Nov 21, 2014

93 mins

361 pics

This super gorgeous blonde is truly naturally gifted with her splendid figure -- she's got some very sexy toned legs, perfect flawless butt, and nice round C/D cup naturals! We first see her in a sexy dress & heels, walking through a pretty resort, teasing us with upskirt views and breast play. Soon enough she's getting walking around completely naked, so we can really enjoy her amazing nude figure! Back home she masturbates her way, using her fingers hard into her g-spot for her unique way of masturbation to orgasm. Then she gives us extreme closeups of her very pretty private parts before she tries the Magic Wand toy to masturbate and orgasm again (she's never used one before, and ends up with some strong vaginal responses). We then get a very sexy/sensual stretching scene where she shows off her cheerleader skills... Putting on a cute bra & panties set, she gives herself a hard breast massage, squeezing those perfect D's, then with some nipple play as well. Back outside, she wears a very sexy dress & heels, comes out of a supercar and does some posing with it. Walking around this resort, she strips down on the putting course and ends up naked at a tennis court. The intense heat has her going back home, so she can masturbate again -- doing it her way with the fingers going into her g-spot. She then tries to insert the large glass ball toy, but its too big for her -- so she ends up using a long vibrator as a fun penetration toy. She does the splits on it (erotic!) and then has sex with it on the couch. We then see her dance to some of her favorite music (in the nude of course!) and watch that sexy form move about. Approaching sunset, she puts her hair in pigtails, and puts on a skimpy sporty outfit. Out at a popular hiking trail, she flashes her goods, eventually going naked again, running around the hiking trail fully nude drawing attention of other hikers! She gets horny and g-spot finger masturbates again, until a dust storm starts moving in. What a gorgeous girl, and you're seeing her here in her first adult shoot -- another total first time video girl!


Nov 14, 2014

31 mins

99 pics

Supercute Shea has a two part update, with this first part being her introduction and interview. She's never been nude on camera before, and what you see here is her total First Time Experience. We meet her at a resort, with some intimate questions for her, then encourage her to flash for the first time. Starts with her breasts, then eventually going upskirt and spreading her private parts! No doubt she gets some attention from other guests at the resort and moves on... We visit a more remote part of the resort so that she can get completely naked. Then she fingers herself, and ends up using a makeup brush to penetrate her private parts. Back home, she end up using the Vintage Vibrator, to a rather long orgasm with multiple vaginal contractions that results in some squirting as well! More on part 2...

Shea II

Nov 14, 2014

67 mins

262 pics

Part two of this supercute first timer starts the next day, and we see her in a sexy dress & wedges. She ends up walking through a construction area in her tall heels, and her sexy legs manage to keep her from falling! Soon the panties come off, and she's playing with her breasts & butt. Then she finds a long double-ended dildo, which she uses to penetrate as deep as she can. Ending up totally naked, she decides to walk through neighborhood naked... At a restaurant, she does another interview, while we get upskirt views, then she takes off her panties and flashes her goods right there in the open! Back home, she picks out her favorite songs to dance to, which looks pretty sexy when that dress goes up... She then tries pushing her limits, first by penetrating herself with the Big Glass Ball toy, and pounding herself with it making juicy sounds inside! Then she attempts to use the FTV Monster Toy, and gets a 1/3 of the way in! It is the biggest thing she's ever had, and she even tries going deeper by riding it. She then goes back to masturbating, using the Vibraking Toy, which ends up making her squirt again! We then get extreme closeups of her private parts, and she gapes wide so you can see inside... Going anal, she fingers herself there, then tries an egg shaped toy anally out in the open at a park! Some construction workers take notice and watch her masturbate & double penetrate herself with toys. Enjoy this Total First Timer, and you'll only see her here, on FTV :)


