Raye II

Feb 27, 2022

37 mins

392 pics

Our very gorgeous Raye has a lot more to show off and gets quite kinky on this part two of the shoot! We first see her at a lakeside park in a very cute blue summer dress, teasing us and eventually taking everything off to massage those big breasts and pose doggy style. We then take a tour of a mall and enjoy watching this gorgeous, leggy girl check out the stores while showing off her sexy assets. Back home, she's introduced to a long, thick eggplant, which she fucks surprisingly deep, in all sorts of sexy positions! She then gapes for us, showing her wet and tight private place. She's all about lingerie, so we then get a lingerie modeling show with her trying on several different pieces, then posing in the nude and spreading her butt cheeks. Going for anal play, she tries a set of anal beads, then a glass toy, as she masturbates with her blue vibrator... and ends up with another strong orgasm with visible vaginal contractions, while the glass toy is in her butt! We get one last modeling session, as she looks more gorgeous than ever, parading around a resort area and teasing us her cleavage and taking her panties off for more sexy views! Even some batchelor party guys can't resist but stick around and watch! Enjoy this beautiful woman, she's a source of many men's fantasies, and we're happy to have her first time experience, here on FTV.


Feb 23, 2022

39 mins

329 pics

Raye is a super sexy, gorgeous woman who has never done adult before, and she's going all out here for the first time on FTV! She is a commercial and bikini model, with that tattoo-free slender and busty figure ready to be shown off more explicitly now. We first see her at a popular tourist destination, wearing a sexy flower dress and heels, giving us upskirt and downblouse views. Soon enough, she's taking her panties off, and giving us views of her very pretty private place! Back home, she does a sexy dance to music, stripping down and showing off her breasts and butt, then moving to masturbate with a vibrator. She ends up with a strong orgasm and visible vaginal contractions... and notice how wet she gets! She fingers herself, bringing out her wetness, then tastes it. Giving us extreme closeups of her very pretty clit, she talks about her first masturbation and sex experiences. Then she's introduced to the Big Ten Toy, which she fucks herself with about 7 inches deep in various positions. After a pee session, she goes out for a little teaser on location and some coffee... more to come of this very sexy woman on part 2!


Feb 16, 2022

77 mins

647 pics

Just turned 18, she has always wanted to try adult, and her FTV shoot was a way to get her feet wet with some experience (and pretty photos & video!). She has these big beautiful blue eyes, very tasty butt and no tattoos, exuding an innocence even though she isn't shy about her sexuality. We first meet her at a resort, where she introduces herself and teases her panty-free privates, doing acrobatics in the grass & showing off her perfect butt! Back home, she masturbates with several dildos and vibrators, preferring the Big Ten to pound herself to orgasm! She then experiments anally, using a glass toy to penetrate herself, as we get closeups of it all. She has very pretty privates! She pushes her limits both ways, stretching herself and taking on big toys. Then she gapes both holes! Back outdoors, she visits a gym to tease her butt and ends up peeing in the grass... Later in the day, she's modeling a dress on location, giving us some upskirt views, showing off that pretty, firm butt and then going back home to use the Monster Glass Toy! The big toy stretches her out, and notice the extra large gaping! She then ends up full fisting herself! We go back to enjoying her assets, as she gives her breasts a hard massage (and she even lactates a little!) to some foot fetish play. As the day comes to an end, she models for us in a pink dress and heels, does some nude walking on a street, then masturbates with the Big Ten again and finishes with a fisting finale. Enjoy this brand new teen, she has an innocent look but will surprise you with what she can do!


