Isabella & Jamie

Oct 10, 2005

129 mins

197 pics

The thought was always there; to put supermodels Jamie & Isabella together... and we made it happen. Jamie & Isabella fans will love this combination of sexuality and beauty. Starting in the morning, they set up a little badminton court, where they play against each other, going topless... watch those big natural breasts bounce! Then indoors, they start wrestling each other, until exhausted, falling into each others' arms. Just for their evening, we got a fancy suite at one of the city's finest resorts, and let them, in their classy outfits, get to know each other, kiss, then play with their bodies... moving on to the bed to help masturbate each other to orgasm. Jamie squirts and makes a wet spot on the bed! Then a lingerie show, the girls trying out cute outfits, with Lia picking her favorites... but the girls engage into more kissing and playing! Into the fancy bathroom, Jamie puts Isabella on the makeup counter and helps rub her to a strong orgasm, and Isabella then returns the favor, bringing Jamie to a very strong squirting orgasm, which Isabella collects into her hands. They end up in the bathtub, lathering each other, massaging breasts....


Oct 6, 2005

86 mins

175 pics

Walking out of her apartment in a bikini, we sneek a look at her while she relaxes at the pool, not minding if people sneek a peek at her nipples, or catch a glimpse of her private parts when she slips her bikini aside. Starting to arouse herself at the pool, she returns to her apartment, while we look through her window as she undresses inside. She lets us in to see her place, then tries on another cute outfit for us, and then masturbates with her fingers and a toy. Her orgasm is strong, and milky wet! A week later, she visits us and tells us of her love of women, and masturbates in another cute outfit, this time with two toys. After another milky wet orgasm, she gives her body a cream massage... and she has those perfect firm natural breasts, and a very nice butt! While taking a shower, she rubs & fingers herself again, coming to another orgasm....


Oct 3, 2005

84 mins

147 pics

Innocent-looking teen with big brown 'bambi eyes' is caught on the bed rubbing herself, playing and fantasizing about sex. She takes a nap, and when she gets up, she starts masturbating with a vibrator, very shy in front of the camera, but manages to make it to orgasm, and has a little squirt too. She has very soft silky skin, beautiful firm bubble butt, and pretty feet... so all of that gets massaged with cream. Then she pulls out a long pink toy, and takes it deep in several positions, until she has another, more comfortable orgasm. Not enough for her, she does it again in the shower, for a third orgasm of the day!


Sep 29, 2005

90 mins

207 pics

Walking in a sexy dress through an exotic resort, she is not wearing anything underneath... risking being caught in this public place, she starts masturbating next to a water fountain, until she has an orgasm, which makes her squirt all over the floor. Then coming back to the same place in a cute little dress & pigtails, she shocks us by trying to fist herself... going back to the house, she continues trying to fist, then brings out a double ended toy, which she manages to stuff both ends deep into her vagina, back end first! Incredible when you see what we mean! Then at night, in a sexy gold outfit & heels, she give her perky breasts a hard massage, and then bring out four toys. She takes it to new extremes by taking two big toys into her vagina, and one in her butt! And she actually enjoys it. Then she plays with the Big Ten toy, and finally the FTV Toy, which she rides to orgasm (and squirts again) with the help of a vibrator!


Sep 25, 2005

100 mins

224 pics

Our second shoot in the FTV Resort in Portugal, we meet Lucie, from the Czech Republic. With a nice figure and full breasts, Alison meets her while horseback riding, and brings her to the house to masturbate. The girl enjoys to play with herself, starting with masturbating on a chair, then a sensual shower, and to another masturbation with a large red toy to orgasm. She gives Alison a lingerie show, which in return, Alison gets to play with Lucie's breasts along with a butt massage. On the next day, out in the back yard, there is a photoshoot and some playing around at the pool, then a sexy masturbation scene with a zucchini that stretches her wide ... and then some closeups & more play poolside.


