Feb 10, 2005

85 mins

194 pics

Violet Day2: On her second day, her video turned even more extreme, and possibly the most fun shoot ever on FTV! Wearing a sexy blue dress & heels, she heads over to an office building where she flashes her goods... then starts masturbating right there! This time she uses the Big Pink, our largest toy; 11 inches long and ultra-thick. It seems the bigger the better, because right there on the floor, she starts masturbating furiously with the toy, having so many wet orgasms we could not count. In the end, she had made a milky puddle all over the floor, and shocked us with how deep she took this toy. Most girls run at the sight of it! At a lunch break, she shocks us with a surprise, by pulling out a vibrator deep from her private part... she had 'stored' it in there all this time! In the car she pulls it out of her again, and starts playing with it at some closed medical building. She made out with herself on the window of the building, leaving a large lipstick mark. Back in the car, she decides to ride the stick shift... and this is a very wide & thick one! She takes it down, with difficulty but succeeds in riding it for a while. Just a little too big, she uses her vibrator for some anal fun, then her Big Pink toy again to have another squirting orgasm, all in the while cars drive by on the highway. Indoors, she really wanted to show off her cute Halloween outfit, a 'bad angel' look, so she puts it on, and the stockings, and guess what? She decides to stuff one of her stockings till it disappears! Best for last, we introduce to her a crazy toy, a big black thing the size of her leg, which she tries, but only gets the head in. We finally find her limits! But how she masturbates is the most erotic ever, slowly pressing all her fingers in until she has her whole fist inside herself, deep past the wrist! She fists herself hard and fast, and for a long time, until she has two squirting orgasms. According to her, that was her wildest experience ever, and our hottest video to date!


Feb 7, 2005

66 mins

195 pics

Violet Day1: We patiently waited to have beautiful Violet back, and she comes to us more orgasmic & sexual than before! Playing around at a resort, in a cute miniskirt, she starts dancing, doing backstands, and then fingering herself, right there where she can get caught! She even starts sticking four and even five fingers as deep as they go.... Then to the back yard where she picks out a full-sized pink toy and begins a very hard masturbation that leads to several squirts, orgasms and wetness everywhere! She stuffs four fingers deep inside and tastes all her juices. Jumping around in a cute schoolgirl outfit and trying to remember her cheerleader routines, she visits the bed with six golf balls and eight candles.... Trying to match Chloe's challenge, she gets 8 candles deep inside her after a lot of effort, an incredible sight! Even more wild is how she pushes the golf balls in, one by one until she has 5 of them completely filling her up! She almost had to fist herself to pull the last few out, which ended up making some hot fisting photos. After dinner, and flashing her boobs outside near a restaurant, she finds herself a new Big Ten toy, a full 10 inches to try out. No surprise, she enjoys every minute of it, riding the toy on the glass table, so hard she almost breaks it! Squirting and orgasming everywhere, the end result is a very wet table. It was incredible to see her take that thing all the way down....


Feb 3, 2005

71 mins

248 pics

Our angelic blonde with big breasts returns, first by flashing her boobies outside where people can see, as well as in a restaurant, then rushes indoors to make another strong orgasm happen, with the use of a vibrator. Just look at the intense pleasure in her face. Was that 2 orgasms? She attempts to shoot the vibrator out of her private parts... Her bikini does not stay on for long at the pool, and she gets her hot private parts all wet, then stuffs the water hose inside her and squirts water out! Oh and watch those breasts jiggle as she does some cheers! In ponytail, we see more of her cute face, and some extreme closeups as she stuffs her makeup tools deep inside her, making them disappear. Then her most powerful orgasm, as she uses our largest vibrator deep...

Chloe & Sophia

Jan 30, 2005

66 mins

265 pics

This girl-girl video is the most extreme video to date, where two of our extreme models, Chloe & Sophia go all out for sex. Meeting up in a public place, they start deep kissing and playing with each other, returning home for some lengthy oral sex that brings them to orgasm. Then Chloe asks Sophia to fist her, and she does, very hard to orgasm! Chloe returns the favor on the more petite Sophia, and watch the pleasure on her face when she orgasms as well! Then playing with bananas in sexy pink lingerie, they try their extremes.... Sophia tries using a banana as a toy on Chloe, then pushing in a second banana, double penetrating her deep, vaginally! Chloe then tries it on Sophia, but this time one banana deep in each hole! It then goes more extreme as Sophia deep fists Chloe, then even tries to push in a second hand and brings her to another orgasm. Later that night, Sophia wanted a few more orgasms, so she took a toy, and in her sexy business suit, brings herself to two more orgasms...


