then it goes all anal, as we watch her use one, then two fingers deep as she penetrates her rear. Then she tries a vibrator in her butt, pushing it as deep as it can go, and then back to more anal fingering up close. She's another Total First Timer, who is discovering so many new things about herself on this shoot, and enjoying herself as she does it :)


Nov 25, 2016

107 mins

357 pics

She's a classy girl who carries herself in a very sexy manner... and those legs and thighs make it all that much more arousing! With big deep blue eyes and a welcoming smile, she does remind us of the singer Katy Perry. We first see her at a sassy mall, wearing a long, form-fitting dress and matching heels. She walks around, gives us an interview, and we get to see her perfect butt exposed as she raises her skirt out in public! Upskirt views continue at the mall, with peeks to her private parts, then she does it again on a busy street! Finding a less traveled road, she then fingers herself and goes all explicit before she goes home to masturbate. Using her fingers, she has a nice, natural orgasm, with visible vaginal contractions. We then see her spread her pretty, small private parts, with some nice exteme closeups of her clit and gaping. Back out at another mall wearing a cute black dress, sexy panties and pretty sandals, she flashes some more, showing off her butt, twerking, and fingering herself on a security golf cart! She then teases some more at a restaurant, while doing an interview. She's also an amazing dancer, and when she moves to music, its so incredibly arousing to watch -- we enjoy her striptease to music, and her skills while twerking that perfect butt! Then we introduce her to the Eroscillator Vibrator, and wow, does it bring her to a strong orgasm! Notice the vaginal contractions, and how wet she gets inside. Notice how she has a habit of tasting herself... Putting on a very sexy, form-fitting short purple dress and high heels, she does another super sexy dance, rubbing herself and ending up fingering away on the kitchen counter and a little riding a wine bottle. Then she is given the vibrating g-spot remote ball toy to put inside her. Assistant Lia uses the remote to have the ball vibrate deep inside Whitney, and it becomes overwhelming for her; she ends up squirming on the ground rather uncontrollably! By the end of that day, we listen to her talk in a British accent, and play in a rather intense thunderstorm. On the next morning, we see her in a hot jogging outfit running by a golf course. Those shorts are so tight, they give her cameltoe, and part of her outer labia sticks out! She flashes her breasts and butt in front of golfers, then does the splits and headstands right there! Taking her bottoms off, she walks butt naked through a neighborhood while landscapers watch nearby. Going home, she uses the Eroscillator again, and ends up having the strongest orgasm of her life! Notice her reactions to such a powerful experience... She spreads and gapes some more, then plays with her butt, fingering herself anally. She tries to gape her butt, and then experiments with a glass toy. It goes surprisingly deep inside her! She even takes the big ball head side and works it into her butt. It gapes her wider... We then enjoy her massaging her butt, then her breasts, and giving us extreme closeups of her pretty nipples. There's a demonstration of how she works out, and her squatting in the nude. She then has to go pee outside... Wearing a gorgeous white dress and wedges, she shows off her sexy form again, then finds herself a zucchini, and deep throats it. Masturbating with it like a toy, she penetrates herself deep, and shows off her strong vaginal muscles by pushing it out. It turns into a hard pounding session... As the day comes to an end, she's back to flashing at a resort, then dancing away to more music on location. And so ends another adventure shoot, with a very sexy, arousing First Timer, no tattoos, and bursting with a lot of sexuality. Just the kind of girl we love on FTV :)