Sep 22, 2005

55 mins

131 pics

Its rare to find such a gorgeous girl, with the sexual abilities that she recently discovered in her last shoot several months ago... now meeting up with Lia, she talks about her newfound experiences, and in a custom black dress that was tailor-made just for her, we do a hot shoot, that leads to a masturbation scene on the black couch... using the same toy she did before, she has another orgasm, but what an orgasm!! Now more comfortable about her squirting, she releases in such a powerful orgasm that has the glass table completely soaked and dripping... a must see experience!!! She tastes her juices... Then in the pink room, she plays around a little with Lia and some cream, so we get some fine closeup views of her private parts being played with, then its time to masturbate again. Her orgasm comes so quickly, but double strong, with two squirts, on the mirror below her. Then she does a rather unique thing... takes the juices built up on the mirror and pours it into a glass, filling it up! We almost thought she might try drinking it....


Sep 20, 2005

74 mins

46 pics

Walking to a local park, wearing a summer dress, Wendy relaxes next to a waterfall, and begins to play with her breasts, then starts masturbating right there, for nearly 15 minutes, while people catch glimpses of what she is doing... then going home she introduces us to her apartment, and then masturbates on the bed, and with the help of a vibrator, has a nice orgasm. After a lunch break of flashing her breasts, she tries out the Big Ten toy, taking it for a ride, and having sex with it in several positions.


Sep 16, 2005

87 mins

195 pics

This teenage first-timer is a friend of Alison visiting from Ohio, we meet her first at a playground, riding the swings, then showing off her private parts while playing around with Alison. Indoors, she picks out a vibrator of her choice, and starts masturbating... The milky white juices start to flow.... and comes to several hot orgasms! Brushing her hair in the bathroom, we check out her pretty face, then her firm butt, which she gives a hard massage, spreading those butt cheeks. Then she gets kinky by stuffing her hairbrush handle, enjoying that penetration feeling. Wearing a cute green dress, she heads outdoors to masturbate again, using a water hose and pushing it into her private part, squirting water out... rubbing faster & faster, she has another hard orgasm! Later in the day, in cute orange lingerie, she shows us how she enjoys rave clubs, and dances very sexy to some rave music, then making out with herself in the mirror, stripping down. Finding the Big Ten Toy, she then proceeds to give it a hot blowjob, and then had hard sex with it missionary, doggy, and finally riding it hard (and very deep!) to a very strong orgasm. So sweaty with the experience, she heads to the shower, fingering herself anally... this girl really surprised us for being such a first-time teen!


Sep 12, 2005

92 mins

191 pics

No matter what she is wearing, the first thing that will hit you, is how big her breasts are! You might think she has implants, but once she pulls them out, you see they are just a firm and natural pair that need to be played with! Out at a park, she flashes her breasts, and teases us with her butt, then relaxes to a book at a neighbor's front yard. She takes her panties off, pulls her breasts out, and starts playing with herself, until the neighbor arrives in his car! She then heads over to the bedroom, to masturbate with the Long Pink toy, to a very strong orgasm. Outside again, she runs on the street topless, risking getting caught, then gives herself a long, sensual breast massage that will get all you big breast lovers a good view at all angles. After trying out several different sexy lingerie for you, she then experiments with ben-wa balls, stuffing three large ones inside her, while you hear clicking noises inside... then going further she plays with a zucchini and a gourd, with nice closeup views. This only gets her more excited, and she masturbates again, on the bed, to a very hot and sensual orgasm!


Sep 9, 2005

47 mins

111 pics

This exotic and sophisticated-looking girl finds her way through a busy office building area, then starts playing with her full firm breasts, and rubbing herself. Alison makes the approach, and encourages her to take nudes with us. What a hot girl, part Peruvian and part Italian, with very seductive eyes... and a very sexy, firm butt! Having a lunch interview with Alison at a restaurant, she gives us some really nice breast teases while all kinds of people are eating around her... She goes indoors, and chooses the most powerful vibrator, masturbates and has orgasm after orgasm. She claims she had ten, and we believe her! The fact is, she had the most intense orgasm she's ever experienced in her life. Later in the evening, in a cute pink top and undies, she starts fooling around with her hairbrush, pushing the handle in as far as it can go, and then shows off how she can move it up and down with her vaginal muscles....


