Michelle & Janelle

Nov 1, 2004

67 mins

150 pics

Now that these two are comfortable together, we brought them back and decided to take their video to another level. Posing in matching pink panties, Janelle gives Michelle another orgasm with just her tongue on her private part... but in return Michelle fists Janelle! A hot fisting scene with some incredible stretching after Janelle orgasms and loosens up. Perhaps even more erotic, Janelle then does a hot lactation scene with the help of Michelle, and squirts milk onto her body, and her tongue! Closeups catch the action as she swallows the milky white. They both want another orgasm, so the go down on each other, till they are satisfied. Oh, and some crazy things happen with a golf ball....


Oct 28, 2004

36 mins

214 pics

Isabella... Again? We cannot resist, and there is a growing number of members who want more, and more.... We shoot her in her classiest dresses yet, and take her to the exotic resorts of phoenix to exude her classy style. Public nudity? Well she is naked right in the resort! Members also wanted to se her do a speculum scene, well why not do it in style, with her classy dress on. She then plays 'strip chess' in lingerie with the videographer, and proceeds to masturbate with the help of a chess piece! Then some more photo & video outside with a voyeur looking on...


Oct 25, 2004

52 mins

177 pics

She says her penetrating crystal blue eyes can seduce any man. Well we say its her sexy looks and long slender body that does it too. She really defines the term 'need for sex', as she really has a strong desire for intercourse, in our case, with toys. After posing nude outdoors, she masturbates on the bed with fingers, then hard sex with her dual-purpose vibrator. After an orgasm, she shows us how flexible she is, wearing sexy black lingerie, and masturbates again, doggy style with legs spread. Another orgasm...


Oct 22, 2004

29 mins

113 pics

After her first visit, we had a flood of emails who wanted to see her back. For a while we could not locate her, but to our luck, she contacted us, and the result is this shoot. She comes to us in a long white dress, almost see-through. What makes her scenes incredible is what she does when she masturbates, revealing that she likes it both vaginally and anally. Taking toys in both holes at the same time, she has a hard orgasm that we can all tell our friends about. A good way to reintroduce her to members who haven't witnessed her gorgeous glamour model look....


Oct 19, 2004

39 mins

186 pics

She is a very shy & quiet girl, and it took us 6 months to break her into video. But once she did, we got to see her masturbate twice, with two very satisfying orgasms. She's a very pretty blonde, with long legs, and most importantly, a very perfect butt and pair of full, firm breasts. She is pretty quiet throughout the video, but we get to see voyeur upskirt, fingering, and toy action. She can dress classy when need be, and at the same time play with those very long labia, stretching them out....


Oct 16, 2004

21 mins

40 pics

We're always looking for fresh faces, new cuties who have never done any nudes, let alone masturbate on camera! Leilani is a visitor from Hawaii, with a sweet, friendly look to her; your classic 'girl next door'. And that is how her shoot begins, walking at a baseball park, sitting down while you take a peek between her long legs, as she adjusts her panties and plays with herself outside. Then indoors, we find out she likes watching girls masturbate, and with the help of a vibrator, she has two very strong orgasms... all while watching other girls masturbate on the monitor.


Oct 12, 2004

59 mins

179 pics

Why Irresistible? You'll see when she smiles at you, with those big innocent hazel eyes and seducing you with her charm. After 'running into' her at a strip mall, we strip her naked in a photoshoot, then let her play with herself, and see her orgasm. No vibrators required! Then in a cute ethnic looking dress (She is from Chile, South America) she massages her whole body with cream, and lets our assistant Violet play with her breasts & butt. She gets turned on, and proceeds to masturbate on the spot. A few hours later, we do another photoshoot in a panty-free miniskirt/tube top, and she discovers how wet she can get with the help of a vibrator. Our photographer thinks she looks like the actress Phoebe Cates....


Oct 9, 2004

50 mins

140 pics

This girl was so popular with blonde fans with her first visit, that we begged her to come back, and on her way in a road trip, she set out to visit us in Phoenix again. Trying out cute outfits in the hotel, she comes to our place to masturbate again. She has another very milky orgasm! Then posing for us in several kinds of lingerie, she chooses a pair of black panties which she makes 'disappear'. Finally, its more masturbation, with four fingers, and the FTV toy for a deep ride!


Oct 6, 2004

58 mins

156 pics

We brought her back, this time for a full, fun, FTV-Style video. After a long series of very sexy and intimate photos, we see her in her favorite summer dress, bright and colorful like her personality. What does she do? She ends up riding the Big Ten toy, which may be too big for her, but she takes it as deep and hard as she can. After her orgasm, we see her flash her private parts at a restaurant, then does some grocery shopping for fruits, which she uses in the kitchen for sex. From triple-stuffing 3 carrots, a banana, and a large cucumber, it was incredible to see how much and how deep she took them!!


Oct 2, 2004

48 mins

184 pics

An angelic face, with blue innocent eyes, she models nude for the first time, now that she has turned 18. She always wanted to get naked for the camera, and we make her wishes come true. Her sexuality is in its prime, she loves sex and masturbation. We get to see her reveal her full natural breasts for the first time, then go home and masturbate to a very sweet orgasm. Then in pigtails and a cute schoolgirl outfit, she bounces around and then has her man finger her and play with her breasts. It turns her on so much she masturbates again, to another orgasm.