Nov 18, 2016

143 mins

348 pics

This nineteen year old natural blonde is a sweet, fun-loving girl who loves to try new sexual things; and she does it all with smiles and laughter. Those big baby blue eyes will mesmerize you... We first meet her at her apartment, wearing cute pair of panties and seethrough shirt, showing off her place and her cute little cat. We then see her get kinky, by stuffing her panties and pulling them out her pretty toes! She then records herself masturbating, and ends up with a very strong orgasm and visible vaginal contractions! She massages her full, firm butt, then gets experimental with some butt fingering, and her first time using a toy anally. Wearing a corset, she parades around in heels in her apartment, then gets kinky with speculum play so we can see deep inside her tight little vagina... and even more kinky when she gets fingered anally pushing her vaginal walls all around! Dildo play is next, with her being introduced to the Big Ten Toy, and she ends up getting fucked doggy style, then missionary... with the help of her vibrator to another orgasm! She does some flashing at a mall and grocery store, picks out a cucumber, then fucks herself with it nearby outdoors. She's definitely exploring herself to the max! On the next day, we see her in a sporty outfit, running around a park. Her cheerleading past shows as she does some cartwheels and acrobatics, then exposes her breasts and vagina out in this public place! She draws the attention of a few guys nearby who sit down in the grass and watch her play with herself. Going back into the car, she penetrates herself with a glass toy, and that thing locks itself inside her tight place... Back home, she masturbates with the Eroscillator Toy to another nice strong orgasm; her contractions show how much her vagina loves it. Wearing a sexy yellow dress and heels, she poses for us some more, then uses the Big Ten Toy for more hard, deep penetration in various positions, going really deep while on top! Notice how much it stretches her out. We also get some cute striptease video, behind the scenes of a series of photoshoots with a lucky member being the photographer, and more masturbating in the nude (because she's fallen in love with the vibrator!). Her first time squirting, and a little 'man-finger' play also tops off the shoot. This girl is that totally cute, innocent looking blonde a lot of us guys dream about, the girl-next-door that you wish you had as your girlfriend :)

Lana & Stella

Nov 11, 2016

115 mins

452 pics

The very popular Lana returns, this time with her new best friend, Stella... a British girl who has huge natural breasts! Besides being friends, they are lovers, and they get to do their first girl girl on camera here, for FTV. We first see them at a popular LA tourist destination, wearing short shorts, skimpy tops, and sexy stockings & heels, parading around and flashing their big breasts! Their playfulness and chemistry shows, and they are incredibly sexy to look at. After interacting with a few locals around the popular destination, they go back to their hotel room. They strip down, and suddenly, Lana gets dominant over Stella! She goes right to licking Stella's butt, ass-licking as well as pushing her tongue inside... The oral sex continues with breast sucking and clit licking, fingering, and Lana using a shoe heel to penetrate Stella. They exchange juices while making out, then Lana does the splits on Stella's face as she goes down on her. Lana's ass gets fingered while her clit gets licked, then more hard breast sucking and nipple play as Stella's breasts get sucked and pulled on really hard! On the bed, Lana starts sucking on Stella's toes, then shoves her entire foot in Stella's mouth, making her deepthroat it! They end up sucking her foot together... It turns into bondage, when Lana ties her up with the stockings, then shoving a stocking into Stella's mouth. She has her way with her, turning on the Vibraking Toy and forcing it on her clit with maximum power. Stella squirms at the stimulation, but Lana keeps it on her until Stella's vagina starts quivering in response to the extreme vibrations! Lana even uses it on Stella's breasts and nipples, to see what happens. Then, while holding hands, they use vibrators in a mutual masturbation scene that leads to Lana having two orgasms with super strong vaginal contractions, and Stella finishing off with the strongest orgasm of her life with the Vibraking! Notice how her vagina reacts on orgasm. A sexy dance in the bedroom follows, with the girls playing around each other to music. Back out on the town, the girls are seen wearing super sexy short dresses and heels, giving us upskirt views and flashing on busy streets, a restaurant, and grocery stores. They end up buying lolipops, because they are going to use them anally! Back home, Lana spreads Stella's ass, drooling over her butthole, then pushes a lolipop inside her butt. When it comes out, Lana licks up all the sugary juices! When it's Lana's turn, she has two lolipops shoved in her butt, then uses her strong butt muscles to shoot them out! The girls then lick all the molten lolipop juice that fell on the floor... They go to the balcony with a view of LA, then strip down and ride each other for fun, then attempt to ride and deepthroat a giant dildo. Using the Magic Wand toy, they scissor each other, and end up with more orgasms while mutually grinding against it! Lana wants another orgasm, she ends up using it alone, and has another strong orgasm with some incredibly strong vaginal contractions up in your face. They end up deepthroating a rather large black dildo (surprisingly deep!) and then mutually sharing the suction cup toy while riding it. Lana gets deeper, and its the biggest thing she's had yet... They then play around poolside, for more breast play, and a little peeing scene. Back out for more fun, they visit the Hollywood strip, going shopping, flashing, and doing a video in the change room of a department store. A weekend in LA, these real life best friends end up having all sorts of fun and kinky play for FTV, and those big naturals just make it better :)


