Mar 17, 2012

80 mins

241 pics

This sexy girl is a true total First Timer traveling from Seattle to have her first experience in adult. Mostly a bikini modeling type of girl, she's got that leggy, slender figure and loves to show it off! We see her walking in a neighborhood, playing with flowers, and giving us upskirt views... then taking everything off, and walking completely naked as people drive by! Finding a spot outside, she finger masturbates, then goes home to finish off with a vibrator to an intense orgasm. Then back out in a sexy dress & heels, she parades around without panties, stretches her long labia, shows off her clit piercing, then rides a large thick dildo, hard and deep. After penetrating herself in several positions (and getting rather wet), she goes home for some foot fetish, then extreme closeup video of her private parts. Long labia stretching, pulling, twisting, gaping and clit play up close leads to her fisting herself for the first time. Then she meets Cassy, who challenges her to a fisting session, and Tatum is on the receiving end of the fisting of her life! Back out in the sunset with super short jeans shorts, she plays some more with her long labia, and gives her breasts a hard massage. For a grand finale, she uses the Eroscillator toy, and ends up squirting! She's never done that in her life, and the strong orgasmic contractions at the end show how strong she finishes to great self-satisfaction. She even tries fisting again at the end...


Mar 10, 2012

109 mins

437 pics

Super petite, and recently turned 18, she's a total first timer having her very first adult experience here on FTV. She seems like such a girl next door, but she's a lot kinkier than she looks! We meet her at a car show, and in no time she's flashing her breasts (and wow, full, firm, perfect breasts!). She goes further by taking her bottoms off, and eventually masturbating with her fingers out in the open! Back home, she gives us a panty show, then stuffs her panties deep inside, pulling them out with her toes! Back out at a resort, she gets all naked and struts around just loving the exposure. Right there on the steps, she masturbates with a vibrator, and has a very strong orgasm with visible vaginal contractions. What surprises her is how she ended up squirting, which is something she's never done in her life! Going kinky, she takes a summer squash and pushes it deep inside her, almost making it go missing! She can deepthroat too... At a restaurant she goes topless, and gets caught twice, and the excitement gets her wet! So we go home and get extreme closeups of her private parts, as well as long labia stretching up close. She's super flexible too! Fingering herself, she expresses that sometimes she fingers her butt... so we let her do it some more, then double penetrate herself with her fingers! Then she uses a glass dildo both vaginally & anally, pushing her limits. Then she goes the classy route, with a very sexy black dress & heels, and shows off her superfirm natural breasts by giving them a hard massage. Its time for the Vibraking toy, and wow... it brings her to multiple orgasms, some really strong ones that also brings her to squirt several times, leaving her butt all soaked! Used to do ballet, she then puts on some black stockings and does some stretching and dancing for us... As the sun goes down, she chills by the pool in a bikini, and masturbates one last orgasm... Staying over for the night, she does a little more shooting, showing off her sexy singing skills, yes singing! Then flashing at breakfast in a restaurant, and masturbating in front of the pool guy... She's a fun, adventurous girl, who really needs to be without clothes, pleasuring her self for us. Check her out, she will no doubt be an FTV favorite for 2012 :)

Eva, Callie

Mar 3, 2012

108 mins

206 pics

Callie: Cute blonde Callie is seen walking through a pretty resort, in pink casual clothing... In no time she's rubbing herself, and taking her pants off to masturbate right there! Eventually everything comes off, and she's walking around nude outdoors, first time she's ever done something like that. Going home, she uses the eroscillator toy and has a nice strong orgasm, with visible vaginal contractions (and milky juices too). We get extreme closeups of her private parts, gaping and some supercloseups of her rather large clitoris. Back out in tight jean shorts and heels, she teases us again (in an outdoor public area), then finds the Big Pink toy to penetrate herself with... Going deep as she can, in several different positions. At home, another girl gets to use a long cucumber on her, having her do it doggy style and riding it... And after a cute blue dress video of nipple closeups and upskirts, she's back to masturbating at home. Eva: This total First Timer has her very first nude/porn shoot here on FTV. A bit shy at first, she shows off her assets... that round butt and stretching/pulling those perky nipples. Extreme closeups are next, and she double penetrates herself with fingers (she likes anal). Using a vibrator, she masturbates, and has her very first orgasm on camera (with visible vaginal contractions) and even squirts! Her first time squirting in her life... Continuing with the double-penetration theme, she tries doing it with two zucchinis... then masturbates again. More anal fingering till sunset...

