Mar 21, 2014

47 mins

237 pics

She's a voluptuous natural redhead, just starting her softcore porn career. Energized and excited, she starts her shoot at a public park, with only a yellow sweater. She catches the attention of security guards, and they're quick to make her leave, but not before she ends up doing some naked cartwheels! Now fully naked, she visits a medical office complex and finds a pretty spot to finger masturbate. Fast and hard she rubs... getting milky wet -- then goes home to a toe curling orgasm with her own personal vibrator. Putting on a sexy little outfit and heels, she fingers herself some more (notice the juicy sounds... she's always wet) and then tries a unique glass toy that 'locks in' to her vagina. She ends up walking around with it inside her... Back home she experiments with the Vibraking Toy, which brings her to a very strong, wet orgasm with strong vaginal contractions. We then get closeups of her large clit, and she stuffs four fingers inside her while she is still super wet. Then she puts something casual & sexy on, the kind of stuff she loves to wear in college. A little more teasing, breast massage in this public place before she has to say her goodbyes. Beautiful eyes, full, thick natural red hair, she's one cute Irish teen.


Mar 14, 2014

92 mins

335 pics

This gorgeous teen decided to shoot for FTV as her 'warm-up' to porn, and wow is she super cute! Sort of looking like a younger Cindy Crawford, she has those full sexy lips, beautiful smile, and a slender, sexy firm figure! We greet her at a sassy mall, watching her in a beautiful & vibrant summer dress and heels, walking and shopping. She has no panties or bra on, so we get hot upskirt and downblouse views. She gets even more daring, flashing along the walkways, then fingering herself on a bench! It becomes a risky public nudity session... Taking our time, security ends up showing up, but not before she ends up getting completely naked... oh my. Back home, she masturbates with the Eroscillator toy, ending up having a strong orgasm, with visible vaginal contractions, and a mini squirt as well! Then in a sexy white dress & heels, she gets all modern-looking, teases us some more, then uses her shoe heel to have sex with it... pushing it all the way in! Then we see her undress, and using only her fingers to have two orgasms, with vaginal contactions. Then in the bedroom, we see her spread her private parts up close, then gape her vagina, and experiment with five fingers while attempting to fist herself! With first time kinky experimentation, she then fingers herself anally, then two, then a thumb in her vagina as well! We get good spreads of her butt... After doing a little dressup scene for us, trying out some more cute outfits, she gives her breasts a nice hard massage, pulling on her nipples, stretching them, and playing with her little butt cheeks as well. In the kitchen, she is introduced to the FTV Monster toy, then tries to ride it! She take it 1/4 the way down, but its too big for her! So she rides a smaller dildo, showing off her hip action, then pounding herself some more on the floor. It really starts stretching her open... At lunch, she does an interview at a busy restaurant, flashing her breasts, talking about her sex life. Back outside, she does more upskirt on a street, then fingers herself right there! Notice how she's always wet inside. After getting completely naked outdoors, she goes home to use the Vibraking Toy, which initiates a massive, multiple squirting session that has the bathroom floor all wet! Then saying her goodbyes, she visits a golf course, teases the golfers while doing panty-free cartwheels. Total first timer, fun, gorgeous, and one we want to see a lot of, enjoy her adventure update, there's more to come...


Mar 7, 2014

72 mins

304 pics

Cute, bubbly, and superfit latina girl Lilly makes her kinky adult debut on FTV -- masturbating and experimenting with her sexuality for the first time for a website. She's got that slim, petite figure with full, firm round C cup breasts... We watch her on a more secluded street jogging, then exposing those firm breasts, eventually getting naked for her first experience in getting naked out in the open. She brought her own magic wand vibrator, uses it to masturbate at home to a leg shaking orgasm. After getting closeups of her private parts, we have her try the Long Pink Toy, and find out how 'shallow' her vagina is, she can barely get half of it in. But she pushes down on it, rides it, then uses her wand vibrator to an even stronger orgasm (as her insides as well as her clit get vibrated hard!). We then enjoy views of her hard breast & butt massage while pulling and playing with her perky nipples. She's a gogo dancer for car events and shows, and we have her dance to her favorite music, first in a sexy pink dress & heels, then all naked. In the bed, she tries to get the big glass ball toy inside her, but its too big for her little vagina -- then she experiments anally for the first time. Using a finger to penetrate in the butt, then her thumb in her vagina... feeling the walls inbetween! Wearing a beautiful white dress & heels, she then visits a guys' dressy photoshoot, flashing her sexy form, then going back indoors to play with her hairbrush. She uses the handle like a toy, penetrating herself. This fun-loving, down-to earth cutie will definitely put a smile on your face :)