Nov 7, 2014

114 mins

353 pics

She's a tall, beautiful blue eyed blonde, and a total First Timer who has never done any adult work before, let alone nudes on camera! From a small town in Indiana, she's the total girl-next-door with a personality to match. We meet her at a mall, watching her walk though this public place in a very cute but conservative dress. Soon enough, she exposes her full C cup naturals, and her perfect, firm butt! Spreading and playing with herself in this public place, she's caught several times, but gets away with it! In the parking garage, she strips down completely, then starts masturbating... and running around the parking lot naked as cars drive by! After a topless interview in the car, she goes home to masturbate with her fingers, to a nice natural orgasm with visible vaginal contractions. We get extreme closeups of her cute private parts, while she talks about how she lost her virginity. Then with her natural flexibility she puts her legs behind her head, and tries the biggest thing she's ever had -- the large glass ball toy! Pushing it into her vagina takes some work, but notice how it spreads and gapes her, and magnifies the insides of her vagina! Also notice how juicy she is inside! At a lunch break, she is interviewed topless, then teases us some more in public while wearing leggy wedges and short shorts. Back indoors, she goes butt naked, then experiments anally, going deep with two fingers, then one thumb in her vagina at the same time, double-penetrating herself! Spreading her butt cheeks wide, we can't get enough of that perfect butt! Going even more kinky, she then tries stuffing a zucchini deep inside her, having sex with it, and doing herself in various sexual positions. This all arouses her further, to use the Magic Wand toy to another orgasm, with some very strong vaginal contractions. Notice how wet and juicy she gets! Putting on another pretty and seethrough dress, we get seethrough teases of her beautiful figure. She massages her full breasts, then stretches and pulls her sexy nipples. Then she tries to go extreme -- stuffing five fingers and near-fisting herself! Watch her spread and gape as wide as possible after nearly pushing her whole hand in. In pigtails and out on the street, we watch her go jogging, then do it topless and bottomless. She's all about fingering herself, so why not do it on the middle of the road? That is until a car startles her as it passes by her naked figure! At home she tries out the Vibraking Toy, then goes back to the Magic Wand toy, and ends up having another orgasm... and squirting! She's never squirted in her life -- a first time for her. Enjoy this supercute, fun, and natural beauty, it was her first adult shoot, and experienced many firsts, here on FTV :)


Oct 31, 2014

74 mins

461 pics

Our very popular extreme girl Jeri returns, and she's trying to top what she's done last time! We meet her in a sporty theme similar to last time, but this time she's got the feel for Baseball! Going to a department store, she picks out a baseball bat, flashes and fingers herself there, then goes out to a park to penetrate herself with it! She ends up fucking the bat, hard and deep, going surprisingly far! That is, until a security guard sends her home. On the comfortable couch, she plays with her favorite Vibraking Toy, having a strong orgasm and visible vaginal contractions. This leads to her getting wet, and fisting herself hard and deep! Then getting kinky, she takes the very large magic wand toy, and pushes it inside her, going past the big head deep to the switch! Never seen that before... We then see extreme closeups of her swollen clitoris, and her stretching and gaping her vagina with six fingers! Out at a restaurant, she flashes some more, and fingers herself under the table. Then off to an arts complex, we see her in a sexy orange dress and thick platform heels. She models for us, then gives us upskirt views -- taking her heel off, she penetrates that superthick big heel all the way deep inside, having sex with it! What a kinky girl. She gets even more kinky at a resort, risking more public nudity while wearing a cute blue dress and no undies -- then fisting herself again right on the resort furniture! Hard and deep fisting is followed by some kinky stuffing, pushing three limes inside her vagina, filling herself up. Watch her push them out with her strong vaginal muscles... Then in a sexy red dress & wedges, we see her flash & finger some more at a side street, then go home and ride the Glass FTV Toy. She goes as deep as she can, but its almost too big for her! Then for her most kinky and extreme finale, she tries out two long double-ended dildos, pushing both of them in her vagina double-penetrating herself. She ends up pounding herself with them, going as deep as her vagina can handle! Pushing them out, she then takes one of these long double ended toys, pushes it front end first, and manages to take the whole thing inside her, making the entire 14 inches of the toy go missing! Incredible... and watch her then push it out, stretching that vagina so far... Enjoy Jeri's super extreme return, she made a lot of members' requests come true :)


Oct 24, 2014

113 mins

368 pics

This homegrown college girl is trying out her first adult experience, exclusively for FTV. We meet up with this cute and innocent girl at her friends' apartment public pool, and interview her about being comfy with trying out adult, then watch her flash her firm round breasts! A week later, she is inteviewed confiding about some very personal things, then stripping down and masturbating on camera for the first time in her life. She ends up with a strong orgasm, with visible vaginal contractions. Later that week, we are reintroduced to her at her home, and watch her give a tour of her place and play with her dogs. Outside she strips down, rides her stationary bike, then goes to the bathroom to masturbate to another strong orgasm. After a lunch interview, she does some flashing at a grocery store... Putting on a hot red dress and heels, she visits an arts center, giving us upskirt views, then fingering herself both vaginally and anally! Back home, she masturbates with the Magic Wand toy again, and uses her favoite dildo with it. She uses the Vibraking Toy and has another strong orgasm, getting wet enough to stuff four fingers inside her. Then she attempts to ride the FTV Monster toy, but gets just a little in her, then goes deeper with the Big Ten Toy. Her tiny private parts get sore fast, so she takes a break in the shower and we zoom into her clit to watch her cool down... On the next day, we see her in a sporty outfit, running a desert trail, and meeting up with Lia. She strips down, fingers herself, that is -- until a park ranger is notified of her activities. She manages do dance in the nude out at the park before its time to go! Then putting on a dress & heels, she poses in front of the camera, then finds a banana to play with. She penetrates herself as deep as it can go, then has Lia help penetrate her doggy style. She then does another playful dance to music in her red dress, which then gets her hot and horny for another masturbation with her favorite vibrator -- to another strong orgasm! Lia also assists on shooting her, as well as spreading her butt as Janessa fingers herself anally. Enjoy this naturally pretty girl, who is open and candid with everything that she does -- shooting exclusively for FTV.