Sep 5, 2005

96 mins

177 pics

This gorgeous, tall & leggy beauty finally gets to grace our website, and she reminds us of a prettier Jennifer Aniston. In her sexy black dress, she gets into the expensive supercar, and drives up to a secluded area on a mountain to masturbate there. Taking the top down, she starts rubbing herself, and then returns driving with her breasts exposed playing with her private parts. At home, she takes a toy and starts masturbating with it hard... until she has a nice, real orgasm. Later in the day, she dresses up for us, in other cute dresses, and picks out the blue one for another masturbation, this time with the Big Ten toy. Almost a little too much for her, she takes it outdoors and indoors on the glass table, then rubs herself to another orgasm! The nighttime was a dinner date, a shower, and a nice body massage, with her experiment in trying to fist herself...


Sep 2, 2005

60 mins

71 pics

She's a new girl who wants to go beyond the nude photos and video, to have sex on camera. It was by accident that we ran into her, and she expressed the desire to shoot for us, in her house. Catching her in a voyeur view, she is caught playing with herself at poolside, then returning indoors to show us the house, and then try on a pink dress. That's where she goes straight into sex mode, masturbating with the Big Ten toy, literally in every part of the house, until she has an orgasm. With Alison watching her nearby, she puts on a sexy secretary outfit, and starts masturbating with a marker, then a banana. It all comes down to another hot orgasm...


Aug 29, 2005

68 mins

781 pics

Shot by a photographer from Winnipeg, Canada, Shana is a very hot model that we had to have for FTV. So even though we did not get to shoot her ourselves, the photographer was able to take tons of sexy photos, and a nice video. Introducing herself at a park, she finds a secluded area, and gets undressed, starts fingering herself, rubbing herself to orgasm. She has a very sexy, leggy, and busty figure, with gorgeous long brown hair.... At an ice cream store, she opens her legs, panty-free, and flashes us, with some ice cream for topping! Back indoors, she brushes her hair, and then uses the hairbrush as a toy to masturbate, with fast hard penetration to orgasm.


Aug 25, 2005

67 mins

164 pics

A friend of July model Yumi, this girl just came down from Japan, speaks no english, and is very shy. It did not stop her from trying FTV out however. Sleeping naked on soft sheets, she wakes up, starts playing with herself with fingers, getting aroused... then puts on her clothes and goes out to the mall for a while, in her braless shirt, jeans & sexy heels. Coming back indoors, she surprises us with her very intense sexuality, using two toys to masturbate, double penetrating herself very deep, taking the lengths of both toys in both holes! We never figured out how many orgasms she had... Then in a cute yellow bikini at the back yard, she finds herself masturbating again, this time with a long thick clear jelly toy, and says her first words 'I'm coming' to orgasm! Best for last, she takes on the Big Ten toy, again surprising us with how deep she goes, riding it on the glass table, then on to the couch to orgasm. The long toy stays stuck inside her as she falls asleep....


Aug 22, 2005

40 mins

96 pics

Alyssa Day2: Two days later after Alyssa's first visit, the girls decide to go out to the nearby resort town of Portimao, where they get a little rowdy and start flashing their breasts at unsuspecting tourists! A lot of funny moments here as their breasts are seen by many. Going down to the beach the take their tops off and run around... this isn't a topless beach! Behind some rocks Alyssa starts to masturbate with a toy, but interrupted by a female lifeguard who ushers us out. Back at home, she gets to masturbate in the master bedroom, to a nice orgasm. She then heads over to the pool, to play around naked with Alison. Later in the day, in a cute schoolgirl outfit, she finds another location out in the city to masturbate, while people in apartments take peeks at the action. Alison lets Alyssa sit on her lap, and helps her masturbate with the toy, falling into orgasm in her arms! She is not done yet, back indoors in the bathtub, she masturbates one more time using the toy & shower head....