Nov 9, 2016

77 mins

299 pics

She's a tall ex-fashion model visiting from Australia, and she's never done any adult work before, let alone nudes! We see her at a popular tourist destination, wearing a short white dress and heels, and no panties... We talk to her a little, then watch her give us upskirt teases showing off her shaved private parts and peeks between her legs. She finds a bench in this public place, and proceeds to masturbate right there! Notice how wet she is, her fingers are literally loaded with juices. She then goes home to masturbate to orgasm, using her fingers -- and has a small one -- and then is introduced to the Eroscillator Toy, and ends up with a very strong orgasm! She had never used a vibrator before in her life... We then get extreme closeups of her private parts, as well as a nice breast massage and nipple play. Out poolside, she does a dance in her bikini, stripping down -- what a sexy, slim, modelesque figure! She masturbates again with the Eroscillator to another orgasm, and fingers herself again, notice how juicy she is every time. She attempts to stuff four fingers inside her... After an interview in her sexy black dress, she masturbates one last time, and gets wet enough for a ride on the Big Ten Toy. She finishes off the day with more breast & butt teasers and a little tinkle session outdoors. Total first timer, tall, leggy and slender, this blonde is for you guys who like the Australian beach bunny type!


Nov 4, 2016

87 mins

326 pics

She's a cute, petite girl with a mix of features that could be called exotic; she's half European and half American Indian. She might be five feet tall, but she's got the assets us guys love! She's blessed with a full, firm round butt, and big D cup breasts, making her that kind of girl we so want to get into bed with. Not only that, she has some very pretty, petite and barely-used private parts. She is introduced with an interview -- she's very timid & shy at the beginning, and slowly takes her clothes off for an introductory photoshoot. Once she's completely naked, she's given the Eroscillator Toy, and according to her, she's never had an orgasm in her life. But this new discovery ends up bringing her not only to an orgasm, but the strongest one she's ever experienced! Notice those strong vaginal contractions, and her total euphoria at the end. After her orgasm, her playful side comes out, and she shows off her naked body in the bathroom, and puts one a cute little dress and heels. She parades around with her cleavage out, and lets us get more peeks between her legs and watch her squeeze her big breasts. It turns into a hard breast massage scene, as she lathers her boobs with cream, and we enjoy her mashing them from every angle. She puts on her favorite skirt and heels, and wants to use the Eroscillator Toy again -- and ends up having two orgasms this time! The orgasmic contractions seems to go on longer and harder with each one... She then pushes her anal limits, by starting with fingers, then two different dildos as she pushes them as deep as they can go. We get to enjoy her very pretty vagina, going up close to see that little clit, and her spreading a tight little pussy that is simply too small to gape. Using a smaller dildo, she penetrates her vagina, and notice how tightly her vagina holds that little toy. After she pulls it out, the pressure makes her milky juices flow out of her vagina and down her butt! Out at a park, she does some cheerleading acrobatics and backbends -- since her top is very loose -- her breasts fall out! Landscapers nearby enjoy the view, especially when her butt comes out. Back home, she does a dance to music in a very skimpy bra and panties, then shows off her flexibility. To finish the day, she uses the Eroscillator Toy one last time, to her strongest, and most erotic orgasm. Notice how strong those orgasmic contractions are! She's as first-timer as you can get, and her exotic look will appeal to some; she reminds us of a little fantasy anime fuck doll, quite a few of us fantasize about that :)

Lucie II

Oct 31, 2016

55 mins

220 pics

On her second day of adventure, this supercute teen bursting with sexuality wants to have more orgasms... but this time out in the open, public places! Wearing a gorgeous, tight-fitting dress and heels, she visits a resort, and gives us upskirt views and fingers herself. Exposing her perky breasts, she shows off her perfect nipples and gets naked for us right there! Her super flirtatious ways continue, and she's even more confident in herself than before. She finds a lunch area at the resort, and using a portable magic wand, she masturbates to another strong orgasm with strong vaginal contractions, and squirting through the chair! After a lunch break, we see her do a cute nude dance to her favorite music (she was a ballerina when she was younger). We then see her visit a park by a lake, with more risky public masturbation. She's wearing a cute, colorful summer outfit, which she take off to masturbate with her portable vibrator. Once again, she has a strong orgasm and squirts -- then she gets kinky with a banana, ending up fucking herself deep, right out in the open! She shows off her strong vaginal muscles by shooting the banana out! She looks so gorgeous on this beautiful day. Playing around in the pool with her hair in braids, she masturbates once more time with the vibrator, and ends up with another orgasm and squirt -- then she gets close to Lia and sucks on her nipples, enjoying every minute of it... For a big finale, she get to try the Big Ten Toy. She's never had anything that big in her life, and starts with a blowjob, attempting to deepthroat it. Then she penetrates herself in missionary, fucking herself hard, learning to take that big thing deep inside her! The adventure shoot comes to an end for this beautiful, personable teen -- it was a fun and very sexual experience for her :)


