Jun 2, 2005

28 mins

97 pics

When we first saw her, we though, what a very beautiful, if not supercute girl! It even got better when she got naked, and we saw what an amazing figure she has. Her natural breasts look almost too firm and perfect, full and in that shape all girls dream of having. Add to it her perfect butt, flawless, firm and so pretty, with the prettiest private part in between. Add to it pretty feet for you foot fetish fans! The video stars voyeur-style, while she is sitting at a park, reading a book, looking up her skirt, as she is not wearing any panties. Soon enough she is playing with her breasts, rubbing herself, then masturbating with her fingers, to an orgasm that surprised us with its wet results... She was very shy, as this was her first time doing this, but we will bring her back very soon, we promise.


May 29, 2005

68 mins

208 pics

From the moment we met her she brought that classy Italian girl look with the uninhibited sexuality... expressed in our case in masturbating! Out at a fancy mall area, she walks in a sexy short dress, flashes and then plays with herself in a more private corner, back indoors she rubs herself faster and faster until she has a strong orgasm. Watch those white juices all on her fingers! Then a white dress is next for some sexy photos, and though we wanted to shoot her video indoors she went right to masturbating on the pool deck, and with a thick hairbrush as a toy! So hot, especially when you see her orgasm and bring out milky juices for her to taste. Then its off to the pink room with a ponytail and she gives a large pink toy a sensual blowjob, then uses it like her man, doggy style and on top, until she has her strongest orgasm yet! Watch her lick the juices off her toy, and you clearly see it all over her tongue! Yummy. Later that night, being stranded in Phoenix, we got to see a little more of her personal and wild side, going out to dinner, then her masturbating in the parking lot, and finishing it off at the house, in a very sexy black dress. Four orgasms, and she still seemed eager for more!


May 25, 2005

86 mins

215 pics

It really was her first time video; being Lia's close friend, she had never posed naked before, let alone masturbate on camera. But the moment we saw her undress and start playing with herself we knew she was a natural. When she was let alone to masturbate, she was so into it, that all nervousness went away, and she had two very hot strong orgasms. Shows off her sticky wetness, and we know there is a lot more to come from this extremely sexual woman. To the pink room, we let her play with herself again, this time giving head to a large double-ended toy, and she masturbates with it until she has another orgasm. She seems to enjoy fingering anally too! Then our favorite, in a sexy sporty top and bottom, she runs up a hiking trail, with toy in hand, and masturbate on top of the mountain even while there are people nearby. She can't get enough! And her perfect butt and very pretty private parts must be seen. What hard abs too... So later that evening, she shows us how she started masturbating when she was younger, by letting the water splash on her private part in the jacuzzi, while she fingers herself anally, and has another strong orgasm. It ends with a series of squirts that is very erotic to watch. So was that 4 or 5 orgasms today?


May 21, 2005

35 mins

65 pics

Visiting the US from Denmark, she seems shy at first, but once she got into the shoot she surprised us with how sexual she is! Visiting an office building nearby, she pulls out her full C-cup breasts and begins playing and sucking on them, then pulling her pants down and playing with herself. She would have gone on, if it were not for a passerby interrupting her masturbation. No problem though, she takes up a chair outside in front of the house, and continues where she left off, using one of our toys. That's where she went sex-crazy, having more than one orgasm (we never counted) and squirting to the videographer's surprise. She never told us she could, then again she said she surprised herself as well. She likes sex, and a vibrator like this was her first time. Looks like the old lady next door caught a glimpse of the action too. We get to see her talk about her trip to US, and she flashes her breasts at the restaurant before saying goodbye. Did we mention that she has the most perfect, flawless butt??