Elle & Malena

Feb 25, 2012

112 mins

282 pics

Malena, one of the most popular girls on FTV for 2011, was set to come back, and since she's more into women than men, why not bring her best friend back for a girl-girl? They fool around in personal life, and have a lot of chemistry (which really shows on camera). We meet them at the airport, they flash, dress up, and fool around... then we go out to a sassy mall, and they do all kinds of public displays of affection. They even finger and go down on each other out in the open! Before any more trouble, they go home to get very intimate, having oral sex and we get closeups of their sex play from various angles. Back out for lunch, the girls get more touchy-feely, and Malena gets fingered in the parking lot... Playful as they are, they chase each other naked, do karate chops, and random things only friends would do when teamed up. Then there's vibrator play for Malena, with help of Elle to orgasm... And out they go again in some sexy heels to play some more until the sun sets. They get kinky with a large cucumber, using it as a double ended toy to penetrate each other. Malena makes greater use of it by using it on herself, and showing off those tight vaginal muscles by shooting this large and heavy cucumber out quite a distance! Putting on their sexiest dresses & heels (which they wore during their New Years' night out) they dance to music, then fool around on the computer... So enjoy two very popular girls, who happen to be real life friends, real life lovers.


Feb 18, 2012

73 mins

282 pics

Adrianna is a graduate school student that loves the outdoors and stays in shape. We start out with a quick introduction and a preview of the variety of clothes she packed for the shoot. Off to a quiet location we see her wearing a sleek cotton dress and black heels that quickly comes off to expose a fine set of features. Those of you that prefer girls with full and long labias will love this girl! Although a little self conscious at first, we get her to play and pull on them throughout the day. Next we go out to a running path where she does some stretches and flashes her boobs and butt as people pass by. Back at the house she plays with a pink vibrator and takes the whole thing in and see some very thick creamy juices forming. At another public location we see her get completely naked on a bench with a vibrator. Not completely satisfied with the strength of her orgasms thus far, we give her the Vibraking and it does the trick, resulting in strong contractions and squirting which she says never happens! Afterwards, we have her use a long cucumber and see how far it goes in. We even get another girl to help her out as she rides the cucumber and takes it in different positions as we see close-up detail of her labias clinging on tightly. As the sun starts coming down, we see Adrianna in a cute outfit that she normally wears to her office job. Back at the house we have her ride a big dildo suctioned to the floor and zoom in as it goes completely in and out of her! We end the day with a first by having Adrianna fist herself in multiple ways. Before jetting to the airport we get in a short dance video and a goodbye kiss. For those of you that enjoy seeing a girl take things slow and work up to more extreme abilities, this shoot is definitely for you!


Feb 11, 2012

115 mins

476 pics

Just turned 18 a few weeks before the shoot, she's been doing fashion modeling for quite a while now. But as she's said, she gets turned on when she's getting naked! She's totally gorgeous, with a supercute figure, and has such a sweet, down-to-earth personality. She strips down for her first time on camera, rather comfortable with it... and absolutely no makeup on! Then she masturbates with two vibrators, until she has a strong orgasm. For her, experiencing the Eroscillator toy is one of the most unique and pleasurable experiences she's ever had in her life. Then we see her in a sexy black dress & heels, doing some dancing to music, stripping down and fingering herself... and out in a Lamborghini Aventador for a little photoshoot on location (with bicyclists going by!). Sunset approaching, she's wearing a cute bra & panties, gives herself a nice hard breast & butt massage, then uses the Eroscillator one last time... A week later, she returns for more shooting, and we greet her at the airport (as she walks topless in the elevator and the parking area!). Trying on a few cute outfits, she picks a very short red dress, catching peoples' attention at a very sassy mall. She flashes upskirt and topless views, until security forces us off. Going home, she masturbates with a vibrator then gives us extreme closeups of her very pretty private parts, including gaping. More breast play (love those firm full breasts!) and she puts on the prom dress she wore in High School (!) and teases us some more. To finish, she gets kinky with a banana, stuffing it as deep as it can go, listen to those tight juicy sounds! Another gorgeous girl for FTV, you might just fall in love with her! Her first time experience here, with real, genuine personality.