Feb 28, 2014

84 mins

344 pics

Recently turned 18, this beautiful, sexy teen seems like she'd be innocent and new to her sexuality, but she's as horny as they get! She loves her sexy, slim & firm figure from being a cheerleader in high school, and is all about showing it off in public! We watch her at a busy restaurant & shopping area in a cute white dress & heels, parading around, giving us upskirt peeks, then taking her panties off in front of storeowners and passers-by! After teasing and playing with herself there, she then takes off all her clothes, walking naked on the street, getting a few people roiled up... Back home, she gets comfy by undressing, showing off her pretty, petite feet, then doing some acrobatic moves in the nude. In the bedroom, she experiences a vibrator for the first time (she's never masturbated before in her life!) -- using the Eroscillator toy, then the Vintage vibrator, getting milky wet, and in a rather loud, leg shaking mass of masturbation goodness that lasts for a rather long while to orgasm! Its rare to see a girl react so strongly to such pleasures! After that rather intense masturbation, she then gives us extreme closeups of her very pretty private parts, exposing her clit, pulling on her labia, and gaping. Experimenting with a glass toy, she penetrates herself with the large end, pushes it as deep as it can go, then starts trying fingers, eventually getting five fingers inside her! Later in the day, we see her in a sexy black dress & heels, watch her dance to her favorite music, then do it again in the full nude. She ends up fingering herself again, juicy sounds inside... She then puts on a bikini, she then shows off her singing talent. Excited about the larger toys and dildos, she tries out the Long Pink toy, having sex with it on the bed, then attempting the FTV Blue Monster and FTV Monster toys. Those however, are too big for her, and she only gets the heads in! A kinky experiment in a different way, she tries out a bunch of coloring markers, pushing them inside her one by one, getting to 11! It spreads her wide, to her extreme limits. Then she tries anal penetration for the first time, pushing one of the markers inside her butt, while several others are in her vagina! To finish off, she uses the Vibraking toy to another rather intense screaming masturbation to a strong orgasm finale. And just because she wants to, she says her goodbye right on a busy street... all in the nude! Enjoy this teen, it was her first time experience in adult, and wow was she fun to watch :)


Feb 21, 2014

78 mins

401 pics

This cute brunette is a fit girl who used to play a lot of soccer -- look at those legs! We see her at a sports park, running and playing ball, then stretching and giving us peeks under her shirt and between her legs. Soon enough she's flashing her private parts right in the middle of the park! Notice how sexy her full C cup natural breasts are... and that butt! Back home she masturbates, using a vibrator to pound herself and stimulate her clit, then ends up using the Vibraking toy to an incredibly strong, toe curling orgasm that ends up making her squirt! She's never squirted in her life, so it was a very unique experience for her. She spreads, showing off her swollen clit up close then gapes her vagina... really wide & deep! Then in a most extreme surprise, she starts fisting herself! Not only does it go deep, it goes really deep past the wrist, and she starts fucking herself hard while deep fisting! Its amazing and extremely erotic to see such a cute girl do this to herself. Then she gapes even wider, and even fists herself with a few fingers from the other hand trying to penetrate some more! Later, we see her in a very sexy dress & heels, her showing off her sexy toned legs, giving us upskirt views, then bringing out the FTV Monster Toy! Its the biggest thing she's ever had in her life, and its bigger than her forearm, but she takes it almost the entire way down! We watch her ride it hard and deep, then pound herself with it on the floor, until she's too sore to continue. Out at a golfing goods store, she picks up some pink golf balls, flashes right out in the parking lot -- then does something we've never done in public before -- stuffs three golf balls inside her right in front of a restaurant in public! She then pushes them out with her vaginal muscles, and lets them bounce all over the restaurant floor. Back home, she pushes her limits, and manages to stuff 6 golf balls inside her! We see her push them out in various angles, on her back, then doggy, then from up top. The strength of her vaginal muscles shoots the pretty far... Then we see her do a little foot fetish, breast massage, nipple pulling & licking (she has some really nice perky nipples) and butt massage. Her kinky play continues with some panty stuffing, then she goes outside in a cute white shirt & panties, gets herself wet, uses a water hose like a sex toy... pushing the water hose deep inside her, and squirting water out! She turns to a literal vaginal water fountain as she pushes the hose back end deep and shoots water out... Man is she extreme! We find out she is a big time RPG PC gamer, and loves playing games with the mouse & keyboard. With a full sized mouse in her hand, she blows us away as she stuffs the mouse deep inside her, making it go missing! It completely fills her inside, and she then uses her strong vaginal muscles to push it out of her, notice how it stretches her so wide! Supercute, this girl has her first time experience with FTV, and turns out to be one of the kinkiest and most extreme girls of the year.