Oct 17, 2014

104 mins

338 pics

FTV Teen Sophia returns after a year on her first time shoot -- with a few surprises! She is reintroduced to us at the FTV house, as cute as ever, but with larger breasts? In the time she was away she had a baby, and her breasts are full of milk now! She does a nude shoot to warm up, then masturbates with a vibrator, slowly increasing in intensity until she has a nice strong orgasm. A second angle gets the orgasmic contractions, and the happy results of having one of her first orgsams she's experienced this year. She then spreads for us, gaping her vagina wide, and fingering herself. Taking the vibrator, she pushes it inside her, then does the splits on top of it going as deep as she can go -- and with the vibrator turned on! Getting more kinky, she then tries playing with markers, stuffing them one by one, until she has 10 markers stuffed in her vagina! FTV assistant hottie Janessa helps out with the markers, putting them in for her. Then Sophia tries putting markers in anally, pushing two of them in her butt! With Janessa's help, she then puts two more in her vagina, double penetrating herself. We then get to enjoy some lactation fetish, where she squeezes milk from her breasts, lets it drip onto the camera, then onto a glass table where she licks it off. Janessa even tries tasting some, and squeezes milk out of her breasts for her! Then, using a large cucumber, Sophia penetrates herself with it, then rides it as deep as she can go while Janessa helps support it for her, pushing Sophia's limits. Out for a lunch break, Sophia pulls out her breasts, and starts lactating right there at the restaurant! On the next day, we meet her all sophisticated looking with a skirt and sexy sweater, heels and makeup. She looks like a young sexy secretary, and we watch her walk and flash near a flower shop, until she's completely naked flashing cars that drive by! Back home she masturbates with the Magic Wand toy to another strong orgasm. Then pushes her limits by trying to fist herself! She ends up near-fisting, going as deep as she can go, then gaping/stretching so wide you can see her cervix deep inside! Some water is poured into her gaping vagina, and she squirts it out... She also experiments with more anal, fingering herself in the butt. Then taking her shirt off, she starts lactating in the mirror, then licks it off and makes out with herself! We then see her in a hot tight, rather short dress with strappy heels, showing off those long sexy legs, teasing us with upskirt and spreads -- then showing off her pretty feet after her shoes come off. She then tries the biggest thing ever, the Big Blue Monster Toy, bigger than her arm! She manages to get about 1/3 of it inside her, pushing her absolute limits for that tiny figure. Enjoy Sofia's incredible return -- compare it to her first time shoot last year she's come a long way!


Oct 10, 2014

71 mins

335 pics

This very pretty blue-eyed girl has never done anything adult before, let alone in public! She's got a very sexy figure, with such a firm, juicy butt and perky breasts -- learning to show it off! We meet her at a grocery store, checking her cleavage out and of course, that sexy butt that's in a pair of shorts. She picks out some cucumbers, then is interviewed at a busy lunch area. She ends up flashing her breasts, and exposing her private parts, then goes out to the parking lot to run topless, finally taking all her clothes off to streak naked! Back home, she masturbates with her fingers, then with a vibrator to a nice, natural orgasm with visible vaginal contractions. We then get extreme closeups of her private parts, while she talks about how she learned to masturbate at an early age, then fingers herself, going four fingers! Taking the vibrator, she sees how deep it can go, while riding it down hard. Wearing a gorgeous dress & sexy wedges, we watch her walk through a tourist area, noticing how her dress hikes up her butt, and she's not wearing any panties! Upskirt teases lead to her getting completely naked, drawing attention to herself... Then those cucumbers get some action, as she rides the long one as deep as it can go, and pounds herself with the other, thicker one! In a sexy red dress & heels, she dances to some music, watching her shake her hips, and show off her perfect butt with some 'twerking'. No doubt she has the butt us guys love and she knows it! Once fully naked, she gives herself a nice hard breast & butt massage, then a little foot fetish as well. It leads to a little anal play as she fingers herself. Both holes seem so inviting! Have fun watching this total First Timer -- you'll only enjoy her on FTV :)