Sep 29, 2004

36 mins

260 pics

How about starting up her return with some flashing at a grocery store, and a busy street? Fun pics and video to watch as she takes 'risks' getting caught but enjoying it all.... then fingering herself on the hood of the car. We find her with a long, red, double ended toy in bedroom... and she has a very hot masturbation scene as she bangs herself with it until orgasm. Members wanted to see a speculum scene, so that is next, and then a ride on the glass FTV Toy.


Sep 26, 2004

81 mins

318 pics

For a first time, we had someone outside our FTV staff shoot for us, a French photographer in Budapest. Hanna is a cute blonde teen, with perky nipples and a very pretty shaved private part. She walks in from the street, gets undressed, and tries out several cute outfits before heading to the bed to masturbate. Then to the kitchen where she plays around with a spoon and some strange candy, pushing it inside her. A shower scene, with more play, and then a masturbation scene on the couch with a another toy.


Sep 23, 2004

85 mins

235 pics

Celine Part II: This girl is half French, half Pakistani--makes for a unique combination. Those penetrating blue eyes and slim form are made for some sexy fashion modeling... so after the glamour shoot she keeps the clothes on, takes the panties off and starts masturbating. Already wet inside, she tries out a thick vibrator. When its time for her firm breasts to be played with, our assistant Violet helps out. More masturbating with a long double-ended dildo, making for another hot scene in her sexy black dress... and finally a stretching & exercise scene leads to another finger-banging masturbation session.


Sep 20, 2004

129 pics

This girl is so hot, that we could not stop taking photos of her, and had to split up her photos into two homepages! So to warm up, we let her wear her hot tight blue shirt with short skirt she came with, and then have her slowly strip down and see her completely naked for the first time. Then a white selection, for more striptease in some very sensual glamour photography. Playing with shadows, the images follow her long slim curves, and make your mouth water for her tasty body.


Sep 16, 2004

52 mins

170 pics

We pretty much new that after her first extreme video several months ago, members would want her back for more crazy and extreme... so here she is, fingering and fisting herself again, playing with beads and fisting to a full orgasm. She tried out the golf balls again, but with the glass FTV toy on top of it! Best of all is what she did that night, going to a grocery store to buy vegetables. Three zucchinis, can she do it? Yes, she stuffed all three.... then an eggplant! That stretched her so wide, that she opened herself for a 'fill' of some drink, and squriting it out.


Sep 13, 2004

76 mins

130 pics

An unexpected visit from this platinum-haired girl gave us an opportunity to shoot someone without any inhibitions.... she does it all. Somewhat quiet, she masturbates to orgasm, and for those of you who like hairy bushes, this is your girl. Fingers are not enough, so how about a very large banana? She takes it deep, and actually has a wet orgasm with it. Then she tries out her shoe heel.... Outside at an office building she gets naked and plays with herself, going indors its time for the Big Ten toy, a speculum scene with milk (!) and a deep ride with the FTV Toy after she attempts to fist herself.


Sep 10, 2004

60 mins

153 pics

In real life, she really is our bookkeeper, and assistant to our accountant. After seeing her in a staff party, in a hot pink dress, we had to have her shoot for FTV. She has a very hard, toned figure, with full breasts and long sexy legs. A pleasant surprise to see that she has multiple orgasms, and in a hot secretary scene she shows us how she does it. Then in white lingerie & stockings, she does a hot pearl necklace stuffing scene, followed by a speculum exam. She takes it to the next level in her last video, masturbating with two toys, double penetrating herself and then using four fingers deep, to two more orgasms.


Sep 6, 2004

65 mins

258 pics

The members remember her perfect figure, and that gorgeous look of hers, but more importantly, her squirting orgasms. One of our most popular new models for sure. She's back with a hot scene in sexy outfits, posing outdoors, getting naked and doing some hot public nudity flashing her breasts at a restaurant, street, and busy parking lot. Then she masturbates in the garage, with another hot squirting orgasm. In pigtails, she does a hard breast massage, then masturbates & squirts again on the bed and into the camera -- its like she squirted into your face! Finally, in a very sensual scene, she wears a black lingerie set with stockings, for some hot foot fetish action then fingers herself hard to one more orgasm!


Sep 3, 2004

46 mins

152 pics

We only found out after her first video that she is really a virgin! It makes sense though, she was very shy, not just because she was posing nude for the first time. Still though, she does like to masturbate, and she had toys of her own that helped her come to orgasm. She was nervous in her first, but in the second, wearing a cute black dress & stockings, she had an orgasm that dripped creamy goods down her private part. Sweet and personable, she will fullfill your fantasies.... Hey you know what? She reminds us of the actress Emmy Rossum (From the movie Day After Tomorrow).

Kim & Nikki

Aug 31, 2004

173 mins

239 pics

We finally get to see Nikki a year later, coming back with Kim! Both 19, and real-life lovers for several months, we had to see them in action. From the moment the tape starts rolling they are playing, from pinching each others' private parts, to teasing, kissing and rubbing each other. We let them on a king-size bed, and they go deep into each others' private parts, until both have orgasms. Then, trying to be sporty, they train topless with a boxing instructor, then practice on each other. A catfight ensues, that leads to fingering and more eating out! Late at night, they watch a scary movie, cuddling together, and it ends up into a very intimate moment together, as they give each other one more orgasm for the night... then fall asleep. They stay the night, and in the morning fresh for more! Kim wants to dominate Nikki, so she handcuffs her to the bed, and has her way with this schoolgirl. Playing and stuffing lollipops, leads to pink dildo play, then some intense oral action to orgasm. It continues even further, as Nikki teaches Kim to dance, then more play, and a very unique stuffing scene that must be seen. Yikes, is this longest video update ever???


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