Feb 4, 2012

87 mins

308 pics

This gorgeous brunette decided to jump into adult, having her first time experiences with FTV. A natural masturbator she prefers masturbating over sex most of the time, and wow, does she have some strong orgasms! We meet up with her at a mall, have her flash her breasts and butt, then after trying on a few outfits, she puts on a cute matching red set and masturbates for the first time on camera. She ends up with a very strong orgasm, with visible vaginal contractions. She spreads for us in closeup, and we see how wet she is inside when she fingers herself. Back outside she teases herself in public locations, and flashing some more, then going home to use the Eroscillator toy. This one becomes her favorite, because it causes her to have the strongest orgasm of her life, and the vaginal contractions are some of the strongest we've ever seen! In fact, her whole vaginal area pulsates uncontrollably! Months later, she returns to use her favorite vibrators again... she shows off new outfits for us, then we take off to a resort for pretty photo & video shooting. After teasing herself on location, she returns home to use the Eroscillator toy again, to another incredible orgasm! We also apply a second camera angle up close, to see the strong contractions 'in your face'! She's so wet now, we have her spread her glistening vagina and also notice a little bit of her hymen still in place... Then for a finale orgasm, she tries out the Vibraking Toy for the first time, and has another strong pulsating orgasm! This girl is for you female orgasm fans!


Jan 28, 2012

74 mins

245 pics

She's a beautiful first timer, doing adult for the first time. In fact, she's Cory's (December 2011) sister, and was encouraged by her to do the shoot! We see her on a cold day out at a sassy mall, in a sexy dress & heels with a jacket on. We get upskirt views, then shots of her breasts as she exposes them in this public place. She takes more risks, and does a butt massage right there! Pushing it further, she takes her whole dress off and walks around there naked! Back home, she masturbates using her fingers, and has a strong (and very wet) orgasm with juices flowing to the couch, with strong vaginal contractions. She has to taste it! Back out in a cute polkadot dress, she visits a resort, gives us upskirt views, then does a hard breast & butt massage. In her purse, she pulls out her hairbrush and penetrates herself with it out in the open! Milky buildup on her brush, and she's wet and ready for another finger masturbation that brings her to another strong, wet and visible orgasm. At lunch, she does a 'nipple view' interview, then does cartwheels bottomless in the park! We then get to see her dancing talent, showing off her work she does at her dance classes. Bottomless of course! Then in a sexy secretary-like outfit, we watch her use a very large & long cucumber, penetrating herself and riding it as deep as she can go. Then its time for the Vibraking Toy, which brings her to a very strong orgasm rather quickly! She puts in fingers, pulling out so much juicy buildup. So she starts inserting more fingers, and ends up fisting herself! Like her sister, she become another extreme girl. To end the evening, a lucky FTV member gets to meet her, and do a photoshoot of her next to a sports car. Another first timer, and exclusive to FTV!


Jan 21, 2012

121 mins

298 pics

Nadine just turned 18, and she wanted to try FTV right away! Her total first time experience in adult, she didn't seem nervous at all. In fact, she is a total exhibitionist. Meeting her at the mall for Christmas shopping, we see her flash her large breasts everywhere, even pulling her pants down to show off her private assets! Next morning she's welcoming us to her bedroom, and she doesn't hesitate to masturbate with her fingers. Out to breakfast, she does a topless interview, talking about her very sexual nature. Its a cold, dark day, but she's all about going to the playground to play with the monkey bars and her breasts are exposed once again! She doesn't mind if people see her naked! Back home, she masturbates with toys to a very strong orgasm, then gives us extreme closeups of her private parts. Using a large dildo, she does hard penetration, and even tries fisting herself! It makes her gape, and we get to see deep inside. Off to the grocery store, her breasts are out again, and she picks some veggies to play with! In the parking lot of the grocery store, she pulls her pants down and starts penetrating herself with a banana! Back home, she uses the banana harder and deeper, then tries the even larger zucchini! Then pushing her limits, she tries the big yellow squash, and you'll be surprised how much she was able to take! She really enjoys it all... Off to the sporting good store to buy a hula hoop, she hula hoops topless in the store! Then out at a park, she strips down and does it naked... she doesn't mind! A more sophisticated look, she puts on a red dress & heels, and wow is she beautiful! We get peeks up her skirt, and a little bit of foot fetish, then a breast & butt massage. Its time for the Vibraking, and guess what? It brings her to the strongest orgasm of her life... with her legs shaking everywhere! So enjoy this First Time Teen, she's a lot of fun, she will bring a smile to your face :)