Oct 3, 2014

85 mins

343 pics

She's a tall, beautiful blue-eyed girl who has never done adult work before, and is experiencing her first time doing everything here on FTV! She also has some of the most perfect D cups you've ever seen, so round and so firm! We meet her at a mall, watching her full cleavage jiggle in the loose top. Soon enough she's flashing them right out in the open! After getting almost fully naked and caught by a few passers-by while dancing to music topless at the mall, she runs over to a more remote area to switch from casual jeans to cute little shorts and a sexier top. Once again the clothes come off quickly, and we watch her run about with her big breasts bouncing everywhere! She then uses a vibrator on a park bench, ends up squirting so much on her orgasms -- we haven't seen such a heavy squirter in years! She wets the entire bench on three visible orgasms... Back home, she does an interview about her sex life, then gives those perfect breasts a nice hard massage. Out poolside, she uses her favorite toy, the Magic Wand to masturbate again and have more squirting orgasms, along with a second camera angle closeup for detailed squirting views. We then get extreme closeups of her private parts, spreading and gaping, which then leads to a dare -- can she put the big head of the wand toy inside her? She works hard at it, and pushes the big ball inside -- and rides it on top to get it in deeper! Out on an open mountain road, we see her in a loose top, shorts and sexy wedges, approaching a supercar. She opens the door, starts it up, shows off the key nestled inside her bra, then comes out and gets completely naked again. The car arouses her, and she starts fingering herself inside... Back home, she puts on a very cute bra & panties, dances to her favorite music (she moves her body so erotically!) eventually doing it all naked. Then finding herself a long cucumber, she shows off how deep she can go (very deep!) having hard sex with it and riding it -- then doing herself doggy style. The veggie theme continues with a big thick summer squash, and she manages to take the whole thing inside her!! She learns to use her vaginal muscles to push it out, then at one point while pushing it out it makes her squirt (hits her g-spot)! In the comfy bedroom, she talks a little bit about her sexy figure, shows off a few yoga poses, pulls on her cute blonde pubic hair, then tugs and pulls on her nipple piercings. Turning herself on with deep fingering, she talks about her threesome experience a year back, then slowly works her fingers in more, ending up fisting herself! She fists herself hard, fast and deep, ending up squirting from all the pressure! Incredible -- as she's never done anything like this before. Then for the ultimate climax, she tries the Vibraking toy -- and it makes her squirt so many times, so hard, she literally wets the entire tile floor! Slipping and sliding in her own juices, she doesn't want to stop! Another amazing, sexual, and idea-figured girl, enjoy this total First Timer, she's another perfect girl for FTV!


Sep 26, 2014

95 mins

318 pics

She's a supercute girl who loves to masturbate in personal life, and its her first adult experience ever. Never modeled in the nude before, let alone masturbate for the camera for all to see! We spot her near a horse ranch in a cute summer dress, watching her tease us with upskirt views and squeezing those firm, round breasts. We fall for those beautiful eyes, and her long, gorgeous hair she likes to put in braids... then going home she tries on a few outfits for us, and begins masturbating. She has fun using her fingers to get off, and she rubs harder and faster until she has a nice, natural orgasm with visible, strong vaginal contractions. We then watch her spread her private parts, showing off her pretty place, and experimenting with deep fingering until she gets four fingers inside her! Getting kinky, she tries anal fingering for the first time, going to two fingers, and showing off that sexy butt of hers. Back out to a park, she finds a long cucumber, and gives it a blowjob, then has sex with it as deep as it can go, then starts riding it! That is, until a person walks by and catches her in the act! After a lunch break interview where she talks about her first time masturbating & having sex, she puts on a seethrough top and miniskirt -- and shows off her favorite talent -- hoop dancing! She is so skillful at it, moving sensually to the music as she moves in tune to the hoop. The bottoms come off, then she gets completely naked so we can enjoy her body move in the nude! It makes her horny, so she goes to masturbate again, using her fingers and getting off in another strong, erotic orgasm with visible contractions. We get two camera views of the action, including a closeup. Then she spreads her pretty vagina some more, gaping as wide as she can, and showing off a little bit of what is left of her hymen. Then she fingers herself again, feeling her wetness inside until she's got five fingers inside herself! She goes for more anal fingering as well, and we enjoy what it would be like if we had her doggy style (love her butt!). Back out at a resort area in another summer dress, she finger bangs herself some more, going four fingers hard and fast, in and out! Then she decides to try the Big Ten Toy! She rides it down, going 8 inches deep! Its pretty extreme for her however, and makes her sore fast. To finish off for the day, she tries a vibrator for the first time, the Eroscillator Toy -- which brings her to the strongest orgasm of her life. Enjoy this fresh face, she's another girl you'll only see on FTV :)