Nicole 2 - Valentines Special

Feb 14, 2014

86 mins

495 pics

Our very popular Nicole from last year returns to be the Valentine's sweetheart of 2014! Besides being so gorgeous, with that nice pair of breasts and firm butt, she's sweet, personable (love that voice) and super 'cuddly'... We meet up with her at a fancy resort & mall, where we see her in a cute summer dress and sandals. What looks like a fashion shoot of an 18 year old turns into an upskirt and public nudity tease, and she even spreads right there in public! Getting away just in time (an undercover cop shows up) we do a breakfast interview and under-table tease, and then have her get a manicure/pedicure at a nail salon. Back home, we're reintroduced to her gorgeous face and figure (and models in bras & panties), then watch her use her favorite vibrator: The Eroscillator toy. She ends up having a strong orgasm (visible contractions), ends up squirting, and the anticipation and pressure also makes her pee herself! Those of you asking for 'peeing scenes', well here you go, if not intentionally done. We then get some nice gaping closeups of her wet private parts. Wearing a tight sporty outfit, she visits a tennis park, exposing her breasts and butt as she runs about. As people drive by, a random passerby encourages the shoot by complimenting her. On the next morning, we wake up to this gorgeous girl, at a fine resort hotel. She puts on a Valentine's themed red lingerie, answers room service in it, then masturbates with her favorite vibrator to another strong squirting orgasm! Her sticky juices flow out and she plays with it, along with juicy fingering... Putting her hair up in pigtails, she models in a cute pink bra & panties, then gives us a foot fetish scene of her very pretty petite feet. A little bit of 'secretary style' upskirt, leading to a zucchini stuffing scene. Closeups of the penetration in all angles, as she takes it as deep as she can. Then hanging around the balcony of the hotel in blue lingerie, she starts drawing for fun, but its all to experiment with another kinky theme, stuffing those markers inside her. She ends up managing to stuff 6 markers, truly her limit! To end her day at the resort, she visits the pool, flashes some more, getting away with a few more teases! Another fun adventure shoot, with the perfect kind of FTV girl, the sort of girl you want to take home and make her your girlfriend for keeps :)

Jayden 2

Feb 7, 2014

52 mins

338 pics

In part 2 of this sensual, beautiful girls' shoot, we see how she transforms from a shy newbie to a more comfortable girl in front of the camera, with her gorgeous expressions really coming to bear on this update. Visiting a sassy mall, we see her in a cute, short white dress & heels walking through the shops. Sitting at a bench, she starts teasing us with upskirt views, taking her panties off, spreading her vagina & butt (really wide!) all while out in the open with people walking by! She's very comfy with public nudity at this point, so she ends up taking it all off, crawling about in the nude on the floor. She's got that perfect slender figure and perfect butt, so we're happy to see her get naked as much as possible. With her hair up in a ponytail, a pink toy in her hand, pink stockings and nothing else, she walks half-naked on a street, then goes home to masturbate. There she pounds herself with the egg vibrator in combination with a clitoral stimulator and ends up with another strong orgasm with visible vaginal contractions! She wants to get even more wet & squirt, and she needs a helping hand... so the photographer pounds her ultra-fast and hard with the egg vibrator, hitting her g-spot hard until she ends up with a wet milky orgasm that builds out and around her vagina! That pink egg toy then goes deep inside her butt, while she pushes it in so deep to near its end, and sitting down on it go get it deeper in her butt! Then we see her pull it out, as the wide part pushes her butt open wide... Out at lunch, she is so daring at this point, that she has her breasts out, bouncing them up and down, while people eat right behind her! She even starts pulling on her labia and teasing herself under the table. In a cute comfy outfit and cute sandals, she then visits a fancy office area, gets undressed to her bra & panties, then finds a zucchini and starts having sex with it! She takes it deep, and we see her penetrate herself from some very intimate angles. She looks so hot doing it. Back to the bedroom, in a very sensual scene, we see this gorgeous girl in white garter & stockings, showing off her cutest assets... Pulling and licking her nipples up close, then teasing and pulling on her labia. Eventually she massages her breasts and butt, nice and hard the way a man would love to squeeze them. She's very horny and teases us back to bed... As the amazing weekend comes to an end, we see her poolside, getting her hair wet, and letting us see that gorgeous face & body one more time. We hope you like this girl, she ended up becoming a very big part of February, but who can resist such a beautiful, sensual female who oozes such sexuality?


