Kim & Kyla

Dec 17, 2004

84 mins

188 pics

They only got acquainted together recently rather by accident, at a bowling alley of all places! But their first time play happens only here, on FTV. After fooling around and making out, playing and fondling, they do possibly the longest lesbian video you will ever see. They simply did not stop playing, from oral, toy after toy, orgasm after orgasm. The videographer quietly taped it all, without interruption. They did not need to act out anything, they were a perfect match, when it came to knowing how to please. This video is the ultimate kissing, sucking, fingering, toy-banging lesbian video... and with two of our most beautiful girls of course. And Kim... you can just tell she loves going down on women.


Dec 14, 2004

62 mins

185 pics

Her first visit simply was not enough of this beautiful woman, so we have her back, this time her hair is lighter, but her sexuality is just the same. A very classy and hot shoot makes her look like a fashion model, but then you see the 'bad girl' when she masturbates in that very same shoot, leaving a wet spot on the couch. Then she uses an egg-shaped vibrator to masturbate again... and a member gets lucky, doing his own personal video of her playing with herself! In this return visit, we really see how gorgeous and sexy she is....those big beautiful eyes...


Dec 12, 2004

25 mins

121 pics

She returns, as our third model to come back pregnant! Now at 8 months, our exotic part filipino-spanish super-sexual girl wants us to see her masturbate again. Well, a vibrator and fingers will help her out, and she has a satisfying orgasm. Then, with a her lactating breasts, she squirts on a glass table, uses the milk to lube up her pussy, then milks onto the Big Ten toy. She makes you think its your penis she is squirting on... and then gives it a blowjob after its made all milky!


Dec 9, 2004

49 mins

136 pics

This seductress returns for a second visit to heat up our December, with a bikini shoot that turns into a water hose play session... then a bikini stuffing experiment. Indoors she gets to use a vibrator for the very first time, and she realizes how incredible it works for her, bringing her to a shaky orgasm. Time for some public nudity at a gas station, and a car wash... lets see those full firm breasts! Then into sexy black lingerie with hoserie, which she attempts to stuff with her shoe heel. She enjoyed using a vibrator so much, she tried it again, and had another incredibly hard orgasm!


Dec 6, 2004

44 mins

162 pics

Sophia Day2: After seeing how sexual she is and how extreme she can get, we brought her back a few days later, to masturbate again. First in a cute pink nightie and pink stockings, she plays around on the bed, then starts masturbating with a vibrator, which she inserts anally & vaginally. Just the beginning, she takes two more vibrators, and double penetrates herself vaginally... then puts the third toy deep into her butt! Guess what? She has another strong orgasm! Then a blowjob on a larger jelly dildo makes you feel like you are really there; and then attempts to double penetrate herself with two large toys! A little break, we head to the living room, and she give the Big Ten toy a nice blowjob, then riding it hard and deep! She loves sex, she loves big toys. So its time for the FTV Toy, and she rides it to one of the strongest orgasms of her life. Exhausted as she is after that orgasm, she takes it even one more step, and fists herself, & gets fisted to another orgasm. How many orgasms has it been? We lost count.


Dec 3, 2004

57 mins

190 pics

Sophia Day1: Watching this girl walk the shopping mall in her sexy white pants, we felt that she was a very sexual girl behind it all. So Lia approaches her and encourages her to do nudes for us. Right there near the mall, we do a nude shoot of her in her sexy clothes. Back indoors, more sexy posing... leading to masturbation on the couch. We did not expect her to be so sexual, she enjoyed the special vibrator so much, she orgasmed 5 times in 20 minutes, nearly passing out. Later in the day she puts on a blue summer dress, and poses for us more, and we realize she also likes anal, by the way she fingers her butt. So in the bedroom, we let her try out a 12 inch double ended toy, which she double penetrates herself both anally & vaginally using both ends. She masturbates again and has another strong orgasm. But for the grand finale, we had to see her try those very large ben-wa balls, and she shocks us by putting them both in her vagina & butt, at the same time! See how wide those balls stretch both holes out....


Nov 30, 2004

58 mins

245 pics

A single visit was not enough; before she goes back to Hungary we wanted to see her one more time, and do a massive photo series in lingerie, and full nudes. Seeing her in pony tail and pigtails is different, and cute on her, while we see her flash her goods outdoors in front of a restaurant along with an interview, and then masturbate with fingers indoors. A nice hard breast massage, and then panty stuffing for her experimentation, then at night, masturbating again, this time with a brush handle and a ride on the FTV Toy.


Nov 28, 2004

45 mins

107 pics

More Penny! It was what we kept hearing from members after her brief visit to FTV. So now a few months later, she is back to show us more of her body, in and out of clothes, and a much needed breast massage scene for us to enjoy viewing. As we learned on her last visit, getting her naked means she that she will need to masturbate, and so she does, right on the couch after the breast massage. A happy (and dripping wet) orgasm after fingering, we move to the bed, where she uses a vibrator, riding it to another full orgasm, that literally puts her to sleep.


Nov 25, 2004

44 mins

249 pics

Four months later, Jesse returns to grace her pretty face and hot figure for us again! Something about her in low-cut jeans just turns us on, so we do a hot shoot turned striptease, with all angles covered, even for the foot fetish fans. Her black dress was very popular last time, so we shot her in that dress, leading to full nudes at the fireplace. Man that full, firm butt makes us go insane. The videographer gets a little time with her too, and give her body full coverage.


Nov 22, 2004

49 mins

155 pics

Lisa Day2: We had to see more of this very cute girl, so the very next weekend we met up with her again. This time in a nice summer dress, her long, slender and beautiful body can really be appreciated. Some nude shoots outdoors then at the house, she is ready to try out her toy again. On the couch, she warms herself up, then has a strong orgasm that causes her to squirt on the couch & floor. Its an incredible sight, especially when it happens twice! She plays with that puddle she made on the floor.... Later that day, she puts on a black dress & black fishnet stockings, gives her body a massage, and shows off her clitoral and nipple piercings, up really close.


