Sep 16, 2004

52 mins

170 pics

We pretty much new that after her first extreme video several months ago, members would want her back for more crazy and extreme... so here she is, fingering and fisting herself again, playing with beads and fisting to a full orgasm. She tried out the golf balls again, but with the glass FTV toy on top of it! Best of all is what she did that night, going to a grocery store to buy vegetables. Three zucchinis, can she do it? Yes, she stuffed all three.... then an eggplant! That stretched her so wide, that she opened herself for a 'fill' of some drink, and squriting it out.


Sep 13, 2004

76 mins

130 pics

An unexpected visit from this platinum-haired girl gave us an opportunity to shoot someone without any inhibitions.... she does it all. Somewhat quiet, she masturbates to orgasm, and for those of you who like hairy bushes, this is your girl. Fingers are not enough, so how about a very large banana? She takes it deep, and actually has a wet orgasm with it. Then she tries out her shoe heel.... Outside at an office building she gets naked and plays with herself, going indors its time for the Big Ten toy, a speculum scene with milk (!) and a deep ride with the FTV Toy after she attempts to fist herself.


Sep 10, 2004

60 mins

153 pics

In real life, she really is our bookkeeper, and assistant to our accountant. After seeing her in a staff party, in a hot pink dress, we had to have her shoot for FTV. She has a very hard, toned figure, with full breasts and long sexy legs. A pleasant surprise to see that she has multiple orgasms, and in a hot secretary scene she shows us how she does it. Then in white lingerie & stockings, she does a hot pearl necklace stuffing scene, followed by a speculum exam. She takes it to the next level in her last video, masturbating with two toys, double penetrating herself and then using four fingers deep, to two more orgasms.


Sep 6, 2004

65 mins

258 pics

The members remember her perfect figure, and that gorgeous look of hers, but more importantly, her squirting orgasms. One of our most popular new models for sure. She's back with a hot scene in sexy outfits, posing outdoors, getting naked and doing some hot public nudity flashing her breasts at a restaurant, street, and busy parking lot. Then she masturbates in the garage, with another hot squirting orgasm. In pigtails, she does a hard breast massage, then masturbates & squirts again on the bed and into the camera -- its like she squirted into your face! Finally, in a very sensual scene, she wears a black lingerie set with stockings, for some hot foot fetish action then fingers herself hard to one more orgasm!


Sep 3, 2004

46 mins

152 pics

We only found out after her first video that she is really a virgin! It makes sense though, she was very shy, not just because she was posing nude for the first time. Still though, she does like to masturbate, and she had toys of her own that helped her come to orgasm. She was nervous in her first, but in the second, wearing a cute black dress & stockings, she had an orgasm that dripped creamy goods down her private part. Sweet and personable, she will fullfill your fantasies.... Hey you know what? She reminds us of the actress Emmy Rossum (From the movie Day After Tomorrow).

Kim & Nikki

Aug 31, 2004

173 mins

239 pics

We finally get to see Nikki a year later, coming back with Kim! Both 19, and real-life lovers for several months, we had to see them in action. From the moment the tape starts rolling they are playing, from pinching each others' private parts, to teasing, kissing and rubbing each other. We let them on a king-size bed, and they go deep into each others' private parts, until both have orgasms. Then, trying to be sporty, they train topless with a boxing instructor, then practice on each other. A catfight ensues, that leads to fingering and more eating out! Late at night, they watch a scary movie, cuddling together, and it ends up into a very intimate moment together, as they give each other one more orgasm for the night... then fall asleep. They stay the night, and in the morning fresh for more! Kim wants to dominate Nikki, so she handcuffs her to the bed, and has her way with this schoolgirl. Playing and stuffing lollipops, leads to pink dildo play, then some intense oral action to orgasm. It continues even further, as Nikki teaches Kim to dance, then more play, and a very unique stuffing scene that must be seen. Yikes, is this longest video update ever???


Aug 27, 2004

56 mins

241 pics

Also known as Sarah Blake, she is a supercute girl with looks younger than her age. Put her in pigtails, and she looks even younger! Add to it her spunky, fun & playful attitude. She spreads on the couch, in a cute summer dress, then masturbates to orgasm using a vibrator. Notice how pretty her feet are, and such a fine butt for doggy action! Then in pigtails she gets to bounce around on the bed, then masturbate again, for an even hotter orgasm... stuffing four fingers inside her she then tries out a speculum. Lastly, she puts on sexy white stockings & lingerie, and stuffs her panties deep inside her.


Aug 23, 2004

58 mins

191 pics

An exotically beautiful brunette from Colombia, she has that perfect body every man desires. Full firm breasts, perfect butt, and a very tasty private place. She also exudes class... but we want to see her masturbate, and that's what she does. Very sensual, this seductress gets herself warmed up with touching, then fingering, to an orgasm that leaves a wet spot on the couch. Then in her very classy dress, she makes out with herself in the mirror, then masturbates to another wet orgasm... this time using her very sexy (& expensive) shoe heel! The videographer has the hots for her....


Aug 20, 2004

28 mins

164 pics

She is referred to us by her Hungarian friend, Katarina. She is also very sensual and sexy, with an entirely different look. As seen in her video, she is very sexual and uninhibited, as she proceeds to get naked, rub herself and masturbate out near a restaurant. Indoors she finishes it off with a toy and masturbates to orgasm. She is extremely photogenic, and so her pictures are hot to watch, and her big thick perky nipples fun to see pulled & pinched.