Jan 31, 2014

60 mins

302 pics

She's a gorgeous, slender and incredibly sensual girl who is trying adult for the first time, using FTV as a way to warm up to porn. She's possibly one of the most beautiful girls to ever grace the pages of FTV, and she's kinky to boot! We spot her walking at a resort area, with a tight black dress, black stockings and heels... She immediately teases us by exposing her nice round breasts, pulling on her nipples, spreading her butt, and toying her long labia! Those sensual eyes draw you in... then she takes her stockings off, shows off her pretty petite feet, spreads some more, then gets naked to play with a vibrator... right there at the resort! Out at a gas station, the dare goes further as she gets completely naked while people check her out! Then she goes home to masturbate, using a g-spot toy to pound herself to an orgasm, with nice vaginal contractions of the orgasm after she pulls the toy out. We get up close to her private parts, watching her pull on her long labia, show off her clit, then gape her vagina -- and gape her butt! She like to toy with herself anally, so we dare her to stick two fingers in deep. As the sun starts to set, we see her in a long elegant dress out at another fancy resort, walking in a classy, sexy way. The clothes start coming off, and she finds a comfortable spot out in the open to spread some more, then use a g-spot egg vibrator to masturbate again to another orgasm with some nice vaginal responses as she pulls that toy out. Just to dare some more, she pushes her limits by sticking three fingers in her butt, then her thumb in her vagina! Amazing how this gorgeous girl can be so kinky as well. Later that night, we watch her go get some groceries, and spread and get very explicit in her flashing through the store! She gets so horny, but we let her wait till next morning to masturbate again. Getting up out of bed, she starts with her fingers, masturbating, then the Vibraking Toy to another strong orgasm. Notice how her vagina responds to her fingers, then to the stronger vibrator. We then see her do up her makeup, dance to some music in her panties... to go out for some more adventures, in part II. Yup, we find her so awesome, we wanted her for two weeks! Gorgeous, sensual, and willing to try it all, enjoy this first timer on her first experience that will continue in part II.


Jan 24, 2014

83 mins

269 pics

This beautiful blue-eyed babyfaced teen recently turned 18, and is using FTV as her first experience in adult! She has a lot of enthusiasm from the start, and she is recorded topless while being picked up from the airport. Notice her full, firm breasts, and perky nipples... we stop at a gas station, where she gasses up the car topless, drawing the attention of a dozen guys -- and she loves it! Back home, in a cute dress, she strips down, rubs herself, then uses a vibrator to a nice, natural orgasm with visible vaginal contractions. She gets so wet inside, and she loves to finger & taste herself. Notice the juicy sounds, her wetness coming onto her fingers, as she pushes three inside her. Putting on a cute pink nightie and panties, she gets fun and dorky in the bedroom, then shows off her flexibility and begins to experiment anally... First with a finger, then two, then double penetrating herself with her thumb. She's never done anything anally in her life, and she is amazed by how easy it was! Pushing the challenge further, we give her a long anal toy, and she manages to push this larger toy in her butt. She keeps pushing it in deeper and deeper, until she has most of it inside her! Its incredible to see how deep it went! Using a vintage vibrator, she then masturbates again, to several orgasms, and doesn't want to stop! Out for lunch, she gets completely topless at a restaurant, and draws the attention of the employees, some come to watch while she fingers herself on a bench outside! That is until an angry housewife sends us home. She wanted to try extreme, and we let her - try to fist! It is hard at first, but she works it for a while, trying her hardest, and eventually gets her whole hand in! She gets all hot and sweaty... Then she spreads and gapes her very pretty private parts, one of the cutest vaginas we've ever seen. To finish herself off, she tries the Long Pink Toy, and starts pounding herself hard and deep, and breaks a depth record with that toy... taking the whole thing in to the base! Incredible action for this 18 year old. She also shows off her tight vaginal muscles by shooting out the toy for distance. Fun, hypersexual, supercute, she's another ideal addition to FTV :)