Aug 19, 2005

45 mins

135 pics

Alyssa Day1: Our very first shoot in Portugal, we introduce a Swedish model, quiet and reserved, named Alyssa. Meeting up with her while touring Algarve, we bring her to our new FTV resort home, and let her masturbate in one of our comfortable bedrooms... to a nice orgasm. Then later in the day, Alison comes out to help her with a photoshoot by the pool, and a nice butt massage. Then Alison gets the idea that Alyssa should use a banana to masturbate, and teaches her the process on the kitchen table. After using the banana on her, Alison brings her a vibrator to help finish her to another orgasm... right there on the kitchen counter!


Aug 15, 2005

113 mins

203 pics

Another great day to have Amy back, sunny hot Arizona, time to get naked! Out at a brand new resort building, she poses down, getting naked for us... she wets her full natural breasts with water from the fountain, then undresses in the ladies' room and starts playing with her breasts, and ends up masturbating right on the stairs of the building! After a distraction from a construction worker, she goes to where they are working, and flashes her breasts! After comparing her breasts to Alison's D-cups, she masturbates with a toy to orgasm. At a restaurant, she pulls her top down while people are eating around her, and then she heads to a golf course and runs topless! It seems that the people playing golf were distracted and hence upset. Off to the pink room, members wanted to see her private parts up real close, with some serious private part play! Aroused, she starts to play with herself once again, with another toy on the glass table, to another orgasm! Lia comes over, and we decide to do a sexy nude car wash, right where people can see! Then a hot breast & butt massage in a bubble bath, some sexy 'cleaning' in the shower, and one last masturbation just with fingers, which gives her that final satisfying...


Aug 11, 2005

84 mins

236 pics

Dana Day 2: On her second day of her weekend visit, we take her to a tennis court, so she can play around with some upskirt views... unfortunately an angry old man stops her from going much further. So in the back yard, she continues with her panty-free play, and then proceeds to masturbate in front of Alison, to whom she is very attracted to. Then a fun little surprise, she takes the water hose and pushes it inside, then squirts water out! She tries it in several positions. Hot stuff gets even hotter, when she tries on some cute lingerie in the bedroom, and then proceeds to masturbate again, this time leading to a shocker: she pushes four fingers in her, then five, then fists herself! We would have never guessed this hot teen could do something like that. It was her first time doing this, and she had a lot of fun. She also spreads really wide open for some deep inside views. Later that night, in a voyeur-style view, she puts on some sexy stockings and black lingerie, and tries to seduce Alison. When that doesn't work, she goes upstairs and plays around with her... as sexual as she is, she returns to masturbating again, using fingers, then fisting until she is satisfied. This sexy girl will definitely turn you on... we promise.


Aug 9, 2005

26 mins

57 pics

Dana Day 1: Another summer teen to brighten our day! She's a feisty little girl who holds nothing back, with a tremendous amount of sexual energy waiting to be seen on video. At a restaurant, she talks to Alison while we get a view under the table, her panties moved to the side... then some nipple teases right there as well. Out on a neighborhood street, she runs around flashing her breasts and bare butt, and being very loud about it... Indoors she gives us a taste of how she masturbates at home, taking her skirt off, fingering herself, then using a vibrator to a nice, smile-inducing natural orgasm. Why is it that we so enjoyed watching her masturbate? Perhaps its that she is so cute, with gorgeous eyes...

Eva 2

Aug 6, 2005

52 mins

243 pics

On the next few days of her Hawaii visit, we head over to another park & beach, called the 'Chinaman's Hat', while she gets changed for another photoshoot. With classy taste & attire, she finds herself a lifeguarding post, and starts spreading and masturbating there, and she seems to love having orgasms! At a restaurant, she flashes even more, risking getting caught. To add to the risk, she visits a popular tourist attraction (we cannot mention it here!) and gets undressed right there into two other sexy outfits for some photography, then another masturbation video with lots of upskirt...


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