Feb 9, 2022

57 mins

363 pics

She's an exotic brunette with big DD naturals, and she is discovering her sexuality through her first time shoot, wanting to start her career in porn! We first meet her at a park, as she's wearing a cute dress revealing those huge naturals, and teases us with the fact that she isn't wearing any panties! She also has a big butt, which she flashes, then fingers and tastes herself... Back home, she gives her breast a nice hard massage, and creams that big butt as well. Once she's ready to masturbate, she uses the magic wand toy to bring herself to a nice natural orgasm with visible vaginal contractions, then experiments with the Big Ten Toy. She rides it hard and deep, filling herself up as much as she can take. Then she uses the wand and big ten in combination for another strong orgasm! Later in the day, she wears a very revealing yellow dress, having her breasts fall out, and her flashing others and teasing us with some fun on location. Love those big naturals bouncing everywhere! She then uses a vibrator and has another orgasm... Getting all sexy with a revealing sweater dress, she flashes some more at a park, then a department store, and then does a pee scene... Back home she ends up masturbating to orgasm again, then using a long cucumber to fuck herself and see how deep she can go. (Then she eats the cucumber). Enjoy this new girl starting out in adult, she's definitely an exotic hottie :)


Feb 2, 2022

78 mins

414 pics

Since she was younger, Lilli has enjoyed masturbating and experimenting sexually with herself, and has been in touch with her sexuality from the start... And you'll see how she expresses it, for the first time on camera! We first meet her on a cold day before Christmas, as she flashes those nipples and shows off her body with some rather seductive posing on location. Back home she strip teases to music, showing off her flexibility and butt, then does a little peeing. But this girl is naturally wet all the time, and all about orgasms and squirting, and we see her use the Magic Wand first to a strong orgasm and visible vaginal contractions, getting drippy wet... After getting closeups of her clit, she masturbates again, using a g-spot toy and ends up squirting multiple times! Then she goes for the Big Red Vibrating dildo, and fucks herself deep, stretching herself out, then gaping her vagina wide! But as she tightens her vaginal muscles when she gapes, she ends up squirting again, several times, even into her own mouth!!! Her face wet with juices, she then starts deep fingering, and eventually full, deep fisting herself!! Never had her hand inside her before, she surprises herself with how deep her hand goes in, and how pleasurable it can be... Later in the day, she's visiting a resort in a seethrough white dress and heels, without any undergarments so you can see everything! Posing and teasing her sexy figure, she then takes a very large and thick eggplant, fucks herself hard with it until she pours squirt everywhere! Then she uses a vibrator and her g-spot toy to squirt a lot more on her orgasm! Double penetrating her vagina with the two toys, she stretches herself out... thens starts fisting herself on a bench right there!! Back home, she fingers herself anally, warming herself up for some big glass toy penetration! Watch as her tight butthole stretches out, and lets her gape wide... She then fucks herself anally and squirts again!! Then going for more extreme, she penetrates herself with the FTV Monster Toy, going as deep as her vagina allows, filling herself up to the max! To finish herself off, she fist fucks herself hard, fast and deep, basically punch fisting... and ends up squirting some more!!! Enjoy this amazingly kinky wet girl, who very truly is in tune with her sexuality!


Jan 27, 2022

52 mins

370 pics

This sexy, full-figured exhibitionist loves to tease her body, and isn't very shy about doing it! She has that full, desirably juicy butt, and its her first time shooting for an adult site. We first see her in a cute pink summer dress, short without any panties hanging around a tourist area. Finding fun at a cafe, we get peeks up her skirt and down her blouse... she's definitely not shy! Introducing herself, she talks about how she enjoys flashing and we get some great views of her butt along with fun upskirts before she goes home to strip naked and masturbate. The Magic Wand is her favorite, and she has a nice strong orgasm with visible orgasmic contractions. Notice how wet she is when she fingers herself! She then puts on some sexy lingerie, and models for us, before fucking herself hard with the Big Blue Toy, going deep! Later in the day, in some tight workout clothes, she visits a park and does some sexy acrobatics, all while her breasts are out and that juicy butt is in full view! Back home she does a sexy striptease dance to music, moving gracefully and twerking her butt. She ends up doing a pee session poolside and stepping in it... Then masturbates again to another very strong orgasm. Wet inside, she fingers herself and tastes it, then shows off per pretty clit and long labia in a nice closeup video session. Then its time for the Big Ten Toy which she rides real deep, taking it 9 inches easily! Its hot to watch that sexy ride, her grinding on it and us enjoying that sexy rear view. This very desirable and sensual woman is another sexy addition, and you'll only see her here on FTV!


