Aug 8, 2023

70 mins

395 pics

This sexy voluptuous blonde is sexually confident and very much into penetration and masturbation -- and we get to see her explore herself in the most intimate ways! We first see her at a resort area, on a hot summer day dressed without bra or panties, parading around in silver heels. She exposes her large D-cup naturals, and teases her privates, rubbing her clit! She then goes home to masturbate, using the Magic Wand toy to a strong orgasm. We get extreme closeups of her pretty privates, as she shows off her clit up close, and pulls on her long labia. She then masturbates a second time for another strong orgasm! We also see her tease at a restaurant, exposing those big breasts again. In some sexy lingerie, she shows off her body again, then does a hard breast and butt massage -- and dances in the nude to some music. Later in the day, she's in a cute one piece floral lingerie, dancing her sensual way to more music, then exposes her full breasts and pulls on her nipples and sucks on them! She has a full bush on top of her clit, so she pulls her the pubic hair, tugging on her vagina. She also shows off her flexibility, kissing her feet, and pulls her legs back fucking herself with the Big Glass Ball toy. We get nice closeups of the penetration, and her labia wrapping around the big ball as her vagina stretches. Then she does the Big Ten Toy, using the door to fuck herself (quite unique) then in missionary taking it real deep! Trying for extreme, she pushes four finger in, then eventually gets her whole fist in past the wrist, real deep! Fist-fucking herself hard, she actually gets off on it, and it surprises her with the pleasurable 'pressure' experience. Then she gapes her vagina with some prolapse... Enjoy this cute blonde with the big naturals, she's an erotic one to watch!


Aug 3, 2023

41 mins

233 pics

Beautiful slender Angelina walks up in the public park wearing her flowery dress pulled aside to show off her sexy legs, and we also notice she's got no panties on underneath! She's a petite beauty with a sultry demeanor and a very sexy body which she loves to reveal...dropping her dress to relax in the nude on the park path, dipping her fingers in her hole to masturbate for us. Changing into a bikini she poses on a beautiful waterfall, getting naked and using a thick clear dildo for oral pleasure before fucking herself, enjoying the cool refreshing spray of the water! Back at the house we see her in an 'angel' outfit with feathery shoulders and a sheer bra with chains. Spreading her legs we get a nice view of her pretty privates, and she takes a hard glass toy inside her hole for penetration pleasure...and grabbing a magic wand vibrator she holds it up against her clit as well, enjoying a nice orgasm! Another outfit change shows us a cute checkered top and skirt with cute kitty ears on her head, and she keeps the ears on as she gets naked and suck a large suction cup toy before riding on top. The toy is a realistic throbbing vibrator as well as a dildo and we watch as she fucks herself to another nice climax before saying her goodbyes. Angelina is a beautiful, dark haired and very sexual woman with a small frame but big energy, enjoying some of her cosplay and naughty masturbation desires with us today on FTV Girls!


Jul 28, 2023

113 mins

425 pics

This homegrown college girl is trying out her first adult experience, exclusively for FTV. We meet up with this cute and innocent girl at her friends' apartment public pool, and interview her about being comfy with trying out adult, then watch her flash her firm round breasts! A week later, she is inteviewed confiding about some very personal things, then stripping down and masturbating on camera for the first time in her life. She ends up with a strong orgasm, with visible vaginal contractions. Later that week, we are reintroduced to her at her home, and watch her give a tour of her place and play with her dogs. Outside she strips down, rides her stationary bike, then goes to the bathroom to masturbate to another strong orgasm. After a lunch interview, she does some flashing at a grocery store... Putting on a hot red dress and heels, she visits an arts center, giving us upskirt views, then fingering herself both vaginally and anally! Back home, she masturbates with the Magic Wand toy again, and uses her favoite dildo with it. She uses the Vibraking Toy and has another strong orgasm, getting wet enough to stuff four fingers inside her. Then she attempts to ride the FTV Monster toy, but gets just a little in her, then goes deeper with the Big Ten Toy. Her tiny private parts get sore fast, so she takes a break in the shower and we zoom into her clit to watch her cool down... On the next day, we see her in a sporty outfit, running a desert trail, and meeting up with Lia. She strips down, fingers herself, that is -- until a park ranger is notified of her activities. She manages do dance in the nude out at the park before its time to go! Then putting on a dress & heels, she poses in front of the camera, then finds a banana to play with. She penetrates herself as deep as it can go, then has Lia help penetrate her doggy style. She then does another playful dance to music in her red dress, which then gets her hot and horny for another masturbation with her favorite vibrator -- to another strong orgasm! Lia also assists on shooting her, as well as spreading her butt as Janessa fingers herself anally. Enjoy this naturally pretty girl, who is open and candid with everything that she does -- shooting exclusively for FTV.