Sep 19, 2014

94 mins

325 pics

Supercute teen Natalie is a fun, spunky girl who has no inhibitions and wants to get her feet wet in the adult industry starting with FTV! We meet her at a very busy mall, in cute casual wear and short shorts. Soon enough she's flashing her full breasts at several department stores, flashing her butt on the escalator, then fingering herself in the front entrance! First time doing any sort of public nudity, and she likes it! Going home, she uses the magic wand toy to a very strong orgasm, with some of the strongest vaginal contractions we've ever seen! Undressing and going to bed, next morning we watch her wake up, brush her teeth, show off her breasts and butt, then finger herself and masturbate again. The orgasm is just as strong as the last one, wow does her vagina pulsate hard on orgasm! She then uses four fingers to probe her wet insides... Putting on a cute pink dress & strappy heels, she parades around on the steps, giving us upskirt views and fingering herself some more. Then she uses a ribbed hard glass toy to penetrate -- notice how her vaginal walls follow the ribbing and get pushed out... She gets horny once again, and uses the magic wand toy to another strong orgasm with 'in your face' contractions. Then she tries to go extreme by fisting herself, but can only get five fingers in. She then spreads and super gapes her vagina so you can see deep inside... We then see her at a very busy gym, in her cute workout clothes using the weight machines and doing the spin bikes, while her breasts are out for all the guys to see! Then she takes her bottoms off and spreads & fingers herself right there at the gym! After doing bottomless cartwheels and more topless play, the guys are lining up on the machines to watch... At a grocery store she buys a cucumber & goes to a golfing park, then rides the cucumber as deep as it can go! We then see her let her hair down, wear an elegant white dress and cute white sandals, walking through a resort and teasing us some more. Soon enough she's spreading and gaping again, awaiting the FTV Monster Toy! She surprises us by getting down 1/3 of this giant toy, riding it then fucking herself until she's too sore to continue. Back home for one last masturbation, she tries out the Vibraking Toy which gets her screaming... Enjoy this spunky teen, she was a lot of fun to shoot, and got really lucky with all the public nudity she pulled off!

Mary & Aubrey Hawaii II

Sep 12, 2014

55 mins

279 pics

On the start of another beautiful Maui day, the girls with two days of experience with each other behind them decide to pay a visit to a local beach. Its relatively early in the morning, but there are a lot of people doing their morning walks on the beach. We see Mary & Aubrey in their cute one piece bikinis, running about and playing in the sand. They start making out with each other, then play with each others breasts... then take everything off to run naked! People walking by are either confused or complimentary, but everyone is staring... after all it isn't a nude beach! Mary ends up doing naked acrobatics and backflips, getting all sandy & wet and having Aubrey play with them. Back at the hotel, they put on sexy dresses & heels, and go about to find a romantic place to make out and touch themselves. A sexy photoshoot ensues, with the girls spreading their private parts, then going back to their room to masturbate with their shared vibrator in the balcony. Both girls get to strong orgasms, with visible vaginal contractions. Then putting on some gym clothes with tiny butt shorts, the girls prep for their hiking trip with some music, dancing and bouncing about in the room! Visiting a popular tourist destination with an adjacent forest trail, they pose for pictures as we get to enjoy the sights, and watch them flash amongst the oblivious tourists all around them. Moving off the path to a nearby river in the forest they strip naked, walk through the forest, then skinny dip in the river! Other hikers who want to visit the river pass by, a little timid about two girls naked in the river. Becoming even more daring, the girls pull out their vibrator, and masturbate on the rocks in the middle of the river! They even manage to have orgasms that are visible from a distance. Aubrey especially seemed extra horny being in Hawaii, always wet... As the day nears its end, they visit one last location on the south of the island, where recent lava flows left a barren area of lava rocks. Aubrey gets naked again, and enjoys the sunset with Mary. Thus ends another special Hawaii adventure, with some rather unique Maui experiences only seen here, on FTV :)


Sep 12, 2014

50 mins

215 pics

Supercute, petite Aubrey returns for a little extra fun & play, showing off that sexy figure of hers once again! We meet her at the mall, shopping for cute things to wear. Of course, those perfect round breasts and sexy butt gets flashed around! Then she tries on some clothes and videotapes herself, and visits a park to show off her new white dress & heels. Getting completely naked, she then masturbates to orgasm with her favorite vibrator, to a visibly strong orgasm, and strong vaginal contractions. We notice that she has a nice patch of pubic hair this time! She dances to some music in the nude, and wow is it sexy to watch! Watch those hips move, that firm butt shake... She gets horny again and masturbates some more. Then she shows off her yoga skills and does some sexy backbends. Multi-orgasmic as she is, she masturbates again! More vaginal contractions on orgasm, and we get closeups of her pretty, petite vagina. She then says goodbye to her pubic hair and does a shaving scene for us, up close. For a little kinky finish, she fingers herself anally, then three more finger in her vagina...