Jan 21, 2022

64 mins

204 pics

This girl Taylor is a super cute teen just beginning to blossom into adulthood, and she introduces herself here with a reflection in the mirror as she admires herself in a cute little tank top. She pulls up her top to show her shapely breasts, kissing her reflection and then grabbing a glass toy to warm up with. She shows off her blowjob technique as she licks the toy up and down, sucking on the end and then spreading her legs to touch herself with her fingers and penetrate herself with the dildo...masturbating to orgasm! We next see her outdoors swinging in the hammock in skimpy shorts, chatting about one of the craziest sexual experiences she's had. The shorts come off and she spreads her thighs to touch her privates with her fingertips while massaging her boobs, and wow that body looks amazing. After her fingers she uses a magic wand toy, holding it against her clitoris and masturbating until she enjoys a nice squirting climax. We next see her relaxing on the couch in an 'I Love Daddy' onesie that someone bought for her, and she loves some kinky roleplay with a long handled dildo...she sucks it deep and wet, and then fucks herself with the tyo after. Desiring strong vibration play she reaches for the vintage Vibraking toy, which buzzes her clit mercilessly until she has another strong orgasm with squirting. Afterwards she heads out on the patio in a short skirt that doesn't quite cover her juicy butt, and she bends over to give a nice look at everything underneath it while she touches herself with her fingers! Stripping down nude and finding a red suction cup toy, she squats down on top and goes for a ride for another squirting climax to finish off her FTV experience!

Natasha II

Jan 17, 2022

35 mins

245 pics

On day two of her adventure shoot, we see Natasha in a cute 70s style outfit and white boots, with everything really revealing on her! Visiting a gas station, she teases the patrons, with her top being so skimpy her nipples fall out, and that miniskirt pops right up... Visiting a golf course, the panties come off and she's doing some acrobatics, like backbends, cartwheels and karate kicks... and going doggy in the grass for more ass-viewing pleasure. Then dancing to music, we see how talented she is moving her figure... and that perfect butt! After another pee session, she masturbates with the Magic Wand Toy one more time, to another strong orgasm. She then experiments anally, using her fingers to penetrate herself. Notice her strong butt muscles as she moves her butthole about! Then in a hot two-piece black dress and heels, she parades around a resort, teasing us a lot more, then fucking herself with a large eggplant!! More dancing continues, showing off her sexy assets and another pee scene all while we enjoy the movement of her amazing butt. To end the day, she has a teaser dinner with Scarlett, and we get to know a little more about this exotic beauty. Enjoy this hottie, she's definitely a fun, sexy update for FTV :)


Jan 13, 2022

57 mins

248 pics

She's a gorgeous and super sexy half Vietnamese/Irish woman with a rather strong and matured sexuality, and she has such a sensual way of showing herself off! We first see her at a sassy mall, wearing a tight white sweater dress and heels, getting panty views and watching those perky nipples show through in the cold! Parading around the area, we notice how perfect her butt is, and enjoy her flashing it for us. Eventually the panties come off, and she's fingering herself right there! After a breakfast & tease, she does a pee session, then goes home to get naked and masturbate. Using the Magic Wand, she ends up with a very strong orgasm and visible vaginal contractions. We get closeups of her privates, and notice how wet she is when she fingers herself! Her prominent clit is shown off, along with her labia. She then rides the Big Ten Toy, tough at first, but then she ends up over 8 inches deep going into her belly button... how sexy it is seeing her ride it on the counter! She eventually fucks herself hard with the Big Ten and the Magic Wand together, to have multiple strong orgasms (and a mini-squirt as well!). We then see her gape her vagina, and see how it stretched her out! More to come of this exotic hottie in part two!