Jul 21, 2023

36 mins

290 pics

She's a supercute petite latina with that perfect desirable body -- firm D cup naturals and the perfect round firm butt! Its a shoot with many firsts for her, and she definitely loves doing it! We first meet her at an arts center, where she's wearing a skimpy pink top and miniskirt... no bra or panties at all! We get teasers of her pierced nipples and up her skirt! We eventually see her get topless and run around, enjoy those big breasts jiggle! Homebound, she does a sexy dance to music by the pool, so we can enjoy her firm naked figure in motion. Then she uses the Magic Wand to masturbate, and she has a really strong orgasm with visible vaginal contractions! We then get closeups of her privates and clit, and she fingers her tight wet pussy. A breast & butt massage is next, as she gives her boobs a hard squeeze, then plays and licks her pierced nipples! Another latina dance is next, shaking her butt on the couch, then a lot of behind the scenes videos of photoshoot as she talks rather revealing, intimate things about her. A total visual treat for FTV :)


Jul 15, 2023

51 mins

190 pics

Meet Isabel, a lovely slender raven-haired girl with a goth look as she walks into the room wearing sexy stockings and a short pleated skirt. Sticking a suction cup toy to the floor tiles she crawls over and begins licking and sucking it, then climbs on top to ride it deep while using the vintage Vibraking toy against her clit. Next we're treated to a bit of a fashion show as she shows off her sheer lace top and black vinyl miniskirt, slowly undressing to reveal that tight slender fit body with some flexible nude gymnastics in the hallway. Grabbing the Big Pink toy she goes for another nice ride on the floor, fucking the toy and holding a vibrator up on her privates to enjoy a nice climax. Heading outdoors in a sexy skimpy gold swimsuit, she talks a bit about some of her sexual experiences and then plays with her very cute petite nipples, tweaking and pulling them before heading out to the grass to do some yoga...ending up completely nude! Heading back inside she stretches out, then penetrates herself with a large thick toy to push her hole to its limits to finish off her shoot...she's a gorgeous and quite sexual brunette with tons of charisma and a tight flexible petite form, perfect for FTV Girls!


Jul 8, 2023

56 mins

256 pics

She's a sexy brunette teen that is doing her very first adult shoot experience, a bit nervous and shy but very confident in her figure. We first see her in a tight dress walking around a resort, getting upskirt views as she takes off her panties and starts rubbing herself right there! But after being disrupted by someone not happy on what she is doing, she visits another resort and ends up taking off her dress and continuing to play with herself. Fingering, she wants to use her personal vibrator, and ends up with a nice strong orgasm with visible vaginal contractions! Doing a dance & striptease to music at home, she then uses the Magic Wand toy to masturbate some more, then goes out for a lunch where she flashes her sexy privates at the restaurant! She then puts on a bikini, and uses the Big Ten Toy poolside (too big for her!) and another pink dildo before using her favorite vibrator to orgasm once again! Enjoy this gorgeous debutante, in her very first adult experience on camera!