Jan 14, 2012

91 mins

221 pics

This cute and bubbly teen is experiencing getting naked and masturbating on camera for the first time, starting rather shy but eventually getting all into it! We meet her at the airport, and soon enough she's stripping completely naked outdoors, walking around in the nude! She's got that super sweet innocent look, but with a rather kinky side to her... Back home she does a little foot fetish (cute petite feet!), then masturbates with the eroscillator vibrator to a strong, toe-curling orgasm. Then we see her kinky nature revealed as she explains how she likes anal play, and fingers her butt with one, two fingers, then her thumb, and does extreme closeup butt cheek spreads. Going further, she takes a glass toy and penetrates herself anally as deep as she can, and then even manages to push the big ball-shaped head in! She also does it vaginally, and with more extreme closeups of her very pretty private parts. Back out for more adventure, she's wearing a tight fitting dress, and visits a bird sanctuary as we peek up her skirt and down her blouse... then she sits there and starts playing with herself, right in the walkway! Not having enough, she takes all her clothes off and runs through a grocery store parking area! Back home she masturbates with the vibraking to orgasm, then gives her cute little body a nice breast & butt massage. For one last experiment, she uses a large banana to stuff herself, penetrating in different positions until its all squashed from her tight vagina pressing against it. Enjoy this total first timer, and for those of you who like seeing more anal play, this girl is for you!


Jan 7, 2012

104 mins

302 pics

Turned 19, she's experiencing her total first time in adult, and she's shy at first, but then her personality explodes on camera! Fun-loving, bubbly attitude, smiling and laughing all the time, we see her rolling around and masturbating in the bed, then going to the bathroom to masturbate in front of the mirror. She ends up with a strong toe curling orgasm, and squirts everywhere! She's only squirted once in her life, so it was a shock for her too! She plays with those big breasts of hers, then puts on some casual clothes to go out shopping. But not until she flashes some more over at a restaurant, then some random people at the mall! At a department store, she isn't shy about letting her breasts out, putting on clothes outside, and fingering herself in the shoe fitting area! Safely back home, she tries out the biggest cucumber she could possibly fit in herself, and takes the challenge of seeing how deep she can go! Then she masturbates again, with the Eroscillator vibrator, and has an even stronger and wetter squirting orgasm, with toe curling floods everywhere! Now that she's got some cute dresses & heels from shopping, she puts one on, and gives us upskirt and downblouse teases, then gives us extreme closeups of her very petite private parts. Its time for the Vibraking, and at first it seems too strong for her -- but it leads her to an explosive squirting orgasm that leaves her exhausted on the floor! She doesn't seem to want to stop masturbating though, so even on the 'break', we catch her masturbating while she's texting! Then in a grey dress & heels, she does a sexy walkthrough with the Lamborghini Aventador of the same color. Watch her rub her breasts on the spoiler... Then kinky time as she uses her shoe heel to penetrate herself, notice how tight she is! She has really cute petite feet and toes, so then we get a taste of foot fetish and more of her funky playfulness. For a grand climax, she masturbates with the Eroscillator toy one more time, and has another strong squirting orgasm that leaves the couch all wet! Enjoy this fun first timer, she's as sweet as they get!


