Aug 7, 2021

129 mins

503 pics

It's a fun and sensual beginning as we meet lovely blonde Sinclair in a blue dress, moving to the music as she favors us with a sexy dance...eventually getting completely nude and showing that shapely butt! Next she wants to practice her blowjob and tittyfucking technique so we see her with a suction cup dildo, sucking and licking it and then sliding it between her large breasts. Using her fingertips to penetrate her hole and rub her clitoris, we note the wet sounds from within...and then she reaches for a large magic wand toy for strong vibration pleasure and her first climax of the day! Outside in a cute white dress and wedges we see her relaxing against a wall with a flirty smile, revealing those amazing natural 32DDDs and spreading her legs - we note she has no panties on - using her fingers to masturbate to milky squirting orgasm before going back to the house for a peeing session out on the stone walkway. Leaning back against the door we see her spreading her legs, playing with her labia and using the vintage Vibraking toy, stimulating her clit and rubbing herself with her fingers to another milky squirt which we get to see from a couple of angles. Next we head out by some palm trees where we see her in neon green workout gear, and as she bends over to demonstrate some yoga we note how see-through those pants are...and then she pulls them off completely to spread her legs and stretch and play! Grabbing a clear dildo we see her lounging on top of a low wall, fucking herself until she has yet another squirt. A beautiful rocky waterfall is next as Sinclair relaxes in a sexy bikini, massaging and squeezing her breasts before stripping out of her swimsuit and rubbing oil all over her body as the water splashed around her. Using a pink toy, she penetrates herself harder and harder as she sits on the rock, then she lays nude in the shallow water to finger herself in both holes before inserting a buttplug for anal pleasure! Another toy goes in her vagina for double penetration as she plays with her clit, splashing in the shallows all the while until she 'ejects' both toys using her muscles as she climaxes. A peeing scene into the pool is next, then she hops onto a swing to twirl around in her frilly underwear....which she pulls aside to fuck herself with her clear dildo, enjoying the deep penetration and squirting orgasm with the buttplug still inside her ass! Some bonus footage finishes off this fun and very wet update with gorgeous, sexual, charismatic blonde Sinclair here on FTV!


Aug 1, 2021

65 mins

505 pics

She's a supercute teen with a very charismatic personality, beautiful smile and seductive blue eyes... And its her very first time doing anything adult! We first meet her at a popular tourist destination, where she is interviewed in a cute summer dress and wedges... She then proceeds to take her panties off and masturbate at a restaurant right there! Teasing her breasts & nipples, she does some bottomless cartwheels before going home. Believe it or not, she has never really masturbated before, and is introduced to the Magic Wand for the first time. Even more exciting, is how she ends up having the very first orgasm of her life! It becomes an entirely new experience for her, having an actual orgasm, so that she ends up doing it several more times (and notice those strong vaginal contractions). We get extreme closeups of her pretty privates, as she shows off her clit, then spreads and pulls on her long labia. Then she tries the Big Ten Toy, which is the thickest penis she's ever had, notice how tight she is, and how her vagina grips the toy no matter what position! She fucks herself with it, then uses the Magic Wand in combination for another strong orgasm. She then does some anal spreading and light fingering... Later in the day, in a cute yellow miniskirt and wedges, she dances around a park giving us upskirt teases, crawling around in doggy, then fucking herself with a banana! After a heavy pee session, she fucks herself with another dildo (until it stretches her out a little too much and ends up tearing her). Meeting up with a friend for lunch, they have a good time making out and she ends up teasing some more at a park, finishing herself off with one more orgasm with the Magic Wand. Fun, sweet and personable, Olivia is that total teen next door many of us like to fantasize about!