Jul 4, 2023

50 mins

147 pics

When we're introduced to cute gamer girl Piph (which stands for Piranhas In Party Hats!) she's next to a table with a huge array of fun toys she's brought along for her shoot, in all shapes and sizes and colors! It's her first professional adult shoot, and she dives right in with some oral on some of her more...exotic dildos. After changing into a skimpy sleek latex outfit we see her playing with her pert nipples, tweaking and pulling them until they're rock hard and slipping a hand inside her panties to test her wetness. Grabbing a thick toy and the vibraking vibrator, she experiences deep penetration as well as strong vibration and brings herself to a nice strong leg-shaking orgasm! She sets up a massive dildo on the floor, rubbing her pussy against it and then lowering herself on top for huge penetration and then holding the Vibraking against her clitoris, shuddering her way to another incredibly strong climax with squirting! Heading out to lay nude by the pool, she squirts some lotion on her body and rubs it into her skin wtih her fingers, massaging and enjoying her own breasts before spreading her legs to pleasure herself...and fingering her hole to another squirting orgasm! After a quick peeing session she grabs another one of her specialty dildos, a colorful and very thick toy which she penetrates herself with deeply until she reaches climax yet again. Relaxing afterwards, she has a little chat with the photographer before saying her's a very fun day with this cute, super-sexual first timer Piph and all her unusual toys!


Jun 23, 2023

69 mins

418 pics

Cute and petite, this teen is having her very first adult experience on camera, and she is a natural when it comes to orgasms! We first see her at a tennis park, in a cute white dress, where she teases her nice round breasts, then takes her panties off and rubs her clit right there! Then at a golf course, she continues showing off her petite figure, and spreading her butt. Back home, she gets naked, then masturbates with the Magic Wand Toy -- and notice how strong her orgasm is, with very strong vaginal contractions! Also notice how juicy wet she gets, and she fingers and tastes herself. She also has the prettiest pink pussy, so we get nice closeups of her clit beautiful texture. Using the Big Ten Toy, she fucks herself with it, taking it 8 inches deep, then uses the Magic Wand again to another strong orgasm! She tries to spread and gape her little pussy... Out for a lunch, we see her tease topless, then pee on location, and rub herself again... Later in the day, she wears cute pink lingerie, then plays around with a butt plug. Going even bigger, she takes the largest butt plug we have, and manages to push it inside her! Pushing those limits, she also uses the Magic Wand toy again for another strong orgasm! Next morning, she gives us more closeups, foot fetish, fingering and pee session, with another orgasm finale. Hope you enjoy her pretty assets, and how strong those orgasms are!


Jun 18, 2023

60 mins

198 pics

Super cute blonde teen Jill introduces herself on the couch and is a senior in high school ready to graduate! Laying back on the couch in her denim skirt - with no panties underneath - we see her sliding her hands between her thighs and pleasuring herself with her fingertips. She pulls her top up to reveal her very shapely tanline-marked pair and grabs the vintage Vibraking toy against her pretty clit for pure pleasure! Heading to the kitchen we see her with a suction cup dildo stuck to the countertop, licking and sucking it up and down to practice her blowjob technique and then climbing on top for a nice deep ride along with the Vibraking toy again. To cool off afterwards she heads to the swimming pool, taking a dip in the nude (after sliding off her bikini) and fingering herself. She gets out of the pool and relaxes on an outdoor couch, fucking herself with a vibrating dildo and enjoying a nice climax! Taking things in a different direction she dresses up in an elegant black gown with high heels, hanging out by the piano to chat with the photographer and then enjoying some disco dancing. Spreading on the piano bench she licks a large dildo up and down, then slides it in her hole for penetration and vibration play before saying goodbye. Jill is a cute and very sexual teen cutie with fresh faced good looks and fun personality here on FTV Girls!


Jun 8, 2023

115 mins

578 pics

Super fit and sexy Aella has never done any adult before, and we get to see an amazing first time two day adventure -- exploring her body and her natural orgasms! We first meet her at a sassy mall, watching her parade around in a dress and heels, teasing her full C cups, exposing and rubbing her clit at a restaurant! Once at home, strips down, shows off her amazing figure, then masturbates with the Magic Wand toy to a very strong orgasm and visible vaginal contractions! Notice how much she enjoys these orgasms. Then she gives us closeups of her privates, clit and yummy pussy, then fingers her wet vagina. Going kinky, she takes her shoe heel and gives it a blowjob, then fucks herself with it! Pushing her limits, she then tries the Big Ten Toy, which is the largest penis she's ever had, taking it as deep as it can go; riding it too, getting her milky wet juices on it! Then she uses the Magic Wand again, in combination with the Big Ten, and has an even stronger orgasm with it! Then she gapes her vagina, so you can see her pretty pink inside! Out at a mall, she goes shopping and teases upskirt and downblouse, then does the same at a grocery store, and walks around naked on a trail! Back home she fucks herself with a banana... On the next day we see her in a very sensual cleavage cross dress, parading around a tourist area and teasing her perfect breasts & upskirt views! She ends up fingering and fucking herself with a glass toy on location, then goes home for another hot masturbation to strong orgasm! Riding the Big Ten, she tries going as deep as possible! Then she experiments anally, starting with a glass toy, then a butt plug. She's never done anything like that before, and notice how tight she is! Then after a little dance by the pool, she does a little pee scene. For fun, she goes back out in casual clothes and does more teasers at the mall... since we do love her firm C-cups so much! Enjoy this charismatic girl with the very sexy firm figure... we definitely did!