Oct 28, 2016

74 mins

233 pics

Recently turned 18, she's a gorgeous petite girl with a very sultry way about her. She reminds us of a cross between Megan Fox and FTV girl Larysa. Considerably more mature than her age, she's also a very sexual girl. Never done any adult before, we meet her at an open mall, where she's a little shy at first, but slowly opens up to us, flashes her breasts an very pretty private parts right there at the mall! Back home, she is introduced to a vibrator for the first time, and wow, what an amazing response! Not only does she have two strong orgasms with very strong vaginal contractions, she ends up squirting everywhere! She's never squirted in her life. Then she licks her own squirt off... That opens her up even more, and she gets very aggressive sexually! We get extreme closeups of her very pretty and petite private parts, and watch her finger herself anally, then double penetrate, going back and forth from butt to vagina. After a lunch interview, she teases her vagina some more at the back of the restaurant (and fingers herself in the butt!) then masturbates back home again. She's really loving the Magic Wand Toy, and ends up with two more orgasms and very strong vaginal contractions (and more squirting!). A second camera view gets more of the sexy action. We get extreme closeups of her private parts, with gaping in both holes! On the comfy bed, she gives a long cucumber a blowjob (its the biggest thing she's ever had!) and starts riding it. Then she pounds herself missionary style and really gets into it... On the balcony, she ends up playing with herself anally some more, using two fingers, then a bead toy. She even tries different combinations of double penetration... and gaping her butt. She's getting kinkier! She's supercute, tattoo-free, very horny, and sexually open, and there's a lot more of her coming in part two!


Oct 21, 2016

90 mins

406 pics

Elena is a beautiful 23 year old Russian hailing from Washington who has an adventurous hippy spirit and a passion for exploration, including her own sexuality. We first see her indoors on a staircase, walking down on those mile-long it turns out she's done some fashion modeling in her past and that's no surprise when you get a look at this stunning young woman. She had chosen a glass toy and starts off talking about her masturbation habits (after a little show of her 'runway walk') before touching herself with her fingers as a demonstration. We see her insert the toy deep and then use her strong vaginal muscles to push it out slowly for a sexy view of the action before she settles into a nice long masturbation session and some gaping - note how wet her silky pink privates are getting from the attention. She wanted some vibration so we see her deploy the mighty Vibraking toy and using that along with the glass toy brings her to a natural orgasm. Next we see her having a little kinky fun with a banana, holding it between her legs with her thighs as she walks down the stairs and then penetrating herself with it, although her cute privates weren't quite ready yet for more orgasmic fun. After the banana she tries on some panties, showing how they tend to creep up between her lips for a 'cameltoe' and then trying panty stuffing for her first time! We see her make them completely disappear before being very slowly pulled out. Next it's time for more vibration as she uses a black magic wand type toy along with a couple of the videographer's fingers and before long she was having another strong hip-bucking orgasm! The following morning we see her bright and early getting dressed and ready for the day with a little bit of makeup, flashing her cute butt in what she calls her 'granny panties' before heading outside in a sexy semi-sheer dress and chunky heels to enjoy the sunshine and breeze, twirling around and putting on a show for the cars driving past on the freeway. Next we see her slipping out of her dress to take a refreshing dip in the fountain - note how it makes her have to pee, which she does right in public - before scampering back inside just in case of unwanted attention. After getting changed on a boat into her tight stretchy workout gear she goes for a run past a public golf course, keeping those long sexy legs in fit shape. Next she's back indoors in sexy black lingerie and wants to ride a toy so she literally rips her panties off! She rides a large black toy and then uses it to penetrate herself and we note how milky wet she's getting down there...then she heads onto the patio for some kinky fun using a baster to squirt water inside her vagina and then back out again. She gets the triple pleasure of a vibrator on her clitoris, water inside her vagina, and anal finger penetration all at the same time until she orgasms from all the stimulation and squirts water everywhere like a fountain! She's a beautiful energetic quirky first-timer who loves sexual exploration out-of-the-norm and we hope you enjoy seeing her experience exactly that right here on FTV :)