Courtney I

Jan 17, 2014

60 mins

308 pics

She's a gorgeous, tall fashion model who has recently decided to do softcore adult work, starting with FTV. Never done explicit nudes before, she is comfortable with her look and sexuality -- and watch her warm up to some amazing, erotic experiences here. We see her in an airstream trailer on a very hot day, with a seethrough shirt and panties, getting sweaty, teasing us, and spreading for us. Those full natural breasts are hot to see when wet, and her sexy looks makes us want to watch her do more. Going to the bathroom, she masturbates with a vibrator, while we watch it all happen voyeur style. Needing a stronger vibrator, she ends up using the Vibraking toy, which then brings her to a series of strong orgasms, with visible vaginal contractions. She loves it so much, that she cannot stop herself! We then get extreme closeups of her very attractive private parts, with clit closeups & labia stretching. She starts fingering herself, with the juicy wet insides, and gets to four fingers... Out at lunch, she does an interview, then goes to the outdoor seating area, risks getting caught and flashes her breasts, butt and goes doggy right on the dinner table! Back home, she shows us her yoga skills, giving instruction, slowly stripping down for us to see her spread her legs in erotic ways. Going right to one of our largest toys, she takes the FTV Blue Monster toy, slowly pushes it inside her, and takes it very deep, her tight vagina barely taking it all. It so fills her up, that the toy locks in inside her! Notice how sexy it looks doggy style. As the day comes to an end, we watch her walk in a cute red dress & heels, getting upskirt views as the wind blows her skirt up. She fingers herself some more and tastes herself. Such a beautiful, fun girl to work with, we definitely need to see more of her!

Courtney II

Jan 17, 2014

56 mins

313 pics

So its a week later, and Courtney returns for more shooting. It ends up raining pretty hard, so we end up starting indoors. She's wearing a very sexy seethrough shirt/dress so its all about a tease warm-up in the beginning. She's got a variety of toys to play with, starting with a white vibrator she penetrates herself with, then a clit vibrator, and finally a much more powerful pink vibrator that brings her to orgasm. Its a very strong orgasm, with some incredibly strong, visible vaginal contractions that go on for a while. Pretty hot! We then get closeups of her private parts, clit, labia stretching and gaping. She's got more pubic hair too, which some of you might like. At a resort, we see her walking in a sexy maroon dress and heels, with upskirt views and teases, then masturbating again to another orgasm. A lunch break & interview is next, with a little timid tease before we go all out for some major public nudity. She's got some classy fashion to wear, looks conservative at first, walking a busy tourist area -- then we see no bra or panties, and how easily the shirt unbuttons to reveal her nice cleavage underneath. The dares continue, with spreads, fingering, butt views, all while people drive by, some making nice, others angry, comments. She eventually is walking topless down the walkway... Back home for a kinky finale, she tries the large glass ball toy, but can't make it inside her vagina all the way. She then tries a red golf ball, watching her vagina push & pull open with the use of the ball. With the combination of part I, this turns out to be a nice adventure shoot of this tall natural blonde with that beautiful smile.


Jan 10, 2014

106 mins

460 pics

She's a beautiful gymnast, with a very cute, firm and petite figure... visiting us from Colorado. Its her first time experiencing adult, with FTV being her starting run into the adult industry. We greet her at a sassy mall, watching her walk through in a cute, form fitting dress. Soon enough she's flashing her breasts, raising her skirt up and showing off her cute butt! We follow her up the escalator, her panties come off, and we get views of her private parts right in this public place! People watch through windows, but fortunately she doesn't get into trouble! Then we see how talented she is when she walks on her hands butt naked through the mall! Incredible... then she gets completely naked at a nearby museum and does it all in the nude! Back home, she experiments with a vibrator for the first time in her life. Never really masturbated before, she warms up with the eroscillator vibrator, then with the vintage vibrator, ending up with a very strong orgasm with visible vaginal contractions! The incredible pleasure is written all over her face, and the way her body quivers... She then gives us extreme closeups of her private parts, with her unique ability to suck in her stomach, and naturally gape her petite vagina in the most unique way... quite erotic to watch. After a little lunch interview, we see her in a hot yellow dress & heels, her parading around at a golf resort, flashing and showing off her flexibility, then doing cartwheels and backflips in the grass (without panties of course!). Then she pulls out the long pink toy, has sex with it, though its rather big for her... On the next morning we see her wake up in the pink room, check her supercute figure out in the mirror, spread for us, then do some stretching from some sexy views. She starts showing off her cute petite feet & pedicure, and with the help of her flexibility does some toe sucking. So fires up the Vibraking toy, which is the strongest thing she's ever used -- and after some intense masturbation she ends up having a squirting orgasm! For her that experience is somewhat shocking and confusing, as its never happened in her life. Wearing cute little shorts & looking like a teen, she visits a mall, where she flashes some more and draws attention with her acrobatics, then spreading & teasing. Off to a department store where she fingers herself and tries on some sportswear. Out at a park, she goes running, flashing, then completely naked in front of a tennis court while people play -- and does some incredible acrobatics & back flips in the nude! She's got some incredible talent. Back home, she tries some kinky play, starting with a small glass plug, which she inserts into her vagina, and allows us to see 'inside', then a string of beads which she stuffs herself with, slowly pulling them out with her toes. To end the day, she puts on an elegant blue dress, dances for us, then gets naked and dances some more. She's so spunky and fun! An amazingly talented girl, gorgeous, fun, with everything we'd want in an FTV girl, and her total first time experience in adult here... One of the most energetic girls to ever appear on FTV :)