Jun 3, 2023

80 mins

405 pics

Scholastic, sporty, and spunky Mindy has a very kinky side to her, and for her first adult experience she wanted to shoot for FTV! We meet her at her neighborhood college area, a popular place for students to hang out. Her cute sporty wear is easy enough to take off -- she starts flashing her full breasts and is loving it! Her bottoms then come off, evading security and fingering herself when she can as people walk by! After flashing at a train station, she goes to her home to show her place for us, then get naked and masturbate in her own unique way using her personal dildo. Grinding against her hand, she ends up with a nice natural orgasm, and spreads her privates up close to show how wet she got inside! Putting on another sporty outfit showing off her hard nipples, she gets on her bicycle and goes flashing around the street. Finding some shade right off the busy street, she fingers herself, then takes her bicycle seat -- and ends up penetrating herself with the bar! Never seen that before... back home she continues to fuck the bar, riding it and using it missionary style. Then she shows off her kegel exercises, moving her vagina... Putting on a cute yellow summer dress & wedges, she goes and visits a historic museum area. Giving us upskirt teases and fingering herself again, she finds three cucumbers to play with. One at a time, she pushes them into her vagina, ending up triple penetrating herself! Thats when we realize she definitely can become an extreme girl... Back home, she has an easy time with the Large Glass Ball Toy, pulling it in and out of herself -- so she tries to fist! With some work, she ends up full fisting herself hard, going in and out and pushing her limits. She even stuffs three fingers anally, and tries some vaginal gaping! Masturbating with the Magic Wand Vibrator, she first uses it on her clit, then penetrates the whole big head of the toy as she rides it hard, pressing deep into her vagina! Surprisingly extreme, she turned out to be a fun, adventurous girl perfect for FTV!


May 29, 2023

74 mins

177 pics

Super cute, slender, tattooed Angel (aka Angie for short) used to live in the southwest and is back today to show off that body for FTV Girls, and we couldn't be happier! We're introduced to her in an open courtyard and she quickly gets down to some fun, spreading her legs and fingering herself as cars drive nearby. Heading indoors to the bedroom we see her in a cute sheer yellow top and panties chatting about some of the toys she's got in mind for the day...and then she spreads her legs, fucking herself slowly with a glass dildo to enjoy the slow textured penetration and bringing herself to a milky, creamy orgasm with visible contractions! After a quick peeing session outside into the pool she undresses completely, doing a sensual energetic dance with a ladder! Next up is an oral demonstration with a large suction cup dildo, licking and sucking it up and down and then climbing on top for a nice ride. She heads back outside, this time in a VERY skimpy bikini, enjoying a salad lunch by the swimming pool and casually chatting with the photographer about some of her history including wild college orgies! After that she enjoys some sensual breast play, tugging and tweaking her pert nipples and then pleasuring herself with her fingertips...and pulling apart her pretty pink lips to show her milky wetness inside from close up. For a kinky finale we watch her fuck her hole with the neck of a plastic bottle full of water, then pouring it over herself before saying goodbye...enjoy this supersexual slender fashion model Angel exploring and sharing her body today on FTV Girls!