Jul 26, 2021

100 mins

328 pics

It's a lovely sunny day outdoors when we meet stunning Aubree...she's a bubbly, fun, and gorgeous girl with an incredible body and a huge sex drive. She starts slipping out of her dress in the woods giving us our first view of that perfect butt and perky boobies, completely nude and completely comfortable in this natural setting. Grabbing a large white vibrating toy, we see her spreading her legs to penetrate herself, fucking her hole faster and deeper until she brings herself to a nice satisfying and milky orgasm - we note her natural juices inside afterwards. A short fun dance is next as she jumps around to her music with her top pulled up to reveal her breasts, and then we see her sitting on the floor bottomless and exploring that desirable body with her hands sliding up and down. Grabbing a magic wand vibrator, she holds it against her sensitive clitoris enjoying another orgasm which we get to see from a couple of angles. Back outdoors we see her taking a dip in the pool wearing a sexy bikini, chatting about some of her sexual experiences and then giving herself a nice breast and butt massage, then rubbing her privates with the lotion as we come right up close. She masturbates with the magic wand toy some more after taking off her bikini bottoms, enjoying another nice climax in the great outdoors next to the pool! Next she climbs on top of a small motorbike wearing her denim overalls which barely cover her boobs, and we see her using a stick-on dildo to play...and getting totally nude to do it as she licks and deepthroats and sucks the toy! Climbing into the saddle we see her ride it reverse cowgirl style, sliding her hole back onto the toy and bouncing up and down against it for deep penetration pleasure. Changing into a sexy short red dress with black high heels, we see her climbing stairs - without panties - and giving some upskirt peeks! Taking a clear blue vibrating toy she spreads and fucks herself, and again we note her creamy juices flowing with pleasure. After her orgasm we get right up close to those cute pink privates, and she reaches for the vintage Vibraking toy for a powerful orgasmic finale...and it certainly does the trick! Aubree is a stunning and sultry young woman with a magnificent body, which she's more than happy to share here on FTV!

April II

Jul 19, 2021

56 mins

378 pics

April returns for another FTV adventure, looking even sexier than before, bursting with sexual confidence... We watch her at a fancy resort, wearing a short white dress and heels, getting more upskirt and downblouse views. Notice how nice her butt looks, and we get full pleasure out of seeing her in doggy, spreading her butt cheeks exposing her enticing privates! Her perky nipples are pulled and played with, even licked; then she pulls out a blue vibrator to masturbate with. She fucks herself while at the resort, sexy legs spread at a dining area. She then goes doggy and shoots out the toy on the table! At home, its all about her butt, and her first time exploring butt play. She spreads and winks her butthole, then fingers herself deep, and tries a glass ball toy, struggling to get the thicker head in. She does an admirable job of first time anal penetration, and goes deep as she can! Then she does a little pee session and gives us some more butt views. Later in the day, she's wearing short shorts, sexy wedges and a skimpy top -- notice how you can get peeks of her privates between her legs, and she eventually goes topless, walking around and rubbing herself at another resort! Taking her shorts off, she has a rather long and sexy pee session, then fingers herself in both holes on a couch! At a lunch break, she teases us some more, while talking about her personal life, then goes to the grocery store to buy some bananas. Back home, she masturbates with the banana going deep and the Magic Wand, to another strong orgasm with visible vaginal contractions! Then its time for her big challenge, the FTV Monster Toy, which she takes halfway down pushing her extreme limits! Notice how she gapes and pushes out her vaginal walls with her strong muscles. After a nice naked walk outside, its time to say goodbye to this very sexy and desirable 21 year old, who is another fun adventure girl perfect for FTV :)