Oct 14, 2016

103 mins

399 pics

Though this First Timer is only 18, she has a mature look to her, with a nice, womanly figure. For big breast lovers, as well as full, firm butt fans, this girl has a lot of offer! We first see her at a busy resort, where she parades around in a cute yellow summer dress and heels, giving us upskirt views and downblouse views, even fingering herself at the elevator lobby! A bit shy and quiet at first, her sexual side comes out when she gets to penetrate herself with fingers, then use the Magic Wand Toy to a strong orgasm! Notice the vaginal contractions... We then get closeups of her clit, and she attempts to gape her vagina. She experiments anally with two fingers, then tries gaping her butt as well! In the comfy bedroom, she's wearing a cute white bra & panties, and we get to enjoy her sexy form, starting with her firm, curvaceous butt (silky smooth by the way!) and shakes it, then poses in several of her favorite sexual positions, then starts fingering herself hard, and deep. She ends up with four fingers, then attempts to gape deeper by using both hands with four fingers each! She then attempts to fist, but her hand is too big (and her vagina too petite). She loves that Magic Wand Toy, and ends up masturbating to it again, for another strong orgasm, then takes her panties, and stuffs it deep inside her until they go missing! In doggy, she slowly pulls them out, then sniffs them (they're wet now). We then get to enjoy her full, firm D cup breasts, as she massages them hard, then pulls on her pierced nipple, twisting and stretching it. At a busy restaurant, she teases some more breast flashing, as well as under the table upskirt. Later in the day, she puts on a skimpy tennis outfit, and goes to play tennis on this hot, humid day. We get to enjoy that butt as she runs around, and as her top comes off, those big breasts bounce all over as she swings the racket. Then she gets kinky, taking that big thick handle, and presses it deep into her vagina. It truly does push her limits! Wearing another short skirt and braless top, she parades around a water fountain, giving us more upskirt and downblouse shots, then fingering both holes, and masturbating on a bench... that is until security forces her to leave. She continues to masturbate in the car, then back at home with another vibrator to a strong orgasm and strong vaginal contractions; her strongest orgasm of the day! Then she is introduced to a toy we've never used before -- a g-spot vibrating ball that is controlled remotely via cell phone. What it does to her, is beyond words... she was squiring with pleasure all over, and it was something so erotic to watch!!! As the day comes to an end, we see her posing in an elegant dress, only to go home and play some more... with the Big Ten Toy! And she does something we haven't seen before, deepthroating that big thing almost to the base!! That's some real talent. For her vagina however, its the biggest thing she's ever had, and it pushes her extreme limits. The pressure makes her want to pee... Enjoy this Total First Timer teen, and enjoy how she has some of the most pleasureable moments of her life :)

Eva and Violet II

Oct 9, 2016

58 mins

166 pics

These two beautiful, fun loving friends (now lovers!) continue their adventure in public places, expressing their affection for each other in romantic locations. We see them walking barefoot in the grass lakeside, wearing cute white summer dresses, making out, doing cartwheels (no panties of course) and sucking on each other's breasts. Then they help each other out on putting on their pretty white matching heels, looking like they just came out of a wedding! More making out and breast play, then a full stripdown out on location while landscapers watch... They go to another romantic setting, with fountains and beautiful arches, and its all about anal play this time! They both decide that they want to push their anal limits beyond what they've done before. Eva gets fingered by Violet in the butt, then the 14 inch lavender toy slowly gets pushed inside... until it goes nearly completely inside her, over 13 inches in her butt! Violet cannot believe her eyes. A new deep record for sure; and then we get to see the entire length pulled out up close. Then Violet goes for the big toy, a large glass toy with the thickness of the Big Ten. She pushes it in deeper than she thought she would, and it locks into her butt, so she can pose in doggy with it... it really stretches her butt out! Then they are interviewed, holding hands, talking about how they met, and how their friendship grew over time. Wearing sexy new outfits with short skirts and sexy heels, the girls chill at an office area, drinking water and making out some more. Then they decide to play on the couch, with Violet going down on Eva's clit, and making Eva gape with four fingers. Then she pours water into Eva's vagina, and she squirts it out! They have fun doing that, and Violet puts her finger inside the vagina full of water and plays with it, as well as going down on her some more. When its Violet's turn, she gapes even wider, and Eva pours water into her with her mouth, then watches Violet squirt. She even drinks from her loaded vagina! And so ends this fun, kinky adventure of two friends -- now more like lovers -- who discover each other's intimate side and are closer because of it. Real life friends in a girl girl is always a better shoot for FTV :)