Jan 26, 2005

85 mins

362 pics

We had a full weekend with her, making this an massive update for FTV fans. She visits us from Hungary, referred to us by her good friend Yohanna. The day begins in her classiest dress, walking through an exotic resort, lifting her skirt and flashing her breasts. She starts to rub herself right there, but to masturbate, she heads indoors and with help of a vibrator, has a very nice, real, natural orgasm on the couch. She puts on a sexy red pair of stockings and matching bra & panties, and proceeds to masturbate again right on the dining table! Next day, Lia joins us to assist in her bikini shoot, and there she rubs lotion on her hot figure, from a hard breast massage to a nice foot & private part massage. She has a boyfriend back home, so she made a video for us, where she speaks in Hungarian, talking dirty and masturbating with her vibrating toy... she gets so into it that she has another very strong orgasm. Lia & Gina get along very nicely, and Lia takes over with the camera shooting nudes at the pool. Gina's body is meant to get wet... see for yourself!

Internext 2005

Jan 23, 2005

93 mins

200 pics

The adult internet world is something that the average internet browser does not see, hence the idea for this update. We wanted you to see how it is at a 'porn convention', more specifically the internext. We had some of our favorite models: Fiona, Lia, Alison and Violet make an appearance, and you get to see them interact with webmasters, promoters and each other. Its a more 'reality show' sort of video, which lets you on the inside of the adult convention as if you were really there. It also lets you get to know the unique personalities each model brings with her. You see our booth, which was one of the more exquisite presentations at the show. Late night parties hosted by FTV are fun to watch, especially when the girls start flashing their private parts. As a bonus, we get the girls into a bubble bath, and let them play with each other....


Jan 20, 2005

94 mins

317 pics

We got our French photographer to shot for us again, this time Valerie. She reminds us of a cross between actress Jennifer Aniston and Princess Lia of Star Wars haha! She looks hot in any sexy dress, and thats how she starts, walking the streets of Budapest, then stripping down and masturbating with fingers and a toy. More outfit changes and another masturbation scene with a strange red toy. Later next day she wears a very sexy red summer dress, rubs her body with the camera taking closeups of her body. A shower scene with a glass toy & a creaming session in the kitchen is hot to watch.


Jan 16, 2005

63 mins

301 pics

Always warm here in Arizona, Sarah puts on a good show in the sunny outdoors, first by flashing her nipples in a restaurant, then posing naked & masturbating at an office building. Then some bikini & nude action at a water fountain in the middle of a road. She is looking as hot as ever, and we get her to pose all sexy in the kitchen, and let our assistant give her a nice foot & butt massage. Then comes the experiment: She tries to stuff some very large 'ornamental' balls deep, and does a pretty good job of it. Later, in sexy jean shorts and black heels, she goes crazy with toys, double- penetrating herself with two vibrators, then using a double-ended jelly toy for hard sex, finally leading to a nice orgasm.


Jan 13, 2005

57 mins

267 pics

In Isabella's last update in Hawaii, we take a more adventurous tour of the island, starting with a hike to Diamond Head, and we get to see her flash it all while tourists hike on. We head over to some house under construction and do nudes there as well, with her hair in a ponytail. In the cold of winter for everyone else, we get to see her travel the Pali Jungle trail, and masturbate under a willow tree. A beautiful sight to be remembered! Then a tour of Hawaii's flowers, for some really sensual nudes with flowers, then a masturbation scene literally in fragrant petals. It almost seems too quick, 6 days of shooting are over, but we hope you loved this very special Hawaii series, with the new Goddess of FTV.


Jan 10, 2005

57 mins

250 pics

Hawaii is known for its beaches, but we traveled to Sandy Beach, early sunrise to get good photos, and let her run naked on the beach! Its something else to see this beauty run with her breasts bouncing and that firm butt pass us by. Then at the cliffs, she poses by the black lava rocks, and masturbates right there. Some tourist tries to peek, but that does not stop her from orgasm. To get that sand off her private parts, she takes a sensual shower and masturbates again... and for the sunset with a very sensual finale in the sexiest lingerie shoot ever on the 30th floor, and a gorgeous sarong with nothing underneath. Must see photo & video.


Jan 7, 2005

44 mins

233 pics

We needed to pick one model to travel with us to Hawaii, and Isabella fit perfectly. She is immensely popular on FTV, and this makes it her sixth visit to FTV! She had not been to Hawaii before, but with a flawless figure like hers, it needed to be shot in one of the most exotic places in the world. So we visit several of the elegant hotels along Waikiki, where she wears some new choice sexy & classy dresses, without bra or panties of course, pulling nude teases while tourists walk by unsuspecting. Two days of shooting in this update, and she masturbates to orgasm in both! She goes as far as masturbating in the hallway of the hotel, and posing nude in the resorts' lounge... beautiful photos, and fun video makes this a shoot to remember.

Taylor Rain

Jan 3, 2005

48 mins

172 pics

A little more serious this time, a more glamour look to her, she continues to look better on her fourth visit to FTV. She was voted the third most popular on FTV! We take her to new extremes, having her masturbate with three toys, first double penetrating herself with two vibrators in both holes, then finding herself with the giant Big Pink toy, discovering finally that even she has limits to how big she can go. Then on a different take, her next video is cuddly and cute, being a girliekins waking up to another masturbation, fingering & fisting herself, attempting both holes. She is so stretched out in the end, we shine a light as she spreads open, you can see straight down into her cervix!