Jul 12, 2021

63 mins

342 pics

Our first look at super cute Mia is in skimpy little bra and panties and tennis shoes as she starts dancing to her music, and we immediately see that incredible sex appeal of hers! She's a fun-loving spinner with auburn hair and tons of sexual energy...which we see as she spreads her legs to give pantystuffing a try. She slides those neon green panties inside her tight hole using her fingertips, it's a first time experience for this girl and she certainly enjoys it as she makes them nearly disappear. Picking up the vintage Vibraking toy, she starts buzzing her clitoris - with the panties still inside - until she brought herself to a huge squirting orgasm! After changing into a blue top and pants she lets her perky pert breasts out and jumps up and down to make them bounce and jiggle, then spreads her legs to rub her vagina and finger herself to more squirting climax. In the backyard we see her in tight skimpy workout gear, stretching out on the yoga mat with her boobs out and then bending over with a vibrating toy inserted doggystyle...the photographer controls the toy using a phone app to drive Mia wild, and as she pleasures herself with the toy she has another squirting orgasm or three, all over the yoga mat. Heading naked to the hanging swing, we see her relaxing in the breeze chatting with the photographer before taking on a large cucumber...she sucks and deepthroats it first, then we see her spreading her legs to penetrate herself with the vegetable for kinky pleasure...enjoying even more squirting as the photographer snapped her shutter! To finish off the day we see her in a tight sexy dress on a stairway, spreading to finger herself before squirting one last time, right onto the photographer and her camera lens! She's a super cute and super fun girl who loves to play and loves to squirt...right here on FTV!


Jul 7, 2021

57 mins

410 pics

She's a fun, charismatic girl who recently turned 21, breaking out in adult doing her first shoot here on FTV... and she's come to love showing off her figure! Half-Persian, she seems very sexual and easily aroused; you'll notice that as she teases us at a popular tourist destination! Wearing a sexy short dress and heels, she parades around giving us great upskirt and butt views, and she likes being panty-free! Finding a seating area at a restaurant, she pulls out her own personal vibrator, and starts masturbating right there! Also notice how succulent and perky her nipples are when they get aroused... At a lunch break, she is interviewed about some of her interests, all while we get peeks up her dress... Back home, she does a striptease dance to music, and we get to enjoy her but some more, as she shakes and twerks it. She then does a pee session before masturbating with her personal vibrator, and eventually with the Magic Wand, which brings her to several strong orgasms and strong vaginal contractions! Extreme closeups of her clit are next, as she talks about her sexuality, and then she tries the Big Ten Toy, which she manages to get 9 inches deep! In combination with the Magic Wand, she has another strong orgasm! We then get nice closeups of her gaping her vagina, along with her 'pushing out' her strong vaginal muscles... As the day comes to an end, she's seen at a park, with a very skimpy outfit that gives us teases between her legs and down her top, and she isn't shy at all!! More April to come, she's a whole lot of fun and very erotic to watch!


Jul 5, 2021

84 mins

166 pics

We meet beautiful 19 year old Percy as she walks up in a tight cute pink dress, and we note those shapely curves...especially her large natural DD breasts! She's an ex-cheerleader and has the body to prove it, as we see when she bends over with her round butt in the air in a doggystyle position. Spreading her legs she begins touching herself with her fingertips, rubbing her pink privates before heading back to the house for more privacy. Putting on some music, we see her dancing to the rhythm and stripping down to show off every bit of that sexy teen body...and wow those breasts look amazing bouncing around as she dances! Some boob worships is up next and we watch her rubbing lotion in, massaging and squeezing her breasts together with both hands - and then moving down to her legs and vagina! Crawling along the top of the couch like a cat we watch a demonstration of her oral technique on a toy, sucking and licking it up and down and then sliding it between her boobs for a little tittyfucking. Relaxing on the couch, she spreads her legs and penetrates herself with the toy, and then moves to a pink vibrator which she holds up against her clitoris until it brings her to her first orgasm of the afternoon. Next she's in lacy white lingerie, talking about some of the things she likes about FTV shoots...and specifically vegetable insertion! She grabs a long cucumber, pulling her boobs out and sliding her lingerie aside to slowly insert it inside her hole...and we note her milky natural juices flowing as she enjoys the deep penetration. Grabbing a powerful magic wand toy (which she was also very excited to try out) she stimulates her clit, pressing the toy against herself and moaning as she rides the sensations. It's almost too powerful for her to handle but turning the toy down to its lowest setting helps with that and it brings her to a nice strong leg-shaking climax...and then more, even stronger ones! She moves to the vintage Vibraking toy next, which is even more powerful...and it soon has her eyes rolling back and her thighs quivering! She finishes things off with a little cavalcade of a few toys...she looks amazing and is enjoying some brand new sensations here today, a true FTV Girl!