Jan 7, 2022

84 mins

181 pics

Super cute Hailee introduces herself in a pair of cat ears, a pink crop top, and sexy little white panties...and right away we get an idea of her fun-loving nature and sexual energy! After a sensual dance in her panties she bends over and inserts a fluffy tail buttplug, then gets down on her knees to show her blowjob technique with her butt in the air and wow, this girl's body is spectacular. Climbing on top she goes for a ride on the toy, using a vibrating egg to buzz her clitoris and keeping the buttplug in for a triple sensation, bringing herself to a nice orgasm! Out in the back yard she stretches out and we note those long slender legs, and she shows her flexibility as she strips down to just her skimpy thong panties which she pulls aside, rubbing her pretty privates with her fingertips. Next we're treated to some poses by the pool in a bikini, and again we note that flawless tight body before she sits down on a towel to fuck herself with a thick blue toy. The powerful vintage Vibraking toy is next and it helps bring her to a strong orgasm as she lifts her knees up by her ears! Inside on the tile floor she tries out a magic wand vibrator for a little bonus footage before saying goodbye...Hailee is a gorgeous, energetic girl with a fun attitude and she explores all kinds of pleasure today here on FTV!


Dec 31, 2021

74 mins

430 pics

Supercute natural redhead Ginger recently turned 19, and even though this was her first time shoot, she was not shy about showing off her cute little figure on camera! We first see her at a botanical garden, wearing a cute green summer dress, but in this short dress she is missing underwear! As she walks around, we get teases up her skirt, and some of her very bubbly backside. She then exposes her firm breasts, massages them, then fingers herself. Notice how wet she is! She draws attention to herself, so she goes home and does a sexy dance to music... enjoy that butt! Then she masturbates with the Long Blue Dildo, and ends up having a strong orgasm with visible vaginal contractions! Notice how deep she takes it! We then get closeups of her very pretty privates, spreading and showing that prominent clit for us. Then she attempts to gape her tight little vagina... As we enjoy her butt in lingerie, she then fingers her butt, eventually using a glass toy anally for the first time! She's wearing a skimpy seethrough top at lunch, short skirt an no panties, teasing us under the table, then going to the grocery store for more teasers, and even pushing her lipstick into her vagina! Notice how wet she is! She ends up buying a large, long eggplant, and proceeds to fuck herself with it deep, to orgasm! Notice how much her petite body manages to take on! After another sexy dance, she does a long blue dildo in her butt, pushing her limits! Then in a super sexy mini dress and heels, she walks around a resort with a butt plug, plays around with it, fingers herself, then squirts and pees all over herself!!! Finishing herself off with the Big Ten toy, she pushes her limits further, and ends up pee squirting some more... As the day comes to an end, she does some acrobatics at a park, teasing us one last time before having to say goodbye. Supercute, super sexual, and a lot of fun to watch, she's the ideal teen pleasure for FTV :)


Dec 23, 2021

71 mins

449 pics

This cute & petite free-spirited teen is doing her very first adult shoot and she is a total bundle of fun... just watch and see for yourself! We first see her at a resort area wearing a skimpy crop top, teasing her perky nipples and revealing that nice little bubble butt! Spreading and fingering right there, notice how naturally wet she is! Stripping down, she then shows off her pretty, prominent clit, tastes herself then masturbates with a vibrator to orgasm. Notice how strong and visible her vaginal contractions are! She then gets kinky, fucking herself with a hairbrush handle and a perfume bottle, oh my! Back out on sunset in casual clothes, she teases on location once more, fingering and flashing, until she's completely in the nude. On the next day, we see her in a pretty white dress and wedges, flashing away at a tourist area, then spreading and fingering herself at a restaurant!! She loves the rush, and has a lot of fun doing it... Then back home she does a striptease dance and pees in the balcony... Using two vibrators this time, she ends up having another strong orgasm, and notice how her vagina contracts and pushes the vibrator out of her vagina on orgasm! She then tries the Big Ten Toy, fucking herself hard, deep and fast. With the help of a vibrator on her clit, she has one last, and incredibly strong orgasm. She then gapes her vagina really wide, and 'pushes' her vaginal muscles so you can see all the fine details... Enjoy this bundle of fun, recently turned 18 and is all about the pleasures of sex and masturbation. A perfect teen for FTV :)