Dec 31, 2004

40 mins

130 pics

With Erika being voted as one of FTV's most favorite, we knew she had to come back again! This time we give Erika a more mature & serious theme, now over a year since her first shoot at FTV. Her breasts are full and lactating as before, but what we want to see her is in some classy, dressy outfits. She masturbates in a long black dress, then goes to a mirror, and fists herself to orgasm! Out on the roof, she masturbates again, along with a very sweet photoshoot. Inside she picks out a sexy blue summer dress, and impresses us with her use of the giant Big Pink toy. It brings her to her limits, but it makes for hot video!


Dec 28, 2004

54 mins

228 pics

Jamie has recently been voted by members as FTV's most popular model... so we had her back as soon as possible. in another classy outfit, much like a hot secretary, she exposes her breasts while a police officer watches... back indoors she masturbates until she has an orgasm that leaves the floor slippery wet! Then comes her best orgasm to date, where she masturbates in sexy black lingerie & heels, using a vibrator and a clear jelly dildo -- she squirts so hard that it completely splatters and covers the glass table with clear juice. Just watching her squirm & shake with pleasure with such intensity -- It's an incredibly erotic sight. Sitting & staring into that pool of sensual liquid.... Then a body massage with some cream action covers all her best parts, with some foot fetish fun for the barefoot fans. Hey, in this coverpage she looks a lot like Cindy Crawford, don't you think?


Dec 24, 2004

56 mins

235 pics

We invited Marlena back again, as soon as we could! She was very popular in her first visit. Right from the start, we take her to a playground to ride a swing & jungle gym all while some guys are watching her reveal her breasts and pull up her skirt. She then gets dressed up in Alexa's sexy clothes, and masturbates on the black couch using her fingers. The weather is still warm in Arizona, so she hits the pool, runs from bees, gets naked and plays with a water hose for some hot wet shots. She's got such a hot butt! A brief interlude where she acts funky and dorky, she then speaks to us in sensual spanish, while giving a blowjob to penis-shaped dildo, then fucks it hard (missionary, doggy & riding) until she has an orgasm.


Dec 21, 2004

59 mins

242 pics

Elle is from Sweden, and this video has been shot by her boyfriend. She really wanted to be an FTV model, but since the FTV staff could not be present in Sweden, her boyfriend did the photo & video. His work is pretty good, so we let him do the shoot for us. Elle does speak a little English, and she & her boyfriend are actual members of FTV. She is bisexual, and enjoys both anal and vaginal sex. She masturbates several times, using vibrators and fingers, banging herself hard, and trying a very large toy at the end, taking it deep. She really does love anal!

Kim & Kyla

Dec 17, 2004

84 mins

188 pics

They only got acquainted together recently rather by accident, at a bowling alley of all places! But their first time play happens only here, on FTV. After fooling around and making out, playing and fondling, they do possibly the longest lesbian video you will ever see. They simply did not stop playing, from oral, toy after toy, orgasm after orgasm. The videographer quietly taped it all, without interruption. They did not need to act out anything, they were a perfect match, when it came to knowing how to please. This video is the ultimate kissing, sucking, fingering, toy-banging lesbian video... and with two of our most beautiful girls of course. And Kim... you can just tell she loves going down on women.


Dec 14, 2004

62 mins

185 pics

Her first visit simply was not enough of this beautiful woman, so we have her back, this time her hair is lighter, but her sexuality is just the same. A very classy and hot shoot makes her look like a fashion model, but then you see the 'bad girl' when she masturbates in that very same shoot, leaving a wet spot on the couch. Then she uses an egg-shaped vibrator to masturbate again... and a member gets lucky, doing his own personal video of her playing with herself! In this return visit, we really see how gorgeous and sexy she is....those big beautiful eyes...


Dec 12, 2004

25 mins

121 pics

She returns, as our third model to come back pregnant! Now at 8 months, our exotic part filipino-spanish super-sexual girl wants us to see her masturbate again. Well, a vibrator and fingers will help her out, and she has a satisfying orgasm. Then, with a her lactating breasts, she squirts on a glass table, uses the milk to lube up her pussy, then milks onto the Big Ten toy. She makes you think its your penis she is squirting on... and then gives it a blowjob after its made all milky!


Dec 9, 2004

49 mins

136 pics

This seductress returns for a second visit to heat up our December, with a bikini shoot that turns into a water hose play session... then a bikini stuffing experiment. Indoors she gets to use a vibrator for the very first time, and she realizes how incredible it works for her, bringing her to a shaky orgasm. Time for some public nudity at a gas station, and a car wash... lets see those full firm breasts! Then into sexy black lingerie with hoserie, which she attempts to stuff with her shoe heel. She enjoyed using a vibrator so much, she tried it again, and had another incredibly hard orgasm!


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