Scarlett II

Jun 30, 2021

45 mins

508 pics

This hottie with the infectious smile has had a lot of fun teasing and masturbating for us, without any fears of getting in trouble while doing all this in public... and now she puts on a sexy black nightie and heels to do it all again at a resort! As naughty as she is, she brought with her some butt plugs, so she strips down and starts penetrating her butt right there out in the open! Finding some nice lounge couches at the resort, she proceeds to use the biggest butt plug, and we get to see the insertion and pull-out up close! Twice she gets caught and has to leave... At a pretty park she shows off how the plug is still inside her, then does a dance to music with it in her butt! Trying a vibrating dildo next, she puts it deep anally, then turns on the vibration, adds another vibrator into her vagina, double penetrating herself! Tripling the vibration, she uses a the Vibraking on her clit for a whole lot of stimulation to another strong orgasm! We then see her gap both her butt and vagina at the same time!! Later in the day, wearing short shorts and a skimpy top, she parades around another resort showing off her sexy assets, then finding a spot to fuck herself with a dildo! After another pee scene, she goes home to give us a nice view of her full, round C-cup breasts. It turns into a piercing fetish, as she takes the nipple piercing out, puts it back in, and we enjoy the closeups of her nipples. After licking on them, she gets kinky with a hair straightener, using it to pull on her labia and clit, then fucking herself with it deep! In nothing but a colorful nightie, we see her enjoy the sunset at a lakeside park, no panties or anything else... Being fun and dorky while bringing out the Big Glass Ball toy and fucking herself right there! You can hear her wet juices inside as she pushes that thick toy deep inside her. Enjoy this fun breath of fresh air, a cutie that had a whole lot of fun on this shoot... and it shows!


Jun 26, 2021

84 mins

200 pics

Beautiful blonde Hayley introduces herself with a song, dancing around in her skimpy thong bikini to the music and showing that tight sexy little form! After dancing we see her spreading her legs on the outdoor chair, touching herself through her panties and then pulling them off for some finger penetration...and then a magic wand vibrator brings her to a quiet orgasm, her first of the day. We see her outdoors under a bridge, doing a little flashing and teasing before heading back to the FTV house to change into a sheer pink lacy bra and panties set. She had brought a colorful tentacle toy along to the shoot and we see her spreading out on the veranda, and it's her first time trying it out! She starts out licking and sucking the tip of the tentacle, then fingers herself to 'warm up' a little - and we can hear the wet sounds from inside. Climbing on top we see her riding the large toy, then fucking herself with it as she uses the powerful vintage Vibraking toy...but she's barely able to hang on with those powerful sensations! Inside the house we see her sexy red lingerie which gradually hits the floor, then she grabs a blue vibrating toy which she licks and sucks on to show her blowjob skills. The toy lights up and we watch as she slides it slowly inside her hole, using a green vibrating toy on her clitoris at the same time for pure pleasure. To finish off the day of shooting we see her back outdoors in the patio chair, using a large magic wand toy for one last masturbation session to orgasm before bidding us farewell. She's a fun-sized ball of sexual energy and is having a blast today here on FTV!


Jun 21, 2021

79 mins

503 pics

She's a very energetic, leggy and sexy blonde who loves to show herself off, and has no inhibitions whatsoever! From the start, she loves showing herself off, even in pubic, wearing a sexy pink dress and heels. Parading around a resort area and teasing her erotic assets, she shows off her cameltoe, takes her panties off, and spreads to show off that pretty prominent clit! Bringing her own rabbit vibrator, she starts masturbating right there! Once she strips down, we see her sexy figure in full, then follow her home to watch her masturbate with the Magic Wand vibrator. She ends up with several orgasms, enjoying every minute, then talking about her sex life (and the surprise fact that she was a rather late bloomer, losing her virginity at 19!). We get closeups of her clit, see her stretch her labia, finger herself deep, then use the Big Blue Vibrator as deep as it can go. In combination with the Magic Wand, she has another strong orgasm with all that vibrating everywhere! Later in the day, we see her at a popular tourist area, wearing a cute red outfit, teasing us upskirt and downblouse, and then fucking herself with a long eggplant right there! After a little pee scene on location, she tries the Vibraking, then continues with multi-toy stimulation for another orgasm... Going big, she takes on a much larger eggplant and fucks herself deep with it! Notice how stretched out she gets as she gapes for us. We also get a bunch of behind-the scenes videos of her teasing and being the spunky and fun girl that she is... More to come of this arousing, and tattoo-free hottie on the next update!