May 17, 2005

59 mins

252 pics

When we ran into this girl, we couldn't resist asking her to pose nude; she has that sexy look, and a body that needs to be seen naked. Right outdoors at a busy office complex, she flashes her sexy butt and plays with her nipples, then starts rubbing herself, until someone approached us and we left. Back home, she runs into Lia, and they talk about masturbation, whereby she tries Lia's toy on the couch. After her masturbation, she shows off several different outfits to Lia, and we take off to a park, where she flashes her private parts and poses for the camera (some very hot pics!) while people drive by. What makes her a very unique girl for FTV, is how flexible she is; she was a ballerina, and you see how she can bend her body in some incredible forms... naked. Every angle is captured of her hot, flexible and very well toned body. Extreme closeups too of course.


May 14, 2005

81 mins

173 pics

This Girl was introduced to us by Melia, who also came from Hawaii. Have you ever seen a Korean girl with such big firm breasts? We first though she was part Caucasian, but she is 100% Korean. With Lia at her side, she shows off her sexy outfits, strips down, and has fun showing off her body to Lia. Upstairs, after a photoshoot, she masturbates with a toy right there on the floor! Then at lunch break, she flashes her full breasts right out on the street, and at the pool, continues to pose naked while the pool guy is doing his work. Then a nice hard breast massage while checking herself out in the mirror, and some breast bondage with the straps of her shoe heel. We wanted to see her try some bigger toys, so a larger vibrator is next, and then the FTV Toy for the ride of her life.


May 11, 2005

55 mins

152 pics

Occasionally we run into a girl who we think would never do an FTV video, from how innocent she looks. But again we are surprised, as we find Juliet, an auburn-haired sweety show us how she likes to masturbate, and has dripping, wet, milky orgasms! First she poses nude for us in the back yard and the street, showing off those tufts of red pubic hairs... then on the bed she masturbates to a nice orgasm, all the time dripping sweet clear juice! So we see if she would like to try our biggest toy, the Big Ten. She gives it a sensual blowjob, then blows our mind when she rides it to the very base, deep, and rides it hard to an incredible orgasm! So we bring on both the Glass & regular FTV Toys.... and she starts riding them, taking them deep, with some kinky views & closeups of the penetration.


May 7, 2005

105 mins

221 pics

Its two years later, but Kylie is just as hot, and even more sexual! She goes shopping for some bananas and cucumber at the local grocery store, wearing a mini-skirt, and flashing her private parts. Then starts masturbating with the banana, moving to the cucumber for a hard and deep ride, finishing off with a squirting orgasm using the banana! Then after trying out some outfits for the photographer, she proceeds to masturbate again, moving to more and more fingers, until she has her whole hand deep inside, fisting herself. The next day, she gives her body a creamy massage, then does herself with the Big Ten toy, moving onto the Big Pink toy, for a very deep and erotic ride.... but it does not end there, she wants to take on the giant glass FTV Toy, with the camera getting a very erotic view. Finally after another orgasm in the bedroom, she does some incredible stretching exercises (thanks to her gymnastics experience) and masturbates again in the shower, this time squirting a flood into the camera!


May 3, 2005

90 mins

292 pics

Pink and purple... that's what this full figured sweet & sexy girl loves to wear. Looking hot with her taste in racy fashion, she flashes us and bystanders around office buildings, showing off her breasts & private parts. She starts masturbating right there, until the commotion gets to busy, and she continues to masturbate indoors, with two pink vibrators. An orgasm later, she tries on several different lingerie while model Lia watches and videotapes her. Nicola has some very pretty feet, so foot lovers enjoy her sucking on her toes and playing with her feet, wearing sexy open-toed heels. Then in pigtails you get to hear her very cuddly sweet voice, as she talks to you and strips down & starts to masturbate again! Then comes a large pink toy, which she gives a very nice blowjob to, and has sex with it to another orgasm. Did you notice how long her nipples get? They are always erect, and they are the pointiest, longest nipples we've ever seen! At night, she gives herself a body massage, then starts masturbating again, this time with the Big Ten toy... a very hot scene for sure!


