Michelle & Janelle

Jun 16, 2004

85 mins

208 pics

Its been a while since we have seen popular Janelle, and what best to see her with another girl again, our very popular cheerleader Michelle! Michelle has never been with a girl before, but Janelle slowly seduces her, and give her the best oral sex of her life. It does not stop there, as Michelle returns the favor, and is a quick learner! Two orgasms later they are in each others' arms. Even better is what they do the next day, grabbing the Big Ten toy, giving it a blowjob together, then trying out the Big Ten toy together, riding it until orgasm... along with more oral play and fingering. Michelle even gets to play with Janelle's breasts, making them lactate, tasting her milk. Our favorite girl-girl video to date!


Jun 13, 2004

39 mins

105 pics

What a cute girl we have here! That innocent-looking face, perfect figure, with full round natural breasts. She looks a lot like a popular actress we can't mention here... so she did a small photoshoot for us, in a cute white outfit, and sexy strappy pink shoes. But she started nagging that she wanted to masturbate as soon as possible, and we let her do her thing right there. Never have we seen any model feel that urged to masturbate, but were happy to record it! Two orgasms later we see a happier model, with sticky juices flowing out of her private part.


Jun 9, 2004

57 mins

190 pics

We found this young 'innocent' girl on a chance meeting, and brought out her sexual wild side. We visit her apartment, while she tries on several cute outfits for us and flashes her private parts and very cute butt. This petite girl then does some public nudity at a mall, flashing her pantyless bottom & nipples. Going home she takes a vibrator and has very hard sex with it to a wet, milky orgasm. She was ready for anything, so we had her ride the Big Ten toy, and we were shocked when she took the whole thing down, and rode it so hard on the table, we wondered how she could possibly take it past her belly button!


Jun 5, 2004

32 mins

80 pics

We are lucky to have her with us, a lingerie model who is doing explicit nudes & video for the first time. She is gorgeous, with a very tall, sensual figure blessed with a pair of large succulent breasts. After giving us a taste of her fashion style, dressing & undressing, she moves to a long evening gown, and proceeds to masturbate with it on. Using a vibrator, she comes to a hard orgasm; what we didn't expect was how she squirted all over the dining table!


Jun 1, 2004

60 mins

219 pics

Ultra-Extreme girl comes back with a bang! Masturbating on the couch, she has her very large-handed boyfriend fist her very deep, hard and fast past the wrist... and with a vibrator in his hand too! The orgasm she has is quite incredible. Then she tries several tapered candles, slowly stretching herself open with each successive addition, you should see the photo & video on this one. Then lets see her try some large bouncing balls, then have her boyfriend fist her again, and pull them out from deep inside her! Then the biggest FTV challenge ever, trying out the new Glass FTV toy, as deep as it gets....


May 28, 2004

62 mins

261 pics

This Greek girl is a cheerleader from High School, now graduated in college; she was very shy about posing nude, but after she warmed up, she actually managed to masturbate for the camera, and orgasm in the end. She then does a cheerleader stretching routine, which ends in a speculum scene (!). The next day she seems a lot more relaxed about her nudity, and masturbates right at the park, with a vibrator! As a fun extra in the end, we do some extreme closeups of her very pretty private part, and a deep bead stuffing scene.


May 24, 2004

32 mins

239 pics

Looks like our members have fallen in love with Isabella, like our videographer has! So she is back two months later for another large photo series, in as many locations as we could find. We take her to do some public nudity, by showing off her breasts and private part at a grocery store, also at which she buys a cucumber, that she uses to masturbate to orgasm with. Then at night, against a fireplace, in sexy strappy heels, she masturbates again, for her and our pleasure.


May 20, 2004

44 mins

193 pics

She is such a cute and smiley girl, with full breasts and a very slim waistline, we had to take tons of cute photos of her in sexy clothes, strappy heels & slowly stripping down in outdoor public areas. But we're sure what you will like more is what she does indoors, masturbating with her fingers to orgasm. After several more shoots, she goes back to masturbating again, and this time she stuffs her red panties while doing it!


May 17, 2004

30 mins

79 pics

Her brief visit surprised us, as we never expected her to masturbate the way she did... she has that exotic and seductive look, but boy does she like anal! When she started masturbating, she had a unique way of doing it, along with using two toys to satisfy both holes. And she would not stop! She went on for quite a while. As for her very sexy face, we have a full photoshoot posing in a very cute outfit. Soft and extreme tastes satisfied here.


May 14, 2004

32 mins

145 pics

She is no conservative woman, very sexual and always ready to please her man. Well here we have no men, so she ends up pleasing herself with a glass toy, and we see how her smooth and pretty private part gets penetrated deep until she has an orgasm. She is photogenic, and she has great taste in classy clothes, so enjoy a series of hot photoshoots, which then leads to another unique scene, where she stuffs her panties from a very arousing angle.