Jun 16, 2021

111 mins

350 pics

This girl Kinsley is visiting from the Midwest and she's loving the nice warm weather...we're introduced to this beautiful hottie-next-door teen sitting outdoors in a cute flowery dress, showing off most of her piercings - including her perky pert breasts - and then spreading her legs to show she's got no panties on! Heading indoors we see those breasts in their full glory as she undresses, giving her boobs a nice massage which we see from a close up perspective. Next she spreads her legs, using her fingertips to rub her privates and then fingering her hole...and then she reaches for a large magic wand vibrator, enjoying the sensations on her clit as she fingers herself! Next she favors us with a dance in the nude to some of her favorite music, and wow that body looks incredible as she moves to the rhythm! After the dance she's in the mood for a little anal pleasure, using a beaded toy to penetrate herself and then slowly pulls the toy out...still in the mood for penetration, she next takes a large red suction cup dildo and sucks it as she rubs her pussy, then basically does the splits on the back of the couch to fuck herself - and we get to watch it from close up. Still sliding the toy in and out of her hole, she uses the powerful Vibraking toy to buzz her clit and it brings her to a nice strong orgasm! Heading out into the backyard in a frilly white dress, we see her undressing and changing into a little bikini before she lays down by the pool with a long glass dildo. She's pleasuring herself with her fingertips as she sucks on the toy, then fucks herself to a nice squirting orgasm! She loves the combination of the Vibraking with the penetration toy and has some more fun on the towel, squirting yet again before saying goodbye. She's a very cute teen with that desirable form and she's sharing tons of sexual energy with us here on FTV today!


Jun 13, 2021

37 mins

260 pics

This rather quiet and shy newcomer literally lost her virginity just a month before; she is very new to any sexual experience. She has a nice pair of breasts and well-rounded butt for her tall, willowy figure; and she is tattoo-free. We first meet her at a hippie college town area, where we get upskirt views as she takes her panties off; then watch her get undressed at home to masturbate with the Magic Wand vibrator. She has her orgasm, then spreads for us to show off her very inexperienced private parts. Tight as she is, she can only get one finger inside her, and how tight the glass toy sticks inside her demonstrates that truth. She then does the same anally, and you can see her vagina is just as tight (maybe even tighter) than her butt! Out for a lunch, she walks around topless at a golf course, then does a breast massage. Finishing of this mini-shoot, she masturbates one more time with the Magic Wand.


Jun 8, 2021

78 mins

279 pics

Super cute first-timer Harley introduces herself here on FTV by lifting up the hem of her dress, revealing a tight fit perfect round butt as she leans against the marble railing. She reveals her pert breasts, tugging on her pierced nipples and then talking a little about her sexual history. Next she's sspreading her legs on the stone stairway, pleasuring herself with a multi-ended toy which penetrates and vibrates and has suction all at the same time...but sadly it wasn't fully charged so it started losing power, although we do get a nice close view of the toy in action first. She's given a green vibrator toy next which she holds against her clitoris, bringing herself to the first orgasm of the day! Next we see her wearing a kinky sexy leather and chain bra and harness and admiring her reflection in the wall mirror, kissing herself and then licking and stroking a dildo before spreading her legs and touching her pink privates with her fingertips. Next shes uses that handled toy she had been licking to penetrate herself, fucking her hole deep - and we enjoy a nice close-up view of the play, seeing how milky wet her vagina becomes! Reaching for the strong vintage Vibraking toy she enjoys the powerful sensations, bringing herself to a nice strong leg-shaking climax. Heading outdoors she shows she remembers some of her cheerleading moves, but first she stretches out in the grass and drops her top to show off those perky boobs. Next it's back indoors but in a cute skimpy little pink bikini, dancing to some music and shaking that juicy booty! Taking off the bikini bottoms she gently rubs herself with her fingers, then she bends over to insert a buttplug for anal pleasure. Once the plug is in she grabs a pink toy, sucking it and then penetrating herself...and also including a magic wand toy for powerful vibration, enjoying one last orgasm before heading out. She's a beautiful blonde ex-cheerleader with tons of sexual energy and a great body, and she's showing it all here on FTV!