Eva and Violet

Oct 7, 2016

114 mins

248 pics

Two popular teens on FTV, who also are real life best friends in college, get to debut their girl-girl experience... they've fooled around with each other before, but never like this, let alone on camera! We see the pair at a restaurant row, in cute casual wear, short skirts and no panties, making out while touching each other. They fondle their breasts, and draw the attention of people driving by, and they love that attention! We get to enjoy their natural bonding at a park area, where they continue to express their affection for each other by touching, kissing, and sucking on each other's breasts. They end up on a bench, where they begin to explore each others' vaginas, fingering and tasting each other, with their legs spread open. Walking around in the grass, Eva squats down and takes a pee, while making out with her best friend... They then bring out an extra large double ended toy, and start fucking each other with it, then using it together, bottoming out on each side... until they get caught and have to leave. At a restaurant, they have breakfast and tease their pretty breasts... Then over at a bird sanctuary, they stroll around naked, watching the birds, then fingering each other while making out. They look so comfortable out there together, without any clothes on. They end up dancing together in the nude, right out there on the spot, having a good time until its back to sexual things, and Violet starts pounding Eva with a glass toy, then four fingers, helping Eva eventually squirt! Eva is so wet inside, so Violet starts working her hand in, and she briefly gets her whole fist in Eva, though the pressure is too much for her. She then gapes Eva so wide, you can see deep inside, and drools into her vagina, and you can see it flow down deep in her hole. Its Violet's turn to get fisted next, but as she's slowly getting Eva's hand in her, some old people show up asking strange questions... So they go back home, to the comfy bedroom and start wrestling each other, then going down on each other. Its Violet's first time going down on any girl, and she starts to learn how to lick Eva's clit properly, and we watch her tongue against the clit up close. The Magic Wand toy appears, and Eva ends up masturbating to orgasm with it, and the strong vaginal contractions are clearly seen. Eva then goes down on Violet, and has much more experience on how to go down on a girl; and with the warm-up the Magic Wand gets used again, with Violet ending up with a strong squirting orgasm, making the bed wet... Violet's super wet vagina then gets fisted deep! Eva works her hand in really deep, exploring her private place, and Violet then uses the Magic Wand one more time, to a super strong orgasm while the hand is deep inside her! Eva likes fisting her so much she keeps pushing her hand back into Violet! And so ends part one of this erotic girl-girl experience, it gets even kinkier and more risky in part two!


Sep 30, 2016

113 mins

321 pics

A total stunner wherever she goes, she's a tall, Middle-Eastern girl who walks with total confidence with how hot she is. With her first adult scene here for FTV, her flirtatious nature and ease at which she flashes out in the open makes her debut a fun and sexy one! Wearing a form-fitting summer dress and sandals, she visits a lakeside area where she teases her private parts for the camera, and flirts with a guy chilling nearby, then fingers herself. She finds an area near a golf resort to then masturbate, and tease us some more. Her sexy, perfect butt gets so much exposure out there... She then gets fully naked only to be caught by another guy walking past, and then she goes back to finger masturbating at another resort! Finding herself some glass toys, she uses one for her vagina (notice how tight she is) and another for her butt... making the butt toy disappear! Then for more teases and public nudity, she flashes some more at a grocery store (again... amazing butt!) and drives the car naked, and does more nude walking on the street. Then, while watching porn, she masturbates with the Eroscillator to a nice strong orgasm with visible vaginal contractions! Back out at a popular mall, we see her in another sexy outfit (her curves are absolutely perfect) and she gives us panty peeks as much as she can, then takes them off... Later in the day, we see her in a sporty outfit, watching her jog about, tease some golfers, then spread and finger herself some more on a park bench. Of course, then she gets fully naked again, until that is, a housewife sees her and yells... Back home, she dances to music, stripping down from her schoolgirl look (with some sexy hip action), then masturbates again with the Eroscillator Toy to two strong orgasms with strong vaginal contractions! We then get extreme closeups of her swollen clit, then watch her play in the hot tub. She's so hot and sexy, we have to get her back again for more...