May 16, 2023

90 mins

522 pics

This bubbly, fun and energetic teen has those nice big D-cup naturals, and some major enthusiasm for her very first adult shoot! We first see her at a quiet neiborhood, watching her run around with a sports bra and tennis skirt. Notice when she runs, her nipples pop out! We gets some upskirt views at a park, then see her go running topless! Enjoy those breasts as they bounce! Back home, she shows off her flexibility through yoga, the exposes her privates. Notice how pink her pussy is, and she does some long labia stretching as well as pulling out her prominent clit! Extreme closeups of her privates leads to her fucking herself with her hairbrush handle, then trying the Magic Wand Vibrator for the first time and squirming all over the place! Then she does a cute dancing video to music, and wow she can move! Then she tries the Big Ten Toy, which she takes 9 inches deep, and fucks herself hard with it! She attempts to fist herself, but manages to get her five fingers in, then gapes for us real wide, to see her pink pussy deep inside! Later in the day, out at a lunch break, we get upskirt teases at the restaurant, then she lets her breasts out and massages them right in the booth! She then goes to a grocery store where she flashes some more, then finds a cucumber to fuck herself with! At a green resort, she proceeds to penetrate herself with this large, long cucumber, and rides it as deep as she can! Then she's back out again, this time in a very skimpy dress, teasing her privates and her big breasts, showing off the butt plug hidden underneath. She then fucks herself with the Big Glass Ball Toy, until she's caught by some resort employees! Back home, she goes all out fucking herself with glass anal toys, then double penetrates herself with the Big Ten and glass toys in both holes, filling herself up and pushing her limits! Enjoy this kinky, fun, and busty teen, she's another cute addition to FTV :)


May 14, 2023

67 mins

151 pics

In the bedroom we're introduced to beautiful Royce as she sensually explores her body, sliding her hands over her flowery panties before pulling them aside to hold the powerful vintage Vibraking toy up against her clitoris. Penetrating herself at the same time with another vibrating toy with her breasts hanging out of her shirt, she asks for the photographer's help...which brings her to a nice climax. Next we see her in a yellow top with no panties on, trying out a large white rabbit-type vibrator for the first time which, combined with the powerful Vibraking again, brought her to a stronger creamy orgasm! We're given a voyeur's-eye view through the blinds as Royce relaxes out on a towel by the pool, taking off her pink bikini and sliding her hands over her breasts for a massage...and then masturbating, using her fingers as well as a large glass dildo to fuck herself. After changing into a denim dress we see her having a chat with the photographer, unzipping to let her large sexy pair hang out! With no panties on she does some naughty public fingering, having to stop briefly when a pedestrian wanders too close! Back at the house for warmth we see her drop her dress, then sit on top of a big pink suction cup dildo for a nice ride, one last masturbation session in cowgirl boots. Royce is a shy and very cute girl with a fantastic body, making her perfect for FTV in her debut shoot today!

Myra & Mila

May 4, 2023

105 mins

514 pics

The supercute and fit girls Mila and Myra, who did their first time shoots with FTV, and have returned several times, are paired in this ideal match -- a cherry blonde and brunette with tight figures and perfect butts -- and extreme as well! We first see them at a fancy resort, wearing cute dresses and heels, making out and sucking on each others' nipples. They look hot in their revealing outfits and they definitely love showing their panty-free upskirts! They end up on a couch (right at the resort!) as Mila seduces Myra, going down on her on the spot! Back home, they use the Magic Wand poolside, and Myra has an orgasm first (with very strong vaginal contractions) and Mila is next squirting all over! Indoors, Mila starts fingering Myra, going three, four and five fingers before deep fisting her! We get some good gaping as well... Then in cute pastel bra & panties, we enjoy their firm fit figures, as they dance to music together. Then they go for some anal play eating each others' butts, fingering and using a glass toy on each other. On the next morning, we see them in the bed, comfy and kissing, then it's Myra's turn to seduce Mila. Sucking on her nipples, kissing her, then going down on her, licking her clit, they reverse roles and Mila enjoys Myra's pretty pink pussy. Myra then masturbates with the Magic Wand, and for the first time in her life, she ends up squirting on her orgasm! Mila follows suit, and ends up with a strong squirting orgasm with visible vaginal contractions, just like Myra! They've wet the bed, but they're not done! Myra works her fingers into Mila's juicy wet pussy, and ends up fisting her! They do it in different positions, pushing Mila's limits. All that pressure makes Mila need to pee... All naked, they decide to play some pool, but it quickly turns into another touchy session where they end up fucking each other with pool sticks! Have fun with these two supercute, tattoo-free natural girls who get to explore each other for the first time...