Dec 31, 2011

142 mins

255 pics

Two years later, the superpopular Anne returns for another New Year's special adventure shoot... This time in an all-out super extreme girl girl, with another FTV favorite Danielle! We meet Anne at the airport, and she shows off those big breasts right away, with security cameras everywhere! Then more flashing at breakfast, her wearing a super sexy workout outfit. Going to a sporting goods store, she flashes and even fingers herself there! Not having enough, she goes to collegetown and hits the gym there, flashing her breasts, fingering herself, all while people work out and watch!! Anne is by far the most fit FTV girl we've ever seen. All of a sudden, she pulls out a large egg shaped vibrator, that was hidden inside her vagina! She masturbates right there at the gym... then leaves with more flashing to passers-by! Later that night, we have a dinner date with her, and she's wearing the sexiest dress & heels, a total stunner. Flashing through the busy mall, and even fingering herself until she is caught by security. We pushed our luck that day! Next morning she meets up with Danielle and has breakfast with her, then some grocery shopping for veggies. On the comfy couch they get intimate with each other, which leads to sensual kissing, breast play, hard nipple sucking & biting, and oral sex. Anne is quick to orgasm, while Danielle uses a vibrator. Anne is the aggressive one, so she starts fingering Danielle, first with 3 fingers, but then 5, then the whole fist goes in! For the first time in her life, Danielle gets fisted! Hard and deep too. The combination of vibrator and fisting gets her off real hard. She's in total ecstasy. Then they both dress up in their sexiest black dress & heels, get touchy-feely, and end up using strapons on each other! Danielle gets it anally, and Anne gets double penetrated with one in her vagina, the other in her butt! Then the fisting gets more intense, possibly the hottest girl-girl fisting ever! Danielle, with her larger hands, starts penetrating Anne doggy style, going real deep! Then Anne rides (!!!) Danielle's fist, going as deep as possible, a very hot and sensual extreme scene! Its time for some fetishy veggie action, as the girls compete to see who can stuff the most carrots. They both manage about 8! Then more competition to see how many limes they can stuff, and they also end up doing about 8 of them each! Watch as the go in one by one, and are pushed out or pulled out by the girls! Near the end of the day, Danielle is found masturbating again, and Anne really wants to go aggressive on her... so she starts fisting Danielle, but as hard and as deep as she can... and we mean rough! Twisting her hand inside her, it has Danielle discovering pleasure to the extreme. Add to it the Vibraking, and Danielle comes to the hardest orgasm of her life. The two girls contrast in many ways, but at the same time made the ultimate pair for the ultimate in extreme girl-girl!


Dec 24, 2011

99 mins

376 pics

This supercute teen comes all the way from Florida, and as soon as she arrives, she's undressing and doing a nude striptease for us. Nice figure, with perky breasts and a very cute butt, she shows off her magic wand toy she brought with her and masturbates to a strong orgasm that night. And wow is she loud! Next morning, at breakfast, she flashes her breasts, puts some jam on her nipples and sucks away... right out in public. Then she gets completely naked at an office area, and plays around the water fountain, doing cartwheels! Putting on a very sexy dress & heels, she walks innocently through a busy mall, and starts rubbing herself between her legs... and flashing wherever she can! Leading to more fingering, she eventually masturbates with her magic wand again to orgasm. Naturally talented in Ballet, she does a beautiful dance scene to music, which she does both in a dress and in the nude. Out at a park, she gets completely naked again, risking getting caught (and with all the cars driving by seeing what's going on) and uses a banana as deep as it can go! Back out in public, this time in a cute schoolgirl outfit and pigtails, she plays with and stretches her long labia, then gives her full breasts a very hard breast massage. Extreme closeups of her clit, then some foot fetish (very cute feet!) and some fingering later, she is caught by a rather upset lady who came by to kick us out from the resort. So she goes back home, gives herself a nice butt massage, then attempts to fist! Later in the day, she wears a very innocent white dress, with cute strappy white heels, and walks though another office area, slowly stripping down... we get to watch her walk sexy in the nude with that graceful form of hers. Then for one last masturbation, she uses the vibraking toy, and wow does she start screaming...


Dec 17, 2011

90 mins

260 pics

She's a beautiful girl with stunning eyes, never done any adult work before, total First Timer with a very natural sexuality... We see her at a resort, playing and stretching her nipples, then using 3 fingers to penetrate herself. She's wet inside already! Then all the clothes come off, and she's fingering deeper... Back home she uses her fingers to masturbate to orgasm, and has some very strong vaginal contractions as a result! After touching up her toenails with nail polish, she puts on a very sexy dress & heels, walks through an office area, and flashes some more, giving us some extreme closeups right out in the open! Finding a cucumber, she penetrates herself hard and fast... then gets completely naked again walking on the street! At home she uses her own vibrator to have another orgasm, with milky juices that flow down, and more vaginal responses. She goes topless at a restaurant interview, then gets caught... Goes out to a park to play nude in the sprinklers and gets caught again! She take a shower at home and shaves her private area... then dances and starts doing some deep fingering. It all leads to her true extreme, full-fisting herself and nearly getting off from it!! Then in a more intimate, personal way with her working the camera, she talks to you and fingers herself up close. She gets kinky with some anal fingering... And for the climax she uses the vibraking, surprising herself by squirting twice! She's never done that in her life. Enjoy this supercute girl, who is doing her First Time Experience, and exclusive to FTV!