Nov 19, 2004

61 mins

93 pics

Lisa Day1: Just a regular (& very cute!) teen doing her thing in the laundry room, when Lia approaches her for nude photos. Right there, a nude shoot occurs. Then we take her back to the house, where she heads to the bedroom and begins to play with herself. Using a vibrator, she had an orgasm, but she wants more... so Lia brings her another toy to try out, where she has an even stronger juicy orgasm. After she makes a wet spot on the bed, she realizes that with the right toy, she will be able to squirt. So later that night, she brings out her own special vibrator, that lets her erupt into three orgasms, each causing her to squirt all over the table. The end is a puddle of her own juices... which she tastes. Like Violet, Lia is now occasionally partaking in assisting shoots. Hope you will like that. Oh, and a sensual shower for an ending....


Nov 16, 2004

55 mins

143 pics

She is a shy, tall, sweet looking blonde, who as a College girl, needed money for her rent and was referred to us by a friend. Never been naked on camera, let alone masturbate explicitly on video, she is a pleasant surprise in how much she enjoyed doing it. She has a very shy look to her, and very quiet... but once she started masturbating she had two orgasms the first time, and her sticky wet juices flowed out, for her to taste and play between her fingers. For those of you who like 'full booties', she is full figured, but firm, in fact her breasts are very firm, looking almost like implants at times. So after a little more flashing outdoors, she heads back to masturbate two more times, once with her very own toy, and gets all juicy wet again. A little bead and pigtail play at the end as well for this babyface.


Nov 15, 2004

39 mins

109 pics

Big innocent eyes, a sweet smile and one of the cutest blonde bubble girlies we have met! She was shot by another photographer in Dallas, not the FTV team, but she got to masturbate twice on video, and get real 'fruity' by playing with a banana, then having sex with a cucumber like a toy, and even doing some anal with a carrot! But best of all is her very beautiful private part, it is so smooth and pretty, we would have to say its one of the 'tastiest' we've ever seen on camera.


Nov 14, 2004

59 mins

64 pics

Though our team could not shoot this Jersey girl, we could not resist having her amateur friend shoot her for us. She is a very cute petite 18 year old cheerleader, and we get to see her do some stretching, get naked and play with her wet private part. We just wish we could shoot her and do an FTV style version of this video ourselves!


Nov 10, 2004

57 mins

206 pics

She comes back, to show us how she likes to masturbate, and how she has her g-spot orgasms. Starting in a hot red dress, sexy strappy heels, she uses a glass toy with a big round head, that helps her in having a juicy orgasm. Then she puts on some very sexy black stockings & lingerie, and masturbates again with a pink toy. Some very hot buttshots while she uses it doggy style. Finally, in a pony tail, she arouses herself again, with several fingers, and has her best orgasm with a large vibrator. 3 orgasms???

Tyra Day 2

Nov 7, 2004

33 mins

151 pics

With the extended two-day shoot, we shot so many photos of her, we made a part II for her video series. In casual clothing, we have her take her panties off at a restaurant, flashing her private parts, then running bottomless on the street. Indoors, she puts on sexy black/red seethrough lingerie for photo & video. She is ready to masturbate again, and uses fingers hard and fast to come to another orgasm. As if that was not enough, after a little nap on the bed, she is ready to masturbate again, for a 3rd orgasm!

Tyra Day 1

Nov 4, 2004

45 mins

175 pics

She very much reminds us of the supermodel Tyra Banks, with the long slim figure (without the D-cup breasts though!). She had never done nude modeling until she shot for us, but was not shy at all. Flashing her private parts at the airport, then masturbating for a very long time to a hard orgasm. We learn that she really does enjoy masturbating, and does it every day. She looks sexy in classy black, but even better in a bikini. Out at the pool she gets herself wet, runs around naked, and then give her body a nice creamy massage.

Michelle & Janelle

Nov 1, 2004

67 mins

150 pics

Now that these two are comfortable together, we brought them back and decided to take their video to another level. Posing in matching pink panties, Janelle gives Michelle another orgasm with just her tongue on her private part... but in return Michelle fists Janelle! A hot fisting scene with some incredible stretching after Janelle orgasms and loosens up. Perhaps even more erotic, Janelle then does a hot lactation scene with the help of Michelle, and squirts milk onto her body, and her tongue! Closeups catch the action as she swallows the milky white. They both want another orgasm, so the go down on each other, till they are satisfied. Oh, and some crazy things happen with a golf ball....


Oct 28, 2004

36 mins

214 pics

Isabella... Again? We cannot resist, and there is a growing number of members who want more, and more.... We shoot her in her classiest dresses yet, and take her to the exotic resorts of phoenix to exude her classy style. Public nudity? Well she is naked right in the resort! Members also wanted to se her do a speculum scene, well why not do it in style, with her classy dress on. She then plays 'strip chess' in lingerie with the videographer, and proceeds to masturbate with the help of a chess piece! Then some more photo & video outside with a voyeur looking on...


Oct 25, 2004

52 mins

177 pics

She says her penetrating crystal blue eyes can seduce any man. Well we say its her sexy looks and long slender body that does it too. She really defines the term 'need for sex', as she really has a strong desire for intercourse, in our case, with toys. After posing nude outdoors, she masturbates on the bed with fingers, then hard sex with her dual-purpose vibrator. After an orgasm, she shows us how flexible she is, wearing sexy black lingerie, and masturbates again, doggy style with legs spread. Another orgasm...


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