Sep 23, 2016

108 mins

376 pics

She's a fresh faced, charismatically cute girl who reminds us of a bit of a young Amanda Bynes and the Olsen Twins, with a tall, athletic form. As a total-first timer who has never done adult, she starts shy at first, but grows in her confidence througout the shoot. We first see her at a popular tourist area, wearing a cute white dress and heels, but no underwear! As she is interviewed, we get upskirt views and see her spread her clit, and show off that full round butt. Getting too much attention from passers-by and shop owners, she heads home to strip down and show off her pretty feet. Then she masturbates with her fingers, rubbing her clit hard until she has a nice natural orgasm with very strong, visible vaginal contractions! She then spreads for us, showing how juicy she is inside after orgasm, tastes herself, pulls on her long labia, and gives us closeups of her swollen clit. She also shows off how she does kegel exercises, making her vagina super tight! She then experiments anally, fingering herself, then using a long chain of anal beads -- getting every one of them inside her! She then slowly pulls them out, for closeup views... After a lunch break, we see her walking a neighborhood street, flashing her breasts, then taking her bottoms off and parading around with her butt and vagina out! We then see her do some very skilled dancing to music, twerking and showing off those toned, sexy long legs. In another gorgeous dress and heels, we see her walk around sexy, flash up her skirt, give us butt shots, then do another sexy dance, this time turning into a striptease! Then its all about her puffy nipples and her breasts, as she pulls and sucks on them. She is then introduced to the Eroscillator Toy, which becomes her new favorite vibrator -- it brings her to such a strong orgasm, making her vagina pulsate like crazy! She's juicy wet inside again, and as she spreads, she shows off her kegel exercises once more. Then its all about dildo play, starting with the long dildo, then the Big Ten Toy, as she pounds herself hard and deep, and really enjoys it! Notice how deep she does go, taking 9 inches of the Big Ten! The 'pressure' makes her need to pee, so we watch her do it outside. Because she's enjoyed the Big Ten and the Eroscillator so much, she uses them both to masturbate again! After an attempt of near-fisting, getting five fingers in, she then does more anal play, taking a 7 inch blue dildo all the way in her butt, for some up close penetration views! For a big finale, she is introduced to the FTV Titan Toy, and she attempts to give it a blowjob, then tries penetrating herself with it! With a lot of work, she manages to get a quarter of it in her, pushing her limits to the absolute extreme. Finishing the day off, she jumps in the pool, swims around and says her goodbyes. A supercute, fun, and naturally pretty girl, she's a welcome addition to FTV!


Sep 16, 2016

132 mins

355 pics

She just turned 18, and has a very sexual, exhibitionistic side to her -- and her first experience is here on FTV! Petite, Italian, and always horny, she is also a very sporty girl, gifted with a very yummy, firm bubble butt. We first meet her at a park, where she teases us between her legs, flashing her breasts, and doing cartwheels and splits out in the open! We get to enjoy that butt, and her spreads as she takes her shorts off... Then she visits a car wash, and takes her shorts off to finger herself and masturbate in the car, while employees watch! She actually seems to get off on it... Then she teases us some more at a gas station, and then takes her clothes off to walk naked on a trail. Back home, she masturbates with her fingers, ending up with a nice, natural orgasm with visible vaginal contractions! Then she spreads for us, giving extreme closeups of her very pretty private parts, exposing her clit and attempting to gape her petite vagina. In more cute casual wear, wearing short shorts that show off her butt and give us peeks between her legs, we see her at a mall and a restaurant, letting us peek once in a while. Then she puts her hair into braids, and does a little dance for us, stripping down naked. She also has very pretty, petite feet, so she takes her sandals off, and gives us a foot fetish video, creaming her feet and sucking on her toes. Then we get to enjoy her butt up close, as she give it a massage too. She's introduced to the Magic Wand for her first time, and wow does it bring her to a strong orgasm quickly! Strong vaginal contractions, as well as getting seriously wet down there. She fingers herself, pushing her limits and forcing four inside her petite vagina, then gaping for us again. Another first, she penetrates her butt with a finger, feeling what its like to have anal for the first time. She's aroused once again, and uses the Magic Wand toy a second time for another orgasm! The next morning, we check her out butt naked sleeping in the bed, and watch her try on different clothes for us. Then she masturbates again, with and up close 'in your face' view of her intense, strong orgasm! Out at another busy park, we see her jogging in a cute sporty outfit, and check out her butt as well as between her legs as she teases us in this public place! Then she takes all of her clothes off, and runs about naked... and does a little pee scene on the steps. She gets so wet so easily, that when she fingers herself in public you can hear the juices! She is then introduced to the Big Ten Toy, which is by far the biggest thing she's ever had, and slowly works it in her tiny, tight vagina. It takes some work, but she gets about half of it in, and rides it, then does it in doggy. It truly pushed her limits! We also get to see her ina beautiful, form fitting white dress, with sexy colorful summer wedges, posing and showing off her butt. Going for another challenge, she penetrates herself with a small cucumber, then a second, double penetrating her vagina! Notice how strong her vaginal muscles are, as they wrap tight around the cucumbers, and she can pop them out... As the day comes to an end, she brings out her personal toy, a rabbit -- finishes off with another orgasm, possibly the strongest one of her day! She's a total natural masturbator, who had so many orgasms on this shoot; we hope you enjoy her hypersexual side, and her first time experience in adult :)