Paola II

Jun 4, 2021

32 mins

278 pics

Our supercute Brazillian teen continues her shoot, this time looking like a fashion model... Wearing a sexy red dress and heels, she visits a popular tourist area, and models for us as people watch, then gives us upskirt teasers as her panties come off! We get peeks of her privates, sexy legs and even her firm round breasts as the modeling gets naughty. Finding a park bench, she uses a vibrator to masturbate, and notice how milky wet she gets! Her juices flow down her thighs, as she penetrates herself with the toy, and gives us some sexy doggy poses with the toy inside her. Back home, she masturbates some more with it to orgasm, then gives us butt lovers great views of her ass. Spreading her butt cheeks and slapping her firm butt, she gives us closeups views of her butthole, and demonstrates how she can 'wink' her butt. She's never penetrated herself anally, and she fingers her butt for the first time! We also enjoy more labia stretching views up close. Showing off her figure in a cute bra and panties, she models for us before riding a long cucumber, seeing how deep she can go! Also notice how tight her vagina is, as she holds that heavy cucumber with her vaginal muscles, and shoots it out! More modeling of sexy bra and panties leads to a hard breast and butt massage, as we get to enjoy her assets, and closeups of her nipples as she pulls and licks them. She then ends up needing to pee... A little more kinky play to end the day, as she takes seven makeup pencils and pushes them deep inside her and uses them to stretch and gape her pussy! Enjoy this cute, tattoo-free and innocent teen, who makes for another amazing adventure update for FTV :)


May 31, 2021

37 mins

234 pics

Just turned 18 two months ago and still in her last year of high school, she's a cute and petite Brazillian girl who is born an raised in the US; and she's got a very firm and sexy figure underneath! Never shot any adult before, and trying her first experience on FTV, she's a bit quiet and shy at first, but wait till she has her first orgasm! We meet her at a fancy resort, where she's wearing cute casual clothes... but no panties! We get upskirt teasers as she is interviewed, and also get to enjoy that nice, firm and full butt! Once the clothes all come off, you see how sexy her body is, and a perfect round pair of full B-cup breasts. Back home, she does a dance to some Brazillian music, shaking that perfect figure for us to enjoy. Using the Magic Wand Toy, she masturbates to a very strong orgasm, and notice how wet she gets! We get to see her spread and show off her clit as she talks about when she first discovered masturbating and orgasms, then enjoy her playing with her long labia. Notice how long she can stretch them! Long labia lovers enjoy. She then tries out the Big Ten Toy, the biggest thing she's ever had (she's only been with 3 guys in her life) and she takes it surprisingly deep, 8 inches! She feels it in her tummy, but really gets to enjoy fucking it when she combines the Big Ten with the Magic Wand -- and has another very strong orgasm! Pushing her limits, she tries something even bigger, a very thick zucchini, and she takes it super deep too! Notice how it fills her up completely, and how much it streches her out. She does some four finger gaping for us... Her pretty feet get some exposure too for you foot fetish guys. Later in the day, she goes out to a lakeside park, wearing short shorts and a seethrough top, running around topless and exposing her pretty assets. She also stretches out her long labia right over her shorts! More to come of this total first timer, as she continues to explore her sexy figure.