Apr 26, 2023

91 mins

388 pics

She's a tall, beautiful blue-eyed girl who has never done adult work before, and is experiencing her first time doing everything here on FTV! She also has some of the most perfect D cups you've ever seen, so round and so firm! We meet her at a mall, watching her full cleavage jiggle in the loose top. Soon enough she's flashing them right out in the open! After getting almost fully naked and caught by a few passers-by while dancing to music topless at the mall, she runs over to a more remote area to switch from casual jeans to cute little shorts and a sexier top. Once again the clothes come off quickly, and we watch her run about with her big breasts bouncing everywhere! She then uses a vibrator on a park bench, ends up squirting so much on her orgasms -- we haven't seen such a heavy squirter in years! She wets the entire bench on three visible orgasms... Back home, she does an interview about her sex life, then gives those perfect breasts a nice hard massage. Out poolside, she uses her favorite toy, the Magic Wand to masturbate again and have more squirting orgasms, along with a second camera angle closeup for detailed squirting views. We then get extreme closeups of her private parts, spreading and gaping, which then leads to a dare -- can she put the big head of the wand toy inside her? She works hard at it, and pushes the big ball inside -- and rides it on top to get it in deeper! Out on an open mountain road, we see her in a loose top, shorts and sexy wedges, approaching a supercar. She opens the door, starts it up, shows off the key nestled inside her bra, then comes out and gets completely naked again. The car arouses her, and she starts fingering herself inside... Back home, she puts on a very cute bra & panties, dances to her favorite music (she moves her body so erotically!) eventually doing it all naked. Then finding herself a long cucumber, she shows off how deep she can go (very deep!) having hard sex with it and riding it -- then doing herself doggy style. The veggie theme continues with a big thick summer squash, and she manages to take the whole thing inside her!! She learns to use her vaginal muscles to push it out, then at one point while pushing it out it makes her squirt (hits her g-spot)! In the comfy bedroom, she talks a little bit about her sexy figure, shows off a few yoga poses, pulls on her cute blonde pubic hair, then tugs and pulls on her nipple piercings. Turning herself on with deep fingering, she talks about her threesome experience a year back, then slowly works her fingers in more, ending up fisting herself! She fists herself hard, fast and deep, ending up squirting from all the pressure! Incredible -- as she's never done anything like this before. Then for the ultimate climax, she tries the Vibraking toy -- and it makes her squirt so many times, so hard, she literally wets the entire tile floor! Slipping and sliding in her own juices, she doesn't want to stop! Another amazing, sexual, and idea-figured girl, enjoy this total First Timer, she's another perfect girl for FTV!


Apr 19, 2023

143 mins

366 pics

Blonde first-timer Khloe is lying in bed in strappy pink lingerie - with no panties on - when we're first introduced to her and wow, her slender petite body is irresistible! After chatting a bit with the photographer we see her tweaking and playing with her pert little nipples, then sliding her hands down to pleasure herself with her fingertips. She masturbates with her hands for a short time and then reaches for the strong vintage Vibraking toy which quickly brings her to her first orgasm of the day! A sparkly pink vibrator is next for some more penetration fun, and she fucks herself with the toy for deep pussy pleasure. After changing into cute cutoff denim shorts she enjoys a sensual dance in front of the mirror, admiring her reflection as she moves gracefully to the music...and slipping her shorts and panties off to give a peek at that very cute butt! She sticks a suction cup toy to the mirror, giving it a blowjob and watching while her 'twin' in the mirror does as well before setting it on the windowsill and sitting down on top for a nice ride. Heading outdoors in a cute wraparound skirt she gives some upskirt flashes and peeks, then sits against a wall next to an office building as she finger-fucks herself to another orgasm! Back inside to get out of the cold she gets into the tub, fucking herself in several positions with her white vibrating dildo, then using the mighty Vibraking toy as well against her sensitive clitoris for yet another climax to end day one of her shoot. The next day we see her in a pink outfit, then stripping naked to fuck herself with the big pink toy as she masturbates with the Vibraking...and we notes how creamy the dildo gets from her cum! Hopping up on the dining room table, she slides on some sexy thigh high stockings and lays on her side, rubbing her holes with each hand and then guiding a flexible dildo inside her ass for anal penetration. Going out to a public park in her stretchy blue workout gear we see her jogging and stretching, then pulling her pants down to do a little risky masturbation against a tree! Back at the house for one last penetration session we see her fucking her hole with a huge pink toy and masturbating with the Vibraking, enjoying one last intense orgasm! Khloe is a new face to the industry but she's clearly destined for success with her good looks, tight body, and charm...and it's a treat seeing her here on FTV Girls!