Dec 10, 2011

61 mins

248 pics

This gorgeous green-eyed beauty with full, natural firm breasts is having her first time experience on FTV... We watch her at a mall, in a very cute summer dress risk it by flashing those nice breasts and taking her panties off to play with herself! Even going further by pulling out a toy and masturbating. Not without getting caught however! No matter, she goes and flashes a random guy sitting nearby, then heads off to another part of the mall to continue masturbating. The weather is very hot this summer, and she decides to cool off by taking all her clothes off and jumping in the water fountain! Sexy wet butt views... Back home she continues to use her vibrator, and ends up with an orgasm. We get extreme closeups of her private parts, and some major gaping. Then is a sexy grey outfit and heels, she fingers herself (you can hear the juices inside) and tries three fingers... Later, looking hot in a fancy swimsuit she gives herself a hard breast massage, extreme nipple closeups, and some unique labia play. On a neighborhood street facing the sunset, we then watch her take a hot white dress off, walk around naked in red heels, showing off that sexy figure once again. She's all-natural, tattoo-free, and a Total First Timer!


Dec 10, 2011

46 mins

213 pics

We meet Sensi in California, visiting several parks and landmarks. She's a playful little one, and does love to flash, and generally have fun getting naked everywhere! After some tease at the park, she visits a department store, and tapes herself in the changeroom fingering and masturbating. She used to do ballet dance when she was younger, so she shows off her flexibility and fingers herself some more at the park. Notice how wet she gets! Then she g-spot fingers herself to a squirting orgasm... Out at a popular landmark, she does upskirts and panty views, then fingers some more in the car. It leads to another park, where she does another g-spot fingering special till she squirts. At home, in her bed, she tries experimenting with unqiue objects (like a kaleidoscope, painting tool, and a hair straightener) then masturbates one last time to climax.


Dec 3, 2011

97 mins

290 pics

This former ballerina comes to us to have a lot of fun, and have first time experiences in public nudity and natural orgasms! We see her at a park, where she shows off her acrobatic skills, doing cartwheels and backstands, all while landscapers watch! Off to another park near a golf course she finger masturbates herself to orgasm, then runs completely naked through the golf course! The golfers seem upset about it... Back home, she does some foot fetish for us, washing her feet, and gives us extreme closeups of her private parts. She brought ballet shoes with her, and does some nude dancing for us... then masturbates to orgasm with a vibrator. Very strong and visible vaginal contractions on her orgasm! She also gets juicy wet easily, and shows how by inserting fingers. From casual girl to stunning hottie in fashion, we see her dressed up in a pink dress & heels walking through a tourist area. Sexy upskirt views and a lot of risky flashing in this busy place. What hot long legs she's got, and how hot she walks in heels. Eventually she's fingering herself out in public and getting completely naked (!). Part excitement and part nervousness, she ends up having a lot of fun going explicit in public. Bringing out two cucumbers, she starts stuffing herself, ending up double penetrating herself vaginally! Hot views for sure. Poolside in a bikini she gives us more closeup views, with four finger penetration, and nipple closeups & butt massage as well. In her encore finale, we see her in a very hot black dress & heels, showing off that leggy figure, and penetrating herself with a large dildo on the kitchen counter. It leads to the Vibraking Toy, which brings her to an incredibly strong orgasm!

Shelbie & Felicia

Nov 26, 2011

111 mins

697 pics

Shelbie: She's a spunky, petite Asian girl with nice round breasts and a lot of energy! We see her go shopping at a mall, flashing on escalators, department stores, even masturbating at the department store, crawling doggy style, just some crazy stuff! She doesn't seem worried about the risks involved... Then at home, she masturbates with a vibrator, to a strong orgasm with very clear vaginal contractions! Not having enough, she tries out the new Eroscillator vibrator, and it not only brings her to another strong orgasm, it makes her squirt for the first time in her life! She didn't even understand what was going on with her body, it was so new to her. She then does some more flashing at a golf course and masturbates a little with her fingers. Then its time for extreme closeups of her very tight and wet private parts, with a sexy nude dance finale. A total FTV-only First Timer! Felicia: She's a super busty girl, with really firm EE breasts! We see her lakeside in a bikini, but that comes off quickly. Hard breast massage, and a little swim in the lake, then masturbating right there in the water, using her fingers to orgasm. More breast massage with oil at home, and then a masturbation with fingers and a vibrator to orgasm. Lastly, in a corset & lingerie, she uses a large flesh colored dildo and penetrates herself deep, riding the toy as well. Also a total FTV-only First Timer!