Mary & Aubrey Hawaii I

Sep 5, 2014

71 mins

287 pics

Its been a while since FTV has invaded Maui for a shoot... and two petite girls who enjoy public nudity and the exotic locations have a week adventure there! Aubrey arrives first, and greets Mary as she arrives to the fancy hotel. Together they get well acquainted with some flashing all around the hotel, and as always, drawing attention to themselves! The next morning, the girls go out to do some shopping at a sassy Maui mall, wearing short, sexy dresses with their sexiest heels. No panties of course, and we get some crazy upskirt and flashing action as people walk by confused as to whether its a fashion shoot... or something a lot more explicit! Back at their room, they start fingering themselves, then masturbate with vibrators to strong orgasms. Both get pretty wet, dripping with juices, strong vaginal contractions, then spread and gape (Mary has the talent of super gaping so wide you can see deep inside!) and showing off their private parts up close. Then wearing cute Hawaiian Style dresses and cute sandals, they visit some local shops (with lots of flashing of course) and going more explicit at restaurants nearby. Some shop owners don't mind seeing these girls go topless and show off their sexy butts! They then visit another fancy hotel, and decide to spread and finger themselves on the couches in the lobby! More spreading and extreme gaping, and they're back out on their adventure to the beach next to the hotel. Its a super busy place, but they don't mind getting their dresses a little wet, and giving us peeks between their legs! Washing their pretty feet at the outdoor shower, they then make out on a bench, visit a park, and do acrobatics in the dresses, making their breasts fall out and skirts hike up! In the car to their next destination, they sing along to music while topless, bouncing around like adventurous teens. Then they run in the middle of the street flashing, and take all their clothes off for some naked running through the parking lot! Later that night, they visit the busy hotel pool and jacuzzi with accidental nipple slips and such... in front of other adults taking a swim. The adventure continues on the next day...


Aug 29, 2014

57 mins

227 pics

Soraya is a half Palestinian girl raised in the US, who after doing some exotic dancing after college decided to try her first experience in adult with FTV. Never been totally naked on camera before, let alone in public, and masturbating -- she seems to enjoy this newfound experience! We first meet her at a popular tourist destination, busy with people going by -- and she's wearing a very sexy, classy dress & heels. Wearing nothing else underneath, we get glimpses up her skirt, and her nipples get hard and show through... Soon enough she's becoming even more daring, fingering herself and spreading, as well as showing off the full, firm butt of hers, all out public nudity! Besides the many that see her posing naked, the construction workers on the other side all stop to watch her play. She gets horny, and goes back home to masturbate with her fingers her way, on her stomach to orgasm. We watch it from two different angles... We then get extreme closeups of her private parts, her playing and pulling on her labia, then experimenting with anal fingering, having hard anal sex with two fingers. Out at lunch, she is interviewed about her sex life, and flashes some more right in front of other restaurant customers! Back out on a private neighborhood, we see her in another pair cute white heels and short butt shorts, which come off quickly for her to walk around naked. Of course, people drive by and are particularly upset... So she goes home to experiment with a vibrator for the first time in her life, then penetrate herself with a rather giant banana as deep as it can go. She then shows off her exotic dancing skills to music, dancing barefoot and naked, doing that booty shake, which leads her to fingering herself hard to the music, getting horny again, and masturbating her unique way on the couch to orgasm. Another total first timer, doing it all in FTV style.


Aug 29, 2014

46 mins

198 pics

Visiting from Kansas, this girl does modeling & promotion work in her hometown of Wichita, and wanted to try her first experience with FTV for a long while now. Finally taking the long trip to Arizona, her enthusiasm & excitement shows on video. We greet her at a tourist area, her absorbing the sights and the wonderful weather while wearing a long red dress with no underwear. She has her first experience flasihing in public, then goes home to masturbate with a vibrator to orgasm with nicely visible vaginal contractions. Notice how wet she gets, as she fingers herself and spreads her private parts. FTV Girl Erin then shows up, with a stack of Zucchinis, and proceeds to help Michelle with penetrating her with the thickest one, ending up using it in different positions. We then go back out to a resort, where she puts on a cute short dress & heels, gives us more upskirt and fingering teases, then uses her new favorite vibrator to another strong orgasm with visible vaginal contractions. Then in her favorite little blue mini-dress, she's back out for more public nudity at a strip mall, giving us upskirt views and fingering herself right on the spot! She's always wet, and lets Erin help with the fingering while random people watch.