Jan 3, 2014

143 mins

495 pics

Gorgeous Veronica arrives from Virgina, and its her total first time experience in adult! She's got a sexy figure, and loves to show it... and isn't shy about public nudity -- and loves to masturbate. In a cute blue summer dress and sandals, we see this beautiful blue eyed blonde play at a park and golf course, teasing and doing cartwheels, flashing the fishermen, and fingering herself! The clothes come off, and she's doing naked backbends and more cartwheels, her fun personality shining through. Back home, she uses her glass toy to pound herself hard and deep, then the big glass toy for even harder, wet pounding to turn herself on. Notice the juicy sounds inside! She then uses her fingers to stimulate her clitoris, then uses the vintage vibrator for a strong orgasm with visible vaginal contractions throughout. Putting on a cute red summer dress, she's visiting a resort, with upskirt flashing, more fingering, and then a glass toy pounding session that leads to a small squirting session. After a sexual lunch interview, we then see her do some foot fetish & toe sucking, then dance to some rock music. The topic of anal comes up, and she experiments with two fingers, essentially fucking herself with them, in various erotic positions. She then tries a vibrator in her butt... Back out at an open mall, she's in another cute dress & sandals -- her playful side shows first, then her sexual side as she fingers herself hard and deep, to near orgasm right in the walkway of this open mall! On the next day, we see her in gorgeous seethrough white dress & wedges, walking and showing off her always-sexy body. She's brought a new vibrating dildo with her, and she starts pounding herself right away! Soon, she gets milky wet, juices dripping down her thigh, then has several squirting orgasms! She then goes to the bedroom, gives us extreme closeups of her pretty private parts, spreads and gapes, as well as playing with her clit piercing. She shows off how she touches her clit, and then proceeds to masturbate by rubbing her clit with one finger in her butt. Her masturbation grows in intensity when she starts pounding herself hard with two other new toys, fucking herself deep until she has another squirting orgasm. Then for one last experiment, she tries fisting herself, getting five fingers in, ending up in 'near fisting'. We then do a lunch interview, and her stripping down in the middle of a street, fingering herself! Back in another sexy blue dress & heels, she shows off those sexy legs and butt in the kitchen, then pulls out two cucumbers. She ends up double penetrating herself, one in her vagina, the other in her butt! The cucumber in her vagina goes deep inside, until you can't see it anymore! Then this sexy girl tries masturbating with a banana, ends up squishing the first, then manages to hard pound with the second and squirts with it! First time we've seen a girl squirt with a banana... To finish herself off, she rides a suction cup dildo, grinding on top, going deep, then pounding herself on the floor to another orgasm. This girl truly loves to masturbate and get kinky, along with being so gorgeous, she's truly an ideal girl for FTV!

Natalie & Arianna

Dec 27, 2013

95 mins

304 pics

We're in for a lucky treat, as FTV's most popular 2013 model Natalie meets Arianna, both of whom are some of the most extreme girls we've had this year! They are meeting each other for the first time, but get along easily -- and Arianna's beyond excited about many of the things she wants to do to Natalie, and get done on her as well. We see this sexy couple at a resort, a not so private area that has some risk of getting themselves into trouble. They're wearing sexy dresses & heels, looking gorgeous, and making out with each other. Soon the teases lead to fingering and oral sex, and Arianna ends up getting fisted hard and deep! Arianna can have orgasms this way, and ends up squirting over Natalie's hand. Then she gets fisted doggy style, going in even deeper! Arianna returns the favor, first by going down on Natalie, sucking on her long labia, then working her fist in. It turns into another deep fisting session, and Natalie ends up riding the fist! They end up getting naked, and splashing in the fountain to cool off in this hot, humid day. Back home, in sexy lingerie, they cuddle, then Natalie masturbates with her fingers, ending up with a squirting orgasm! Arianna starts hard finger banging her, tasting the juices she sprayed all over her body, then sucks and nipples on Natalie's labia. Together they stick several fingers in Natalie's vagina, and gape her wide open, with Arianna drooling directly into her gaping pussy. Its Arianna's turn to masturbate, and she uses the Vibraking toy for some incredibly strong orgasms, with vaginal contractions and movements swelling up her entire private area! Then Natalie joins in, hard finger-banging her, which eventually becomes 4-5 fingers, and the hard pounding makes a juicy wet mess of Arianna's vagina. Together they gape her vagina wide, then pour water in her, watching her squirt it out! Back in more sexy outfits, they go back to touching and teasing, then bring out the FTV Toy... for Arianna to play with anally! Natalie pushes it inside her butt, forcing it as deep as it can go, then pulls it out quickly to make her butt gape! Then they pull her butt open... and Natalie finger bangs her anally, near fisting her butt!! Natalie ends up on the receiving end with a wine bottle, and gets pounded deep with Arianna using the bottle as a toy. Somehow pushing it in and out quickly combined with clit rubbing makes Natalie squirt a second time! Then she rides it while Arianna watches... she can feel the bottle pushing against her belly! It was a double extreme shoot, and you extreme fans should have a lot of fun with this :)