Nov 19, 2011

102 mins

302 pics

Its nearly 4 years later, and Melissa is back for an extreme marathon challenge! She shocked us before at 18, doing extreme things with that petite body, wanted to see is she can break her own records! Arriving with a warmup masturbation to orgasm, it allows her to get wet inside and ready for penetration... notice how pretty her private parts are in extreme closeup. Oh yes, and her breasts have grown bigger and even firmer! Starting with a zucchini, she takes it deep, nearly taking the whole thing inside her, and showing off how it stays inside in different positions! Then something 2x bigger, a corn on the cob -- and she pushes more than half of it all the way in!! She enjoys the ridges, and rotates it inside her vagina, then riding it as deep as she can. Then something 4x bigger, a huge Halloween gourd that seems impossible at first, but she gets 1/3 of it inside her! She pushes harder and harder, stretching out that petite vagina, and she enjoys every minute of it! Then putting on a sexy black dress & heels, she shows off her new panties, that has a string of pearls instead of a thong. Hot closeups of her private parts wrapping around it, then her stuffing the panties deep inside, and pulling them out! Taking it further, she then takes the pearls, and pushes them inside her butt! We get to watch as they get pushed in and pulled out of her rear... Then in a very hot red dress & heels, she gives us some foot/leg/heel fetish, and gives a blowjob to the heel. Pushing the long heel deep inside her, she starts having sex with it, making the whole heel go deep, then uses two heels in her vagina at the same time! Double heel stuffing?!? Next... its time for glass toys. Starting with a glass wand, she hard-penetrates her vagina, and we get extreme closeups of her vagina wrapping around it... then it goes in anally! Its a big head but she manages to get it in, and its a very hot view... Next up is a bottle, riding it and watching her juices build up inside it, then using it anally as well! Lastly, its time for the Glass FTV Toy, and she manages to get it super deep! Look how huge it is, and how wide it stretches her out! The extreme marathon continues with a double ended dildo, she super-hard fucks it, then bends it over to double penetrate herself vaginally! She almost takes the whole thing in!! Its such an erotic view to see those two heads poke out of her vagina... Go for the biggest, its time for the FTV Monster Toy! And wow does she take 10 inches of it inside her, where does it go?? Hot to watch as she rides it deep, then does it doggy style. For the grand finale, its time to fist! She pushes hard and deep, tries various styles and angles, see which one made her hand go in to the forearm! Cute girl, sexy figure, and the one that will satisfy all your extreme tastes in one update :)


Nov 12, 2011

72 mins

233 pics

Never done adult work before, she's doing everything for her first time on FTV! We see her at a car meet at night, wearing a sexy outfit and jeans, talking to the guys. Walking down a restaurant row, she shows off her breasts... and wow! You would never expect them to be that big, and they are so round, firm and perfect... and natural! Her being under 5 feet tall makes them look even bigger. Next morning she does a restaurant interview topless, and visits a resort flashing her sexy parts, and playing in a water fountain. Going home, she masturbates with several vibrators, and has several orgasms, even one mini-squirt! Notice the multiple vaginal contractions visible throughout her masturbation. Then she gives us extreme closeups of her very petite (super tight!) private parts. She has a clitoral piercing, which she pulls on and plays with for us, up close. Out at a fancy house, she parades around topless, and masturbates again with a mix of vibrators. Somewhat shy still, she does a timid striptease and dance to music, then giving herself a nice hard breast massage. We get those huge breasts squeezed in every angle possible! Then using a glass toy, she penetrates herself as deep as possible, and the ball shaped head gives us peeks deep inside her. Fingering, she manages to get 3 fingers in her... She's an FTV Exclusive, and those seductive eyes will draw you in...


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