May 26, 2021

91 mins

217 pics

Meet Dakota, a lovely and quite talented and sensitive teen...we first meet her in a tight little pink top and short white denim shorts as she dances to her music, and she definitely knows how to work that slender body! Afterwards we see her legs splayed open as she relaxes on a wicker chair, showing her pretty pink privates as she talks about some of her background, then sliding her hands down over her body to caress and then penetrate herself with fingertips. A vibrator pressed against her clitoris brings her pretty quickly to her first orgasm of the day. Next we see her outdoors in a cute blue dress, which she lifts up to show off her sexy lacy white panties...and then she find a nice yellow vibrating toy to practice her blowjob skills on and then fuck herself with - and we note how milky her hole becomes from playing! When the batteries die she jumps right over to a pink toy and continues the play, rubbing it against her clitoris and getting quite wet. Changing into a black tutu, we see her showing some of her ballet skills with graceful movements...and then sitting at the piano bench we see her playing a beautiful, sad, and soulful song of her own creation. After her performance she slides onto the couch wearing only sheer blue thong panties, rubbing her crotch against the back of the furniture and working her way over to a dildo which she licks and simulates oral on. That toy heads to her vagina next and she penetrates herself, using the dildo along with the powerful Vibraking toy which gets her to leg-shaking pleasure! The day draws to an end and we see Dakota out on the rooftop in her cute red dress watching the sunset, then bids us farewell. A beautiful, sensual, and talented girl just entering womanhood, Dakota will hit all the right chords for you here on FTV!

Sophia II

May 22, 2021

56 mins

340 pics

Our favorite super-fit and extreme girl continues her first time FTV adventure with an early morning breakfast... Yes she's making the breakfast for you, in the nude! Enjoying her sexy nude figure as she prepares the meal, she talks about her diet and fitness... Then demonstrates for us as she does her early morning workout! Stretching in all sorts of contortive and sexy positions in the nude, we get great views of her privates and amazing butt. Using dumbells, notice that amazing muscletone!!! She then masturbates with the Magic Wand, and then the Vibraking Toy, to another strong orgasm with visible vaginal contractions. We get more closeups of her very pretty clit, and her playing with her long labia, stretching and pulling them. She talks about how she first masturbated by griding on pillows, and she demonstrates for us, coming to orgasm quickly! Her open nature about her sexuality makes her quite genuine on camera, and we have an intimate conversation with her at a restaurant. Putting on sexy heels and parading around a tourist area in a short skirt, she introduces us to some golf balls, then gets naked and pushes all three of them inside her vagina! Pushing them out using her strong vaginal muscles, then then starts hard fisting herself, pounding away fast & deep, until she gets caught by security... Fortunately they did not give her trouble. Sophia is definitely one of our new favorite extreme girls, and is a must-have to for more extreme in the future :)


May 16, 2021

142 mins

322 pics

Super fit dark haired cutie Ryder starts out in the great outdoors, stretching her legs out against a tree while wearing cute knee high socks and jogging around a bit in the fallen leaves. Back at the house we see her trying out a VR headset with a video game, and she's doing so topless...however it nearly makes her motion sick, so that doesn't last too long! She keeps the headset on as she grabs a white vibrating toy, spreading her legs on the couch and fucking herself to orgasm. Unfortunately the photographer didn't buy the 'sincerity' of that orgasm so she handed Ryder another toy, this time the vintage Vibraking vibrator...which brings her to a strong climax, just on the verge of squirting! She's still quite distracted by the cameras so she has the VR helmet put on as a sort of 'sensory deprivation' technique, but she's still not QUITE there in terms of squirting. Taking a break from the toys we see her outdoors in the nude by the pool, rubbing against a post and dancing to her sultry music! Afterwards we see her stretching out on an outdoor couch, sliding her fingertips inside one by one until she's fisting her tight hole! Sitting on the piano bench in her sexy red lingerie, we see her showing her singing talents as well as her beauty, then heading to the couch with a vibrating toy for oral and fingering, and then more penetration play...enjoying another orgasm. The second part of shooting begins outdoors by the duck pond as we see her in a short dress, tossing bread to the birds and fish and giving us an upskirt peek...with no panties on! Back at the house we see a quick peeing scene and then watch her strip down and crawl to a suction cup dildo on the floor, sucking it and then climbing on top to ride the toy. Fuzzy pink and white lingerie is next, and wow that slender form looks incredible in her thigh high stockings and strappy heels! We see her sensually stripping down, pulling off her stockings and then stuffing them inside for kinky playtime before tugging them slowly back out again. She inserts an anal plug with a fluffy rabbit-tail attached, and it looks super cute in her fit butt as she gets in doggystyle position! Keeping the toy in, she uses a green vibrator to stimulate her sensitive clitoris, masturbating to another climax before heading back outside on a stairway. She's a beautiful and fun-loving girl with talent and looks, perfect for FTV!