Carrie II

Sep 13, 2016

56 mins

257 pics

The super sexy Carrie is seen continuing her FTV adventure on this second day, where she's wearing a beautiful summer dress (which is seethrough down there!) and parading around a lakeside park, giving us upskirt views and sexy butt shots! An angry housewife does not approve, however, and she is forced to leave... So she then visits an office reception area, which happens to have people working in it, but still decides to risk it now only with playing with herself on the couch, but masturbating with a long dildo to orgasm (and giving it a nice blowjob)!!! Luckily, office workers pass by only after she comes, with vaginal contractions visible even with the hard pounding. Sexy views of her riding the dildo, as well as ass views of the toy going as deep as possible. Notice how milky wet she gets too. Her confidence in public nudity only seems to grow with every shoot! Back home, she uses her favorite Magic Wand toy, and ends up with another strong orgasm with visible vaginal contractions. Notice how milky wet she gets, and she fingers herself getting the juices all over her them! In her sexiest outfit yet, she's wearing a long red dress and heels, walking through a glassy office building, doing more upskirt and downblouse teases. In no time she's naked again, fingering herself, massaging her breasts, and getting flirty with the camera! Taking her heels off, she gives us some foot fetish play as she massages her feet, and sucks on her toes. Then she pulls out a vibrating dildo, and fucks herself with it right there on the bench outside! She ends up having another orgasm, with visible vaginal contractions. This fit sporty girl needs another sporty scene, this time playing tennis bottomless! We get to enjoy her shapely firm butt, and see her in motion once again. Since she's naked, we see those breasts bounce, and views from down under as she plays ball... After getting all sweaty in the hot sun, she goes home to masturbate with the Magic Wand for one last time, and ends up with another orgasm. She's a sexy, mature and erotic addition to FTV, and a first timer for adult -- exploring her sexuality in ways that let her discover a lot more about her superfit body :)


Sep 9, 2016

80 mins

301 pics

She's a sexy, athletic and sensual model who has never done any adult work before, besides art nudes and glamour -- but her sexual side comes out in a big way, and we get to see it all on FTV! We first see her at a resort area, wearing a miniskirt, seethrough top and sexy strappy heels, giving us upskirt views since she's not wearing any panties! Then she finds a spot right out in the open to finger herself, and notice how wet she is! Stripping down naked on the top floor of the resort with a view, she shows off her pubic hair, and starts trimming it right there! She masturbates some more with her fingers, then gives us extreme closeups of her pretty clitoris, then does some more naked walking. Risking getting caught, she parades around in the nude, so we can really enjoy watching this firm, sexy, athletic figure! Notice how perfect her full butt is, and we get a lot of video of that perfect ass. After a lunch break interview, she pees off the edge of a cliff, getting it all over her butt... Back home, she masturbates with the Magic Wand toy, with two camera views of the action -- and ends up having a very strong orgasm with some incredibly strong vaginal contractions! She then does a thorough shaving scene, where she uses clippers, then a razor to trim her pubic hair to a nice, clean landing strip. She then shows off her pretty clitoris, pulls on her small labia, and tries to gape for us. Fingering herself, she talks about how she discovered masturbation at an early age, and when she lost her virginity. She's never done ass play before, and so for the first time in her life, she fingers her butt, experimenting anally. She spreads her butt cheeks wide... Its then time for a sensual nude dance, where we get to enjoy her naked body move to music from two different camera angles, her shapely firm form moving in a very arousing manner. We just can't get enough of that sexy butt of hers! In the hot summer heat, we see her jogging in a sexy sports bra and tight shorts, and get wedgie as well as cameltoe views as she stretches her legs. Then she goes running on a canal area, eventually getting completely naked! In that rather direct, hot summer sun, you see how flawless her figure is, while she runs a sweat, risking full public nudity... even rubbing herself while she's there! To finish herself off, she uses a vintage vibrator, and ends up getting dripping wet with milky juices. Just the beginning, this sexy girl comes back for part2, where she goes all out in erotic fashion, and some hard penetration...


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