Mila IV

Apr 14, 2023

49 mins

293 pics

On the next morning, our super sexy Mila is seen in the bedroom with form fitting bra and panties, stretching and showing off her flexibility, then playing with her long labia around her underwear. We enjoy her firm butt, then watch her give her firm breasts a hard breast massage. Then using the Magic Wand toy, she has another very strong orgasm and visible vaginal contractions, along with a big squirt wetting the bed! We see her then finger her wetness and show off her pretty, pink clit up close. After a little pee session, she's out at a mall teasing her breasts and butt, filming herself naked, and buying cute silver heels. In the car, she continues to masturbate, rubbing herself with her fingers, then going poolside to orgasm with a small vibrator. Later in the day, in a sexy, long pink dress and heels, she parades around a fancy resort showing off how seethrough it is. You can literally see her breasts, nipples and privates through it all! At home, she does a sexy dance to music, then takes her heel off, sucking on it and fucking herself with the heel! Notice how her tight pussy holds onto that heel and she can push it out with her strong vaginal muscles. Then she masturbates again with the magic wand, and squirts all over the couch! Enjoy this latin hottie, she's likely to come back to play with another girl...

Mila III

Apr 8, 2023

35 mins

281 pics

Our super sexy and perfect-figured brunette returns on a two-day experience looking as hot as ever... and all about having those strong squirting orgasms! We first see her at a fancy mall, wearing a long winter sweater dress with nothing underneath... and before you know it she's teasing her full, firm breasts and those hard nipples in the cold! She then starts rubbing and fingering herself, showing off that sexy butt before going home. Notice that she can open the dress up around her privates and rub herself from the outside! Going to her favorite vibrator, the Magic Wand, she has a very strong orgasm and visible vaginal contractions, and squirts hard too! She then goes to the floor to taste it... Getting naked, she does another gorgeous dance (she was a ballerina) to Spanish music. Then, using the Big Ten Toy, she tries going as deep as she possibly can, taking nearly 9 inches on doing splits on the Toy! Then in combination with the magic wand, she ends up having another squirting orgasm making a mess everywhere... Then she goes straight to extreme, pushing her hand into her pussy, and doing full fisting, then gaping her vagina and showing off those strong vaginal muscles! Enjoy this hottie, her second day is around the corner...


Apr 3, 2023

79 mins

194 pics

We're introduced to shy first-timer Angel at the front door and it's pretty clear she's new to the experience of wearing high heels, slowly walking up in a short sexy black dress and letting it slide off so we can admire her slender beautiful form. She gets down on her knees and takes a long pink toy in her mouth for oral pleasure, sucking and licking it up and down before spreading her legs to penetrate herself deep while holding a magic wand vibrator up against her clitoris. Heading outdoors to the hammock in sandals, glasses, and a colorful outfit she takes the vibrating wand and masturbates with her panties pulled aside, fingering her hole at the same time. She heads to the public park in her bright colorful workout gear, rubbing herself through the thin spandex fabric...but there were a few too many people walking around so she headed back to the house to continue play. She just had her very shapely nipples pierced recently and we get a nice close up look at them as she tweaks and plays with her breasts, then she takes another toy and begins fucking herself with it - and we note the wet sounds from within as the toy slides into her hole. Back outdoors in a yellow dress she drops the top and hikes up her hem, rubbing her privates with her fingertips and then using the magic wand as well as a vibrating yellow dildo to bring herself to a shy but natural orgasm! Trying out a multitude of vibrators and dildos she finds a combination she likes, enjoying one more long masturbation session to finish off her day...Angel is very new and shy but it's clear she's opening up to the camera and gaining confidence, and it's a treat to see her here on FTV!


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