May 10, 2004

47 mins

137 pics

Our members' favorite is back, and we took some of your suggestions, and made a very hot video! Wearing a cute tennis outfit, she plays tennis at a court, having her breasts bounce and hang out, and get those fine upskirt butt shots of course. Then she masturbates to orgasm, and uses her racket handle deeeep! What a sex toy. Her breasts are full, firm C cups now, and they lactate. So watch her squirt milk all over the window, and pump a quart of it into a bottle. Oh yes, and some deep penetration with a pair of golf balls!

Li & Janine

May 7, 2004

55 mins

314 pics

Our popular Asian model Li has a run-in with Janine, who returns for a fresh shoot infatuated with Li. Since they are so attracted to each other, we let them go and do their thing, starting with playful activity outdoors, then going down on each other with some hard oral sexy and breast play. They take a bath later, giving their bodies a nice rub. Then more oral sex, and a double-ended dildo and fingering to another orgasm, and a breast massage finale on Li's very fine breasts.


May 3, 2004

38 mins

152 pics

We are lucky to find us such a beautiful, natural blonde to try out for FTV, and go to her limits in sexual play. To warm up we do some sweet photoshoots on location with her in a cute summer dress, getting nice upskirts and nipple teases. What a nice butt! We love how horny she is, because she takes a vibrator and starts using it right away, and has a milky wet orgasm! We take it further and she tries bigger toys, even the Big Ten toy. Add to it some double penetration....


Apr 28, 2004

71 mins

203 pics

She isn't shy about risking being caught in public places; at the restaurant she pops her full breasts out and starts licking them, then taking off her panties! Out at a park, more nudity ensues. Back indoors, we see how horny she is, when she fingers herself and has a hard, shaking orgasm with the help of two vibrators. More double action where she takes two vibrating eggs deep inside herself, then penetrating her private part with three jelly dildos at the same time! Then a hot ride on the Big Ten and the FTV Toy that will make you lose it!


Apr 25, 2004

88 mins

198 pics

Her return long overdue, she became quite popular just off a simple photoshoot. Perhaps its that we could see how sexual she is just through photos... so here we do a voyeur schoolgirl scene, which leads to a verry intense masturbation scene with a vibrator, having a shaky orgasm on the stairs. A fruity yogurt scene ends with her doing a banana, and a panty stuffing scene. A very long masturbation scene later, she fingers herself hard, then rides the Big Ten toy, in possibly the hottest Big Ten scene ever. She rides the thing so hard and so deep, that she breaks the table! It does not end there, its time for an FTV Toy ride...


Apr 22, 2004

13 mins

122 pics

She's a relatively new model who just started learning all about posing for adult sites; but she is not shy at all. No matter where we go, whether a construction yard, and office building, or in front of a mall, she lifts up her skirt to show off her panty-free goodies. Long legs, slim figure, and crystal eyes with red hair, she bears a very nice smile as well. We hope to see a more extreme side of her soon...


Apr 18, 2004

39 mins

153 pics

She lives so close by to us, we had to get her back, and beg her to do a masturbation video for us. She was shy, but once that sexual side came out with the help of her boyfriend, we got some awesome footage. First with a very hard breast massage by her boyfriend, she rubs herself and has him finger her to orgasm with the help of a vibrator. Then she takes a shower which is a must see for butt and breast lovers! And oh, lets see those extreme closeups of her pretty private parts!


Apr 15, 2004

98 mins

97 pics

Fair skinned, long jet-black hair, pouty lips and soft green eyes, gives her a unique but sensual look for FTV. She wears a casual but sexy summer dress, and then masturbates to orgasm, playing with her breasts and kissing herself in the mirror. We then travel to Camelback mountain, on a hike up to show how athletic and sports-oriented she is. Of course, topless and some good upskirt action. She then does a lingerie & stockings scene, using a long toy for more pleasure. Lastly, we see her with more toys, beads, and then a ride on the FTV Toy.


Apr 11, 2004

50 mins

155 pics

She's just turned 18, still in grade 12 high school, and a real life cheerleader. Referred to us by our model Janelle, we thought she might be very shy & innocent, but she surprised us! Getting naked with no inhibitions, she does us a cheerleader routine and stretching without panties, so we get some really nice upskirt action! Once she goes back indoors, she masturbates with her fingers, then uses the pompoms like toys. She sounds very wet, and the best part is her use of a vibrator to have a very hard orgasm.


Apr 7, 2004

55 mins

181 pics

FTV has some extreme girls, but she might be our most extreme ever. She starts right away with masturbating, then fisting herself... Then by her suggestion (!) we bought her a baseball bat, which she masturbated with and took the wide side so deep! That wasn't enough, she rides it, fists herself again, and then takes on 4 golf balls all at once!! Later than night, she tries out our newest giant toy, the Big Pink, and rides the FTV toy. For some reason she loves the baseball bat, and uses it again! You'd never think such a cute & petite brown-eyed girl could it, but seeing is believing!


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