Dec 17, 2021

90 mins

199 pics

Lovely athletic Lyssa keeps her body fit and trim by exercising and running, and when we're introduced to her on a sunny day that's exactly what she's up to in tight stretchy workout gear. She stretches out her lithe toned legs against a tree in a public park, taking the opportunity to flash her shapely pert boobs (with pierced nipples glinting in the light) as she does so. Touching herself through her workout pants we note her wetness seeping through, and then she slips her hand inside to masturbate a little for naughty daring fun...and slipping her pants down to give us a peek! Back at the house she chats a little about some of her sexual history and about how she enjoys having a buttplug inside her ass all day long...and soon she is inserting one of her plugs and then using a magic wand vibrator on her clit too until she has a nice powerful squirting orgasm! Indoors in the bathroom we see her totally nude in the tub, sliding herself onto a big pink suction cup dildo stuck to the side...and then reaching for the powerful vintage Vibraking toy for maximum vibration! It quickly brings her to another squirting climax and she doesn't stop there, continuing to masturbate with both toys at once and enjoying multiple orgasms. Afterwards she heads to the bedroom and we watch her attempt to fist herself, sliding in two fingers and then four...but she's not able to go farther than her knuckles due to her tightness so she goes for double penetration instead, sliding a long dildo into her ass while keeping her fingers in her vagina! After another dual pleasure masturbation session with the Vibraking - while fucking her ass with the dildo for anal pleasure - during which she has numerous squirting orgasms, she heads to the shower to rinse off and chat about some fun times at a swinger club, and we're invited along for the fun. Lyssa finishes off the day outdoors by the swimming pool in a colorful bikini, trying out a large thick black vibrator...and as she slides it in and out the stimulation brings her to more squirting cimaxes before she says goodbye, a beautiful and extremely sexual woman enjoying a very squirtalicious day right here on FTV!

Octavia II

Dec 13, 2021

41 mins

270 pics

Our busty Irish beauty returns, and to start, why not do a dancing scene on location, in her casual and comfy clothes, and watch her slowly strip down and play with herself? Her amazing full breasts exposed, we get to enjoy her slim figure as she warms herself up. After a lunch break interview, she then puts on a cute colorful orange top and heels, miniskirt for upskirt and downblouse views. Finding a spot to masturbate, she uses her fingers again, rubbing hard and fast to orgasm. Fully naked, she does more dancing to music, getting all sensual for us; then a nice hard breast massage with oil and some foot fetish play too. Out at a resort, this hottie models in a sexy blue dress and pink heels, parading around and doing more teasing, before getting naked and fucking herself with her heel! Then its out to play and tease her big naturals at a park, and enjoy some more extras and outtakes of her shoot. This total sweetheart is a joy to watch, a pleasant beauty gifted with some really nice perfect naturals that we would all like to lose oneself in...