Sophie & Cortney

Dec 20, 2013

46 mins

86 pics

Cortney recently turned 18, and wanted to try her first experience in adult with FTV. She's very shy and nervous about it, so she brought 18 year old best friend Sophia. After meeting up with Cortney and doing an interview, we do her first strip down shoot, and she's very very shy... Eventually getting down to full nudes, she is taught how to spread her private parts. Putting the camera on tripod, we let her masturbate by herself, using her fingers. She ends up having a nice natural orgasm (she's very quiet!) with strong vaginal contractions at the end. Extreme closeups of her wet private parts... and we ask if Sophia would be interested in trying it out too? She agrees, and she happens to be a lot less shy than the girl who led her to this experience! After her turn of showing off her cute naked body and spreading, she also ends up masturbating, but using the Eroscillator vibrator. We then have her spread wide and gape... Both girls warming up -- wouldn't we love to see them in a girl-girl in the future?


Dec 20, 2013

60 mins

135 pics

This crystal blue-eyed brunette is introduced for the first time in adult, as she's never done any work in porn before. A little shy and nervous, she is interviewed in a sexy pink dress and heels. We then do a photoshoot of her, with her spreading her private parts and sexy butt. Because she 'missed' a bit of pubic hair, she does a little shaving scene up close, then gives us extreme closeups of her private parts, spreading and gaping. Notice how wet she is inside, when she fingers herself! She hasn't had sex or masturbated in a month, so using a vibrator, she has a rather long, intense masturbation video where she orgasms several times and also ends up squirting! Vaginal contractions throughout, she doesn't know when to stop... She's brought a glass toy with her, which she ends up having sex with (she's flexible and puts her legs behind her head while doing it) and penetrates herself with it. Then going bigger than she's ever had in her life, she takes on the Big Pink Toy, and goes deep as possible, pushing her limits. Then she's up for something kinky -- her sexy shoe heel becomes a phallic toy to play with. She takes the thick heels and pushes the entire thing inside her! Ends up having sex with it, her wetness wrapping around it. Stephani is into hot yoga, and so she wears her yoga outfit, visits a hiking park, and proceeds to get naked and finger herself some more! A total First Timer, enjoy Stephani only here, on FTV.


Dec 13, 2013

81 mins

382 pics

This gorgeous, sexy and total first timer arrives from Minnesota to have her first experience in adult! Visibly confident in her sexuality and her amazing figure, we meet her at a very busy tourist area. She's wearing a classy & dressy outfit, nice wedges, a skirt that teases what's between her legs and enough cleavage exposed to make us want to see more! Not shy about flashing, soon enough she has her full, firm natural breasts out, skirt up, and she's fingering herself (and she's rather juicy wet inside!). Getting pretty horny, she dances to some music being played by a local musician, then goes home to strip down and masturbate with a vibrator. She ends up with the vintage vibrator and can't seem to stop! Her pleasure is seen all over her face, and how she squirms about. She can't stop playing with herself, so she spontaneously starts fingering, first two, then eventually four fingers, and making those squishy wet sounds inside... The dare comes, can she fist herself? She's willing to try, and surprising herself as well as the photographer, she ends up fisting, and enjoying it! Celebrating her success at lunch, she has her breasts exposed as she talks about her first sexual experiences as a teen... Back home, she puts on cute dress, gives us some foot fetish, spreads, gapes her vagina wide, and does a hard breast massage. Finding a large glass ball-shaped toy, she pushes it inside her, and notice how it magnifies the inside of her vagina... Going more kinky, she penetrates herself anally with the toy, and notice how deep she goes in the butt! Then she goes more extreme by pushing four fingers inside her vagina while the toy is in her butt, double penetrating herself. Then its time for the FTV Monster toy, which pushes her limits, and is incredibly erotic when she rides it. It does wear her out... but not until she fists herself one last time! Whether its the adrenaline or something else, she is hypersexual, and fists herself hard and fast... enjoying every second. She's the ideal FTV girl -- gorgeous, sexy, confident, and sexual, and a surprise extreme girl. Enjoy this naturally beautiful addition to FTV :)