Apr 30, 2005

23 mins

163 pics

A mix of Thai, German, and Spanish, this girl retains her Asian features, but with big crystal blue eyes, gorgeous face, and seductive lips. Oh, and a perfect smile! She lived most of her life in Hawaii, and enjoys the freedom of getting naked outside. So at a classic Phoenix resort, wearing a blue Hawaii dress, she flashes her breasts, and then starts masturbating right there, risking getting caught! Indoors, she finds herself a vibrator, and masturbates to a squirting orgasm. She shocked herself and the videographer, since it was her first time squirting! Then she flashes her sexy body a little more at a lunch interview...


Apr 26, 2005

94 mins

260 pics

A full-time fashion model gifted with big breasts, she comes to us from Florida, for a nice weekend stay. Social and personable, she poses nude around some public areas, then shows us all the sexy clothes she's brought, and tries them on. With a cute mini-skirt and pretty heels, she begins to rub herself outside, then goes indoors to masturbate with a vibrator to a satisfying orgasm. Sleeping completely naked on the bed, we wake her up, and let her do a hard breast massage, leading to some stockings & corset action and ending with another masturbation. We discover that she really enjoys playing with herself, and does a third masturbation with a small glass toy and another vibrator. Head to toe, she is beautiful, sexy, and reminds us of the supermodel Rachel Hunter.


Apr 22, 2005

65 mins

220 pics

Monica makes another visit to the US, this time with a little more english, and Lia joins us to help out. This tall goddess dwarfs Lia by comparison, but they get along well.... so we head out to an exotic locale for some sexy nudes in her summer dress, all while people peek through windows. Indoors its time for another hot masturbation, where she has a leg-shuddering orgasm on the couch. Walking out in the neighborhood, she flashes her best parts, and then hits the bed and plays with the stuffed animals, naked. A body massage where you get to see her private parts up extremely close... then surprising us again by masturbating on the spot. Time to cool down, by skinny-dipping at the pool, and taking a sensual shower where again she starts rubbing herself....


Apr 18, 2005

46 mins

174 pics

Gabriella Day 2: We were lucky to have her for two days, and luckier to have Alison assist the shoot. Another fresh day, and its an interview and flashing in the car, then at a restaurant she flashes passersby, and Alison follows up by showing off her big breasts! We then went right into a resorts' convention area, and while she stripped down on the stairs, she decided that she needs to masturbate and finger herself right on one of the dining tables! Lucky nobody caught us here, it was verrry risky. She simply has no inhibitions about her body or sex in public places. So in a sexy red dress, we continue the public nudity theme by having her pose at a lookout point all the while the sun sets and people are watching her pose and spread. But the best is in the end, where Alison gives Gabriella a butt and breast massage, and Gabriella cannot resist returning the favor, licking and sucking on Alison's big breasts. It turns her on so much, that she masturbates with Alison's help, to the strongest orgasm finale!


Apr 14, 2005

52 mins

123 pics

Gabriella Day 1: Once in a while you get a girl that totally blows all boundaries, and shocks you with her sexuality. Perhaps the most sexual and uninhibited girl on FTV to date! You be the judge... meeting up with model Alison, she shows off what she brought with her, trying on lingerie, then going out with Alison to a busy mall with water fountains... and then the skirt goes up and she is flashing her breasts as well! The photographer got a little nervous about her very easy going attitude with getting naked in public. Then in the same area, she gets completely naked, and runs around posing explicitly without a worry about being seen. Finally we get her indoors and she gets to masturbate with a vibrator, and is she wild or what? No need for her to act, she is simply that sexual. After her orgasm, she dresses up into our favorite pick of her lingerie, and starts playing with beads, stuffing all four balls deep inside her, turning her on to a full sized dildo. Deepthroating it and making it 'disappear', she then fucks it hard, until she has another orgasm!