Dec 9, 2021

48 mins

304 pics

This sweet and gorgeous blonde will charm you with her sweet personality, but its her sexy assets underneath that will turn you on! Her slim figure hides those perfect big DD naturals, and we can't wait to see them exposed... We first see her at a popular park, wearing a beautiful white summer dress and heels, parading around and introducing herself. Soon enough, the panties come off, and we see her pretty privates, and long labia... Once we see down her top, wow, she's got some big breasts! We enjoy her taking the big pair out and massaging them, then finding a seating area outside to masturbate and using her fingers, have a nice natural orgasm with visible vaginal contractions. Once back home, she shows off her cute butt, and then masturbates with the Magic Wand toy until she has another strong orgasm! Spreading her privates up close for us, we enjoy her prominent clit, and watch her play with her long, thick labia. After a little pee session outside, she tries the Big Ten Toy, but its too big for her, taking only 1/3 of it in. So then she uses the Blue Vibrator, and has some fun and pleasure as she penetrates herself and ends up having another squirming strong orgasm! Multiple views of her masturbation, especially top view where we can see those wonderful breasts heave about! More to come of this naturally busty beauty in part two...

Everly II

Dec 4, 2021

52 mins

180 pics

The beautiful and always-sexy Everly is back! We're reintroduced to this stunner in her green bra and panties as she relaxes on the couch, spreading her legs and touching herself through the thin sheer fabric with both hands. Pulling her panties aside she reaches for the super-powerful vintage Vibraking toy, holding it up against her clitoris as we come in very close to see her masturbating to a nice orgasm. Changing into a white haltertop and thigh high socks she demonstrates her contortionist-level flexibility, getting her knees up by her ears in piledriver position as she pleasures herself with her fingertips and then uses a bendy blue dildo to penetrate herself anally...and then she bends it around to insert in both holes at once for double penetration! She keeps the toy in her ass and then uses a magic wand vibrator, enjoying an intense climax...and then another as she fucked her vagina with the same toy! Next we see her in cute blue bra and panties sitting in the empty bathtub, stripping nude and then rubbing oil onto her pert and shapely breasts for a nice hard massage before masturbating to another orgasm with her fingers and the Vibraking. For a kinky finale to this sexy shoot we watch as she fucks herself in the ass again with a clear dildo, enjoying the deep penetration and enjoying a purely anal orgasm to end the day. It's a very hot return for this flexible slender beauty and she's exploring the pleasures of anal for us here on FTV!

Melody VI

Nov 28, 2021

68 mins

194 pics

It's been several years now since beautiful Melody visited FTV and she's only gotten hotter since then! We're reintroduced to this stunner as she relaxes in a cute red top and short skirt at the dining room table, revealing her slender sexy long legs...and soon she's putting on music and climbing onto the table to dance sensually for us! After stripping down to just her sheer red panties she talks about what she'd like to do, slipping off the underwear and using her fingertips to spread her pussy lips open. She starts ramping herself up, building her pleasure and desire by using her fingertips for penetration and then reaching for the powerful vintage Vibraking toy...which quickly brings her to nice squirting orgasms! Next she hops into the tub in some strappy underwear, sticking a large pink toy on the side of the tub and playing with it before laying back and sliding herself onto it...and she fucks herself with the toy to another nice climax, as we note her milky juices flowing. Next it's time for some fun costuming with fuzzy ears and a buttplug tail, which along with her silver high heels looks utterly adorably sexy. The tail is in her butt for anal pleasure as she climbs onto the kitchen countertop, sliding multiple fingers inside her vagina until she's fisting herself! Heading outdoors in her little green bikini, we see her squirting oil all over her body to rub into her skin until she's shining and sleek...and wow that butt of hers looks incredible. Out at the swimming pool we see her taking a skinny dip with a long dildo, holding it by the handle and fucking herself with it in the shallow water and having one last orgasm before swimming around and then bidding us goodbye. It's a very fun return for this sexy, sultry, creative beauty - now a freelance writer - and she's always a welcome face here on FTV!