Aug 16, 2004

76 mins

217 pics

Extremely popular in her first video & returning with Janelle, she comes back again in a more extreme way than ever. We see how far likes to take it, by having her masturbate outside, at an office building, to a nice orgasm. Then a speculum scene where she stuffs 36 marbles (!), and a hot panty stuffing scene. Best for last, a very long video where she tries several toys, each bigger than the next, to the giant thick Big Pink toy, to orgasm. As wet as she is, she attempts to fist herself, loosening up so she is ready for the fist sized FTV toy. What a ride she gives the thing! Her hottest video to date.


Aug 13, 2004

29 mins

180 pics

We have never seen such large, beautiful brown eyes like Katarina's.... this Hungarian beauty with a firm, petite body exudes a silent class but shows us how she enjoys to masturbate like any sexual woman. From a photoshoot in pink amongst flowers, she dresses up in a sexy black 'chinese' style dress, and masturbates right there on the stairs, using fingers, then a vibrator. The surprise was the squirting orgasm that was quite unexpected.


Aug 10, 2004

37 mins

186 pics

Possibly Isabella's sexiest and most erotic photo & video series to date, she starts in black lingerie, sexy black heels with stockings and gives us a hot photoshoot. She then turns on the heat with another masturbation scene, and a little stocking fetish at the end, where dips a pair into her moist private parts. With the temperature now very warm outside, its time for a bikini shoot, and this time she tries out a vibrator poolside to masturbate again!


Aug 7, 2004

51 mins

198 pics

Erika's video was so popular, upon her returning pregnant, that now our assistant, Violet has reached 8 months for her own special sparky video. We visit her place, while she shows us her baby's crib, and her little apartment, and then she has fun at the park, flaunting her nudity. Back inside, she masturbates for us, proving that she is just as sexual as before, and just as wet! Her juices flow all over her private parts and all over the couch. She is just starting to lactate, and we get to see a little of what her full breasts are producing.... then a speculum scene??


Aug 3, 2004

55 mins

151 pics

She just turned 18, and the braces are still on! We catch her in her casual clothes, and get her to go naked right outside on the street where people can see. As a first-timer, she was nervous masturbating but managed to orgasm after a long fingering & rubbing session. Two days later we shot her again, this time with a lot more confidence, she masturbates with a large pink toy, which she enjoys so much, it brings her to a hard, wet orgasm. You should see the blowjob she gives it too, real hot! Then she experiments by using a toy anally, then takes a speculum and we get to see her very intimately, wet after her orgasm.


Jul 31, 2004

35 mins

207 pics

Jesse Day 2: Her second day of shooting is covered here, starting with Jesse in the 'Pink Room', a place with cute stuffed animals, and meant for one thing, to show her pink up close. Make her nipples pointy, and do a fun breast massage video. The Arizona heat is now over 100 degrees, so she wanted to hit the pool, and get naked. Fine by us! So hot wet shots in the pool, and playing with the water hose. Lets see her spread and play with her private parts again....


Jul 29, 2004

22 mins

196 pics

Jesse Day 1: In our opinion, we don't think we could find any woman more gorgeous that Jesse. Those blue eyes that penetrate, that smile that captivates, and the body that you just want to grab, squeeze and.... Anyways, our two-day shoot of her begins with her in a hot Denim outfit, revealing her breasts and private parts, showing off that hot butt. It gets sexier with a hot black dress, sexy black heels, a classy look with views on all the good details. Then immerse yourself in her video, getting to know her personally.

Shyla & Elisabeth

Jul 26, 2004

107 mins

251 pics

This pair knew of each other for a long time, but had never been together sexually. So after they both requested to meet up with us for some 'play' we were happy to see both girls back. Neither is conservative, so they flash their breasts out on the street, and posed naked wherever we liked. Letting them loose on each other, they had a very intense oral sex scene, which ended up into a vibrator & strap-on madness. Then a very intimate video of mutual masturbation and closeups of their oral action. Then lets finish off with a jacuzzi scene where they finger each other to orgasm.


Jul 23, 2004

64 mins

238 pics

Still eighteen, she's quite popular after her last video. So we have her back and listen carefully to what members wanted to see with her. We didn't think she could do it, but when her boyfriend used the Big Ten toy on her, she took it all in, and in several different positions, deep, rough sex. If one orgasm was not enough, she has a second! Then another hard breast massage leads to some extreme spreads and a panty stuffing scene mixed with a speculum. Then some topless running out behind a bank. Best for last, she takes on some large 'tools', even taking on two screwdriver handles at the same time! Lets finish with a very hot scene on the glass FTV Toy!


Jul 20, 2004

19 mins

58 pics

She is of Indonesian decent, with a naturally dark skin, but oh so flawless and smooth. Perky little nipples and a very sexual attitude. She was with us for a brief visit, but we got to see a little of her sparky personality with the photoshoot, then we let her do her own thing, and masturbate. She used fingers then a vibrator, to have an orgasm with a little milky drip. Those lips should wrap themselves around....

Taylor Rain

Jul 17, 2004

59 mins

126 pics

She is back, and hotter than ever. Lets see her in a hot red dress, posing in some more nudes, then letting her loose on the Big Ten toy, riding it, fingering herself anally and vaginally at the same time, and having sex with the big toy and as many as 8 fingers stretching both holes, until she has a hard orgasm. Members loved her schoolgirl scene, she she puts on another cute outfit, makes out with herself in the mirror, then does a hot shaving scene which leads to her stuffing the razor handle, then riding a champagne bottle, and finally a hard finger banging for another orgasm!


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