May 10, 2021

78 mins

385 pics

Possibly one of the most fit women we have ever had on FTV, she's all-natural and super flexible, and incredibly sexual too! She has a very down-to-earth personality, and great enthusiasm to do her very first adult shoot, and is willing to try anything that pushes her limits! We first see her at a busy park, where she does some running and stretching, look how flexible she is -- doing splits right in the middle of the walkway garnering attention! Then all her clothes come off, and she's doing it in the full nude!! Masturbating with a vibrator, she warms herself up for the Vibraking Toy at home, and ends up having a very strong orgasm and visible vaginal contractions! We get closeups of her long labia as she stretches and plays with them, then shows off her prominent clit. Notice how she can move her clit about, and we get extreme closeups of it! She then tries the Big Ten Toy, and takes 9.5 inches of it deep! Incredible!! She pounds herself hard with it, then with the Vibraking she ends up having a squirting orgasm that shocks her with such surprise! Later in the day, she walks around a resort area in a sexy dress and heels, once again showing off how flexible she is, without any underwear! Great views of her amazing legs and butt. She teases us at a restaurant, then pees all over the stairs! She wants to push her anal limits, starting with fingers (then as many as four!) followed by the Big Glass Ball Toy, and notice how wide it stretches her butt out! She then gapes her butt... Introduced to the FTV Monster toy, she gives it a deep blowjob, then manages to fuck herself with it hard and deep, taking nearly 10 inches of it all inside her!!!! She then gets man-fisted, pounded deep and hard and with the help of the Vibraking Toy, she ends up having a monster squirting orgasm!!! She then mega-gapes her stretched out vagina with both hands, so you can see deep inside! A totally sexy and extreme girl, you will see a lot more of her soon!


May 7, 2021

41 mins

155 pics

This slender blonde named Jamie is quite new to the adult industry and we meet her in a pair of blue panties and a sheer bra in the living room, dancing around to some of her favorite music and stripping off her underwear until she's completely nude...and wow, her body is tight and perky, just right for the camera! After the dance she tries out the VR goggles, playing a game topless and marveling at the experience. Next is some breast worship and she takes her time playing with those firm and quite perky breasts, which she considers possibly her best feature...and they certainly look incredible as she squeezes them together and rubs her nipples! Spreading her legs, we note how wet her pink privates are already as she licks her fingers and touches herself in the middle of the room, stimulating her clitoris and then penetrating herself with her fingertips as well. The photographer hands her a pink vibrating toy and walks away to leave Jamie by herself, and she takes the opportunity to enjoy a nice masturbation session for her first moaning orgasm of the day. Heading outdoors in a white skirt and pink top we see her lounging on a hammock, enjoying the cool breeze and swinging back and forth to show that she has no panties on underneath! Back indoors we're given a great view of that very cute butt as she bends over and spreads her cheeks, reaching back to rub herself as she does it...and then she reaches for the pink suction cup dildo, sucking it up and down to show her blowjob technique. After deepthroating the toy she climbs on top and rides it, taking it deep inside her hole on top of the kitchen counter! She also uses a magic wand vibrator on her clit as she rides on top, bucking her hips as she enjoys the vibrations and penetration at the same time. It's quite a short day of shooting with this fresh-faced newcomer but hopefully we see Jamie back again!


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