Aug 22, 2014

76 mins

391 pics

Addison's best friend gets introduced to FTV, experiencing her first time in adult! She's 19, and quite enthusiastic about shooting. With her cute look, and very large, firm natural breasts, she's an exciting addition to the site! We meet the girls at a cafe, Erin being introduced -- and in no time the girls are flashing and playing with each others' breasts out in the open! People take notice, and its time to leave... Out at another location, a jogging trail, Addison helps take off Erin's top, and we see her big perfect breasts in their full glory. Then putting on a cute blue summer dress and tall wedges, she goes to a park and gives us some nice upskirt views & downblouse shots. Addison comes to play as well, spreading her butt and playing with her breasts. You can tell Addison has been wanting to touch her for a long time, and now she's getting her chance... Getting completely naked, Erin starts spreading and fingering herself, gaping wide in this open, public place and stuffing four fingers inside her! A random passer-by spots her, but doesn't get upset, and instead decides to take pictures of the girls! Going back home, Erin uses a vibrator to masturbate, ending up with a strong orgasm and visible vaginal contractions... and a little squirt too! Getting kinky, she then tries out a large cucumber in doggy style. Addison penetrates her with it, pushing it in and out of her, as deep as it can go. Then with a smaller zucchini, she tries to make it 'disappear' in her vagina by going super deep with it, then takes a second and double stuffs herself! Addison can't get her hands off her and plays with the veggies in Erin's vagina. On the bed, we get to see some nice extreme closeups of Erin's private parts, showing off her clit, then spreading and gaping her vagina. She has that ability to move her vaginal muscles, and you can see her move her gaped vagina in and out! Addison helps out with the spreading, and pulls on her long labia, stretching and twisting them. Then Addison inserts a toy into Erin's gaped vagina -- pushing it in and out slowly up close so you can see every detail of the penetration. Out at lunch, the duo let their big breasts come out, compare them, squeeze them all out in the open at the restaurant! Wanting more public nudity, they go to a busy gas station and flash the breasts and butt some more! Back indoors, Erin is introduced to the Vibraking Toy, and ends up having a very strong orgasm with multiple squirts. According to her, she had the best orgasm of her life! Then for the ultimate foot lover's shoot, the girls play with each other's feet, sucking on each other's toes, and massaging each others' breasts with their feet! Both have gorgeous feet... We then get to enjoy Erin's full breasts as she massages them hard, jiggles them about, and moves to her butt spreading and massaging it. With Addison's help spreading her butt, Erin fingers herself anally, going for two fingers and talking about her few run-ins with anal sex. For a sunset finale, Erin goes out for a jog on a hillside trail, and we get to watch those big breasts bounce about! She shows off her cameltoe and pulls her labia out from her tight yoga shorts... So enjoy this Total First Time Teen, we're happy that she came to us through the gorgeous Addison, and it was fun watching them together... both only seen here, on FTV.


Aug 15, 2014

165 mins

436 pics

She's a supercute petite teen blonde who is having her first time experience with FTV -- from masturbation, public nudity, to some really kinky play... and even hardcore. We meet her at an open mall, where she's wearing a cute summer dress and sandals, twisting and twirling to the background music. She's not wearing any panties, and we get some nice upskirt views and spreads... and we learn that she was a cheerleader in high school. So she does some jumps, kicks and then fingers herself on the bench right at the mall entrance area! Finding a more remote place near a resort, she then gets kinky with a large white eggplant, stuffing it inside her until she gets most of it in! Its hot to watch it push her open... Taking all her clothes off, she runs to a golf course, and ends up doing cartwheels naked by hole number 5 until a very angry security guy shows up. At lunch, she talks about her teen sex life, and flashes some more. Back home she picks her favorite songs to dance nude to, and wow does she have some sexy cheerleader style dancing skills! We then see her in a very sexy dress & heels, walking through an office area, teasing us some more, then fingering herself getting as much as four fingers inside her! This sexy girl then finds herself three golf balls, and proceeds to stuff them inside her. She gets all three in -- then pushes them out with her strong vaginal muscles! Back home, she then uses the Magic Wand toy to orgasm. Next morning, she wakes up next to her boyfriend, stimulates herself on the bed, then masturbates again, having another magic wand orgasm with visible vaginal contractions. Going back to bed, she wakes up her boyfriend, then gives him a blowjob, and ends up having hard sex with him! They end up on the couch, having sex in several kinky positions (she's very flexible!) and ends up cumming in her mouth. Putting on a cute pair of white bra, panties and stockings, she gets intimate with us, then uses a long double-ended dildo to fuck herself hard, ending up stuffing her panties deep with the dildo pushing it in deeper! As the day ends, we see her hiking with a tight outfit on, flashing her sexy body while people hike by -- then seeing her finger herself some more right on the trail! Then there's more -- outtake videos of her playing at a park, flashing at a grocery store, stuffing grapes, using the FTV Monster toy, as well as various shapes and sizes of toys. She's super kinky, that's for sure!