Dec 6, 2013

80 mins

366 pics

Shy and totally new to adult, she's a supercute busty petite girl introduced only seen here, on FTV. We meet her at a mall, her wearing cute clothes and jeans, glasses on, very shy and quiet in front of the camera. We notice her full breasts, and have her flash right there in public! On a dare, she ends up taking all her clothes off, and spreading herself on a table outside. Eventually we see her walk completely in the nude... Back home, she washes her petite feet (for walking barefoot around a street) and does some foot fetish as well. Then she uses her own vibrator to masturbate and pound herself hard, getting right into it... then experimenting anally by fingering herself in the butt. With a nice summer dress on and no undies, she visits a post office and flashes there, at a park, and at a restaurant, slowly becoming more and more daring! Notice how cute her butt is as she bends over. Then she masturbates with a vibrator, to a nice orgasm with visible vaginal contractions. Spreading and gaping her private parts up close, she then does two fingers anally, and gets into it... Going as big as she can, she then takes a large glass ball toy, and pushes it into her vagina, thus magnifying her insides as its spreads her open. Then in a cute outfit and heels, she does a dance to her favorite trance music, and notice how gorgeous this girl is with her glasses off and her hair pulled back. Reminds us of a young latina Ashley Judd. After a striptease, she then does a hard breast massage, and pulls and sucks on her nipples. Exclusive to FTV, enjoy this sweet natural beauty!

Kelsey & Hazel

Nov 29, 2013

118 mins

382 pics

Sexy Kelsey returns, this time with her real life best friend, Hazel -- who has never done any sort of adult before... she seems so innocent and cute! We meet them at the airport, and wow, Kelsey's breasts have grown bigger (and she got braces). We have to see her flash them. Next morning, the girls walk down a neighborhood, getting touchy/feely and they eventually strip themselves down at an office area. They brought some sexy dresses & heels to put on, but not before using the heels to tease & penetrate each other! Once dressed up, they parade around teasing some more, then move to another location (after being spotted by security) and finger each other. Back home, Kelsey helps shave Hazel's private parts, then goes down on her, sucking on her long labia and licking her clit. Then she starts licking Hazel's butt! Hazel returns the favor by going down on Kelsey, then tonguing her butt, as well as fingering. Neither girl has ever experienced anal like this! The girls then individually masturbate, Kelsey to a orgasm with visible vaginal contractions while watching porn on the computer, and Hazel to a squirting orgasm with multiple vaginal contractions throughout. Hazel surprises us with the desire to try a really large toy, so we have her ride the FTV Blue Monster toy! Bigger than her whole forearm, she takes it deep, nearly to its base!! Kelsey then pounds her with it, astonished by Hazel's petite body taking that whole thing in! Kelsey also tries a dildo, but a smaller, ball shaped one, and has Hazel play with her while standing up. Next morning, we see the two cuddling in bed at a resort, waking up and sucking on each others' breasts. Kelsey has big breasts, but so does Hazel, and they're fun to play with. Then a little foot fetish play, kissing each others' feet, sucking on toes... then a pillow fight! Kelsey goes down on Hazel again, then offers her the Vibraking toy. It leads to another strong multiple-orgasm & squirt session for Hazel, and according to her, the best orgasm of her life. Hazel wants to even more extreme, and challenge herself with the FTV Monster Toy. She rides it... and takes it nearly to the base! Its increadible to see, and seemingly impossible. Then Kelsey helps out and does her doggy style. Notice how it fills Hazel up! Then Kelsey gets kinky stuffing ben wa balls inside her, but has a hard time getting them out of her super petite vagina! A fun adventure between two real life friends, getting intimate for the first time, with Hazel's first time in adult right here!


Nov 22, 2013

60 mins

176 pics

Still 18, she's traveling in from Portland to have her first adult experience with FTV, then move on to LA for some more porn work. From the beginning, notice her fun, spunky personality! Straight out of her comfy clothes she wore at the airport, she strips down for us and gives us her first spreads. Then we see her use the Eroscillator and Vibraking toys to near-orgasm... and then she spreads her very pretty private parts up close and in detail. Experimenting with anal play, she fingers her butt (she's never had anal sex before). We then see her jump right to the FTV Monster toy, attempting to push that huge thing inside her, and she only gets about the head in. Trying another dildo, she takes on the Long Pink Toy, enjoys the vibration that goes on inside her, then takes a second, smaller vibrator, and inserts it anally double penetrating herself! Then comes a play session where she rides the Long Pink, deep penetrates the smaller vibrator making it disappear inside her, then pushing it out with her vaginal muscles. Enjoy this smiley, fun teen who has her brief first moment here, on FTV.


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