Apr 10, 2005

58 mins

257 pics

She returns for a fourth time, and this is her hottest video ever, guaranteed. Pushing her limits, she takes a palm-sized pair of steel balls and pushes one in... tough to pull out! Horny as ever, she masturbates, this time with a double-ended dildo and a vibrator, together bringing her to a very intense squirting orgasm, that aims straight into the camera and the videographer!! He was drenched. Why not play in the pool, continue the wet shots theme, but this time with the help of a water hose, filling herself up and letting it flow... Put her in cute pigtails, dress up in a Tennis outfit & sneakers, and then run around naked playing Tennis? Yes, it was fun to watch upskirt & her D-cup breasts bouncing as she ran around outside... then a much-needed hard breast massage. Thats not enough though, some topless and panty-free action in the playground, on swings.... Hey its not finished just yet! In a hot red dress & heels, she masturbates again, this time experimenting with her own fingers, pushing four in, going as deep as possible, discovering a new kind of orgasm!


Apr 6, 2005

50 mins

122 pics

She is a Penthouse Pet, but we bet you wouldn't recognize her. We shot her in a more natural light, where we let her be herself, and see the more beautiful, natural side of Trista. Watching her masturbate, and have a real, natural orgasm, is a real pleasure to see on camera.... Starting in casual clothes, wearing her glasses, she walks the mall, pulling on her perky nipples and rubbing herself while sitting at a nearby bench. Not shy about playing with herself in public it seems! Then trying out several sexy dresses she brought with us, she moves to some lingerie, and makes her pink panties go missing inside her private part. Lastly, she dresses up for the ultimate occasion: To ride the FTV Toy. Her experience ends in a hard orgasm.


Apr 3, 2005

101 mins

204 pics

This tall fashion model is 'discovered' at a mall while shopping... not wearing any underwear, we get good glimpses under her dress. Indoors, she is enticed to masturbate, and with the help of a vibrator has a very loud, strong orgasm. She is a screamer allright. Bringing with her some classy dresses from other fashion shoots, she tries them on while giving you peeks under her dress, slips of the nipples and butt spreads. Then like on the catwalk, she does some modeling for us, stripping down... then stuffing her panties until they go missing! She wanted to do some extreme, so she attempts to fist herself, then use the Big Pink and Big Ten toy. It all leads to another loud orgasm with her vibrator. For a final scene, she give her breasts a hard breast massage, then using the straps of her heels as light bondage around her breasts. Then another long masturbation video with her best orgasm of the day, bubbling juicy wetness.


Apr 1, 2005

30 mins

56 pics


Mar 31, 2005

74 mins

216 pics

Jenaveve Day2: On her second day in Phoenix, she puts on a very sexy combination; black strappy heels, and sexy black panties with a black sweater. Of course, the clothes come off, the heels stay on, and she give the Big Ten toy a nice blowjob, leading to one of our hottest Big Ten toy scenes. She fucks the toy hard, and then very deep on the ride, until she has an orgasm. Notice how tight she is! Then she uses the straps of her heels to do some breast bondage photos. Out for lunch, she flashes her breasts in the car, and then does a lunch interview topless. A hard breast massage with cream, then a foot and private part massage for us to know her more intimately. A great finale at the pool, where she finger bangs herself hard to another hip-rocking orgasm!


Mar 28, 2005

47 mins

147 pics

Jenaveve Day1: What a fun and sweet girl Jenaveve is... wait... she's also very gorgeous! Toned, sexy figure with full breasts, a nice smile, and long, silky brown hair, you can easily fall for her looks. Catching her on the road, walking around the neighborhood, those breasts need to be exposed and played with! Then indoors she takes up a vibrator, and uses it on her private part... you figure out that she loves to masturbate, and loves her orgasms! Very comfortable in front of the camera, she has four orgasms! Then in her sexy red dress, silver heels, she shows off her pretty feet, and then gives one of the most sensual blowjobs you've ever seen... with her shoe heel! Then she has sex with it, and moves on to another long vibrator which she fucks to several orgasms. According to her, she had 8 today!


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