Aug 8, 2014

83 mins

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Audrey is a supercute and tiny teen who is just starting her adult experience with FTV. Her first time in nearly everything, she has the spunky personality and enthusiasm to make this a fun first time shoot! We first see her in her original private school uniform, seeing her upskirt views and following her to the house. There she gives us peeks between her legs, fingers herself and shows off that supercute butt! Talking about how she's never had a real orgasm in her life, she tries the Eroscillator toy, and almost gets there, while her toes curl up... Then experimenting with anal play for the first time in her life, she fingers herself in the butt! Taking everything off, she then gives her breats a hard massage, plays with her pretty nipples and does some acrobatics. She used to be a cheerleader, so she shows off all her skills in the nude! Once again she tries out the Eroscillator Toy, and this time she has an orgasm, with visible vaginal contractions... her clitoris is so sensitive now. Going straight to extreme, she then tries to fist herself, and ends up getting her whole hand in! After being stretched out, she gapes her petite vagina... Going for the more mature look, we see her in a tight sexy dress & heels, watching that butt get exposed, then her playing with a large yellow summer squash. She penetrates herself as deep as it can go, and notice how it gets 'stuck' inside her! She pushes it out, then plays with a larger one on the steps. Out on a quiet street, we then see her run around with only a bra & panties on, then going naked for more acrobatics out in the open. Back in the comforts of the bedroom, she does a little foot fetish, sucking on her toes, then giving us extreme closeups of her very pretty and petite private parts. She then tries stuffing her panties, pushing them in until they disappear! Using her toe to pull it out, she puts it back on. Then she attempts to fist again, going full fist deep, having the first fisting experience of her life! We then get very intimate with her, as she tries on several cute bras & panties, and gets close and personal. She then finds the Long Pink Toy, and gives it a hard, deep ride, going 8 inches deep! Enjoy this spunky teen, it was a fun first time shoot for her!


Aug 1, 2014

73 mins

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Supercute crystal green-eyed teen Ariana is visiting all the way from Wisconsin, with the intent of starting a porn career -- with her first experience on FTV! We first meet her at a local store, watching her shopping, and realize that she's very comfortable with her body, flashing her breasts and butt everywhere! She ends up in a department store, trying on clothes and recording herself in the changeroom fingering herself... Then at a coffee shop she teases us some more, spreading and fingering out in the open! She is experiencing public nudity for the first time in her life and loves it... Back home she strips down for us, teases us some more (that full, firm perfect butt!) and fingers herself deep. Wet and horny, she masturbates with the Magic Wand toy to a strong orgasm with visible vaginal contractions. But that isn't enough! She does it again, this time in doggy style to another orgasm that is 'in your face' and visible. Notice how juicy she gets! She then stretches and pulls on her very long labia up close, then tries to seduce the photographer! Putting on a sexy dress and heels, she visits a resort, where she teases her breasts and upskirt views, until she's ready to ride a long cucumber. She fucks herself with it in several different positions, then gets the attention of an office worker nearby, who invites her to his medical office for some more penetration action! Sitting on the doctor's examination chair with the stirrups, she goes hard and deep with the cucumber while he watches (and she loves the attention!). After modeling some more in her cute clothes, she then finds a place to sit at another resort area, and fingers herself deep... until she ends up fisting herself! She shocks herself and the photographer, as she gets her whole and in to the wrist. Later that night, she ends up having dinner with a group, flashing some more, then trying to seduce the photographer again in her bed... On the next day, she puts on her cute white summer dress and wedges, has breakfast, then goes onto a street to deliver mail naked, and flashes cars driving by! She then puts on some cute jeans that flatters her butt, then takes it off for a nice hard butt massage and more labia stretching closeups. She then gets even more extreme than the day before when she tries fisting herself, and manages to get even deeper, going way past her wrist, and pounding herself even harder! She's a true extreme girl now. She's a cute, super-energetic, fun and sexual girl, and enjoy her first time experience here on FTV :)


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