April IV

Nov 24, 2021

29 mins

183 pics

We get an even more intimate view of April in this update, when she wears sexy red lingerie, with sensual white heels... The bottoms are so tight on her, that it wedges on her vagina, and her nipples pop out easily! Enjoying the butt views, she then plays with her breasts and nipples, pulling and licking them. They are some of the perkiest and prettiest nipples we've ever seen! Taking those hot white stilletos off, she sucks on the heel, gets it wet and penetrates herself with it, in a kinky FTV-style! Part of it rubs on her clit, arousing her, leading to the Magic Wand vibrator and another strong orgasm with really visible vaginal contractions! Notice how horny this girl gets. Cooling off at the pool, she gets goosebumps and her perfect nipples stick out so far! Using a water hose, she fucks herself with it, and ends up becoming a water fountain from her vagina! Missionary and doggy style, watch her squirt water out... As the day comes to an end, we see her at a golf course, doing topless cartwheels and fooling around, then giving us views down her shirt and between her legs at a restaurant. Another fun combo update of April, we hope she turns you on, and gives you a raging hard-on with all the kinky things she does with her desirable figure!

April III

Nov 20, 2021

34 mins

252 pics

Our very popular, beautiful and fun-loving half-Persian 21 year old returns after her first time shoot, and she is sexier than ever! She wanted to experience the FTV-style modeling again, expressing those very sensual curves of hers. Wearing a classy short sweater dress and wedges, we see her parading around a fancy mall, showing off those incredible legs and thighs. She isn't wearing any panties, and we get teasers through her dress... notice she has pubic hair this time too! Lots of upskirt and downblouse teases, and she even does a little dance to music. Her curvaceous butt gets exposed, and she gets caught while doing it! Back home, she fingers her wet privates first, then proceeds to use her favorite vibrator, the Magic Wand. Notice that very strong orgasm and vaginal contractions, she does love it! For a little shaving fetish, she trims her pubic hair with a razor, then uses the handle to penetrate herself... After a pee session by the pool, she takes a large summer squash and fucks herself with it, notice how it locks into her tight vagina! She goes into doggy, pushes it out with her strong vaginal muscles, then gives us an enjoyable butt massage video. Those amazing thighs are so desirable... more to come in part two of her shoot!


Nov 14, 2021

80 mins

195 pics

Lovely petite 22 year old blonde Minx is a girlfriend of previous FTV model Everly, and the two of them were in town on a roadtrip...and Minx REALLY wanted to shoot with FTV, it was the perfect timing! We start out seeing the two of them together working on some dance moves, and we immediately note Minx's fun bubbly personality. Minx loses her clothes and Everly helps slide a dildo inside her mouth to show that oral sex technique, and we note Minx's cute perky small boobies and those sexy hips...and then the toy slides inside her hole for some masturbation fun! She also uses a magic wand toy on herself, enjoying the powerful vibrations which bring her to a nice orgasm. Next we see her in the bathroom in her lacy lingerie with pearl accents, gently touching her chest as she chats about some of her naughty sexual past...and then she slips off the lingerie to stuff the pearls inside her pussy, climbing into the bathtub to fuck herself to climax with a vibrating toy! In the kitchen we see her in cute blue thong panties next as she hops on the countertop, asking Everly to lend a hand...spanking and then holding a rainbow toy as Minx lowers herself onto it for deep penetration. She reaches for the Vibraking toy and the strong vibrations are almost too much...but as she grows used to them her excitement mounts, and she enjoys a strong masturbation session as her natural juices flow! Outside in her very cute bikini we see her dancing to the uptempo music, shaking that beautiful butt around and sticking her tongue out as she vibes to the beat...and then Everly joins in on the fun for some sexy dancing as well! Everly slips Minx's top off and starts rubbing oil onto her skin, sliding her hands up and down and wow that body looks amazing all glistening and sleek. Sliding a yellow toy inside, she fucks herself and holds the vibrating tip up against her sensitive clit for yet another nice orgasm to finish off this super fun day of shooting...Minx is a gorgeous fun-sized blonde you'll love as she shares her day